“Exclusive” Is Dead

GG3 writes: "Street Fighter isn’t an exclusive, it’s multiplatform. When games come out on more than one platform, they lose their 'exclusive' status and instead move from that to multiple platforms. It’s that simple, really."

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masterfox1262d ago

PC doesn't count!!! oh shi$#@t!!


breakpad1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

are these journalists/authors completely idiots??...third party exclusives are the substance that make the difference in console preferance...what the F*ck are they talking about??? Deadrising was exclusive to MS , some of the best Playstation exclusives clearly have been stolen from Nintendo and Ms ..this is clear pure competition so shut your mouth people (to s*t wannabe bloggers journalists )...Sony should have done this from PS3 era a japanese company and clearly has more influence to other japanese companies is acceptable and wanted if you ask us (its one of the reasons that people buys PS consoles)..the same goes with the lame COD dlc and MS

Docknoss1262d ago

Timed exclusive, that's all

Army_of_Darkness1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

If it's only on one out of the 3 consoles, I'd consider that a 3rd party exclusives and if it goes on pc, okay sure, whatever. Don't really care about that platform since I never game on it... The Pc version is something that is just "there" to me haha! It's not a platform that was mentioned to compete with consoles to begin with. It's upgradable and on a different level in terms of tech, which is why when an exclusive goes to pc it doesn't really phase me.

joab7771262d ago

We have come to believe that exclusivity is in reference to consoles. Otherwise the PC would have the most exclusives...but there just called PC releases.

xx4xx1262d ago

Completely agree. For the gamers in the console world, PC doesn't count. Xbox or Sony makes it exclusive.

Sharky2311262d ago


They said street fighter 5 will only appear on the ps4 for its lifetime. The only way it will come to Xbox or Nintendo is if they make an ultra or turbo version. That just speculation though.

Volkama1262d ago

The fact that a group are "excluded" means the game can be termed "exclusive".

Not typically how the word is used, but it is what it means and it is very fitting for 3rd party exclusive contracts.

FlameHawk1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Well atleast in terms of Fighting games, almost all of the sales are going to come from PS4 because fighting games are not big on PC. And from that most of the sales in general come from the general consumer/casuals and they don't play on PC. So Street Fighter V is going to sell PS4s since the don't play on PC.

S2Killinit1262d ago

but doesn't that mean that most xbox exclusives are not "exclusives" then? Like, Gears of War? How come we are getting these articles now?

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NerdStar71262d ago

Exclusives are not dead, wtf is this prick on about?

FlameHawk1262d ago

Lol this author should actually learn what "exclusive" means. It means to be limited, Street Fighter is being limited to PS4 and PC, so it actually is a exclusive.

Me-Time1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Even when it was officially announced, SCE reps are referring to it as "console exclusive".

I see what you mean though. Well played :D

Hoffmann1262d ago

Related: Heihachi Mishima is Dead!!

remixx1161262d ago

I know its crazy, ima miss that stache'

Fro_xoxo1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

PC is a platform.

SFV is multiplatform.

If SFV were 'exclusive" to PS4, then >cross-platform< play would not be possible. :P

The word "console-exclusive" just sounds convenient.. for advertising and marketing purposes. . oh and for "console war" purposes.

dennett3161262d ago

It's exclusive to a single how does the term "console exclusive" not fit here? It sounds convenient because it's a perfect description of the situation. It's a feather in the cap to make a console appear more attractive than a competitor.

PC IS a platform, but not a closed one, and not a direct one with either console.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1262d ago

"The word "console-exclusive" just sounds convenient.. for advertising and marketing purposes. . oh and for "console war" purposes."

Read what the person said, will you?

If I wanted to play SF5, I could do it on pc OR ps4, right? Therefore I got a choice where to play it? RIGHT? Therefore 'exclusive' isn't the word to use to describe it.

InTheLab1262d ago

God I'm so tired of typing

Games are either exclusive or multiplatform. Console exclusive means exclusive to consoles like Red Dead Redemption.

The reason why there's confusion is exactly what you said. The console war's version of a pissing contest....

Pyro2000x1262d ago

Will Street Fighter 5 be advertised on PC more than PS4?

King Nezz1262d ago

If the PC does not count, that means Titanfall was actually exclusive to the Xbox One. People said Titanfall wasn't exclusive to the Xbox One because it came out for PC. Which one is it? Think carefully Sony fanboys.

Hoffmann1262d ago

Lets not forget the xbox360 version

King Nezz1262d ago

Come on guys. Who actually cares about last gen? We're talking about current gen. And besides, Xbox 360 is a Microsoft console. Which means it's Microsoft exclusive.

trouble_bubble1262d ago

Wtf you mean "who cares about last gen"? A console is a console. If they keep releasing games for last gen like Forza Horizon2, LBP3 and AC Rogue that AREN'T ON PC, then clearly it matters! "Think carefully" indeed.

Daavpuke1262d ago

Titanfall had a release in April for Xbox 360 as well.

dennett3161262d ago

It was a console exclusive, until the 360 version released, then it was a Microsoft console exclusive. It's got nothing to do with fanboyism, and everything to do with common sense.
The new Tomb Raider will be a console exclusive to MS for a while, and the new Streetfighter 5 will be console exclusive to PS4, possibly forever if Sony weren't exaggerating at their conference.
It's really not a hard concept. I'm surprised so many get so confused.

Spotie1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

If the PC doesn't count, and last gen doesn't count, then the PS4 still had tons more exclusives.

In a console versus console debate, PC doesn't count. For the most part, I've only seen Sony fans use PC after Xbox fans have.

If you don't count PC, PS4 wins. If you DO count PC, PS4 still wins.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1262d ago

Well, no. You see PC is the only place you can play Titanfall and SF5. Therefore PC wins.

KwietStorm1262d ago

Lmao did you really just say that, and then say who cares about last gen, its an Xbox One exclusive, oh but 360 so its a Microsoft exclusive haha and you call out Sony fanboys. Why do gamers have these convenient agendas today?

Pyro2000x1262d ago

Will Street Fighter 5 sell better on PC or PS4?

Majin-vegeta1262d ago

Really??Lol PS4 of course.

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