There Might Be More IP Mixing Like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale In The Future

During the World Wide Studios Town Hall panel at PlayStation Experience the Sony community managers in attendance were asked whether you can expect more cross-pollination between IPs.

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Relientk771347d ago

Then I'm assuming we will see PS All-Stars Racing

-Foxtrot1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

They just got to copy and paste Crash Team Racing...I mean seriously that game was fantastic

Look up the weapons and change them to things more fitting for this game but let them have same effect...items from different franchises.

Have a Hub....this is a must, something Mario Kart should be doing by now.

The hub it's self would be massive and holds many secrets

Every 5 races you do in one section opens up a race against a boss, a big villain from a franchise, then once you beat him/her you move to the next part of the hub.

Replay value, the Gems and Time Relics in CTR were fantastic, it kept you going for ages.

Online mode with Battle Modes and challenges.

I would like them to try again with Playstation All Stars though, this time they have to actually do things we want because a lot of content we wanted in a game like it was missing or not done properly.

Relientk771347d ago

I absolutely love Crash Team Racing, so I agree. If they added finishers/moves

- Spyro's kart could blow fire at people
- Crash's kart could do crazy spin attacks
- Cloud could use his sword
- Solid Snake could use a rocket launcher, or be protected by cardboard box (act as a shield)
- Ratchet & Clank got crazy weapons and gadgets
- Kratos could use his blades and knock karts off the track
- Nathan Drake could have grenades? or something
- Sweet Tooth already has his ride, shoots flaming clown skulls at karts

Etc basically it could work lol

it could be interesting

-Foxtrot1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I like your idea but the problem is finishing moves would have to deal the same damage to people and have the same effect so one isn't over powered and everyone just uses that one character because of his finishing move...people did that in Mario Kart Double Dash when each pair had a special move. So if they all do the same thing but in a different animation to fit that character then it wouldn't be as bad.

They basically just got to look at something like Crash and do what they did, then look at Mario Kart to see what they still haven't done yet. I mean we are up to the 8th game in MK and they still haven't adopted the hub idea which I feel could really freshen up the franchise instead of just selecting the cups on screen. This is what I liked about Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing.

Speaking of characters though they need the characters we want. No point doing it if they can't get

Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft, Cloud, Squall, Zidine, Solid Snake, Chris, Jill, Leon etc

ABizzel11347d ago

If there's any mixing the only thing I want to see is a PlayStation RPG like Kingdom Hearts but a bit darker (push that rated T for Teen).

WillGuitarGuy1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Boost Landing after a big jump is what I would want the most if PSASR would be like CTR.

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garos821347d ago

That would be cool but im hoping for PSABR 2. Would be really happy to hear an announcement of that

miyamoto1347d ago

I am assuming Sony will make it more like J Stars Victory Vs.

LightDiego1347d ago

Maybe Battle Royale it's not outstanding, still, has a great potential, i want to see a new game like that on PS4.
PS All-Stars Racing would be a great idea too.

pompombrum1347d ago

Capcom vs Playstation using the same crazy gameplay style as Marvel.. that would be too awesome.

GameDev11347d ago


Capcom VS Playstation should exist

AnotherProGamer1347d ago

Capcom vs PlayStation

But with Power Stone gameplay

JimmyDM901347d ago

If you can't get Crash, don't do it.