3rd Party Exclusives Are Nothing To Be Proud About

Why would anyone applaud an announcement where a game is being taken away from a sizeable portion of gamers.

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Neixus1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Microsoft have secured titles -all- the time, but when Sony does it, the world explodes lol.

Sunset Overdrive (which is mildly frustrating considering it's made by Insomniac)
Tomb Raider
+ DLC for various games

It's a bad business thing, and i lose respect for Microsoft, because it just shows that they can't create their own IPs.

fermcr1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Do you realise that Sony has being purchasing 3rd party exclusives since the PS1. So tell me, how was it that Microsoft started it (Xbox didn't exist at the time)?

So... are you going to hate Sony now that you know they have been purchasing exclusives way before Microsoft? Will Sony loose your respect?

TOTSUKO1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Of course Sony purchased 3rd party exclusives in PS1 era. How else can they get their foot in the industry.

Microsoft is purchasing exclusives because they didn't invest in 1st party studios like Sony has.

tekksin1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Sony didn't purchase 3rd party exclusives in the ps1 and ps2 era. They dominated to such an embarrassing degree that companies had no need to port their games to other consoles. That, and many of the games had to migrate to the playstation platform because of Nintendo's poor format choice (ie: ff7). Dev's games couldn't fit on Nintendo systems.

So it wasn't a matter of paying devs off. It was a matter of being all that was relevant, with the hardware devs needed to fully realize their games. Now Sony has much more competition, and games cost much more to make, so incentives will be obligatory for any favoritism.

Lawboy21349d ago

How has the world exploded ...these are articles from websites not gamers....not to mention that all the articles that keep getting posted are filled with comments with ppl complaining about the article and why microsoft does it all the time

Have we even had a death threat yet....because when that happens we know there is all out rage over the internet

miyamoto1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

"Capcom doesn't have the resources for next-generation fighting game currently, Ono responds to Kickstarter suggestion"

Like Capcom is swimming in money right now ...... or swimming in debt?

Its not exclusive to PS4. Its also coming to Windows PC - a platform that has multi-million times the install base of the PS4 and Xbox One combined.

Maybe one should ask: "Why did Capcom went to another cash strapped company like Sony instead of multi billion money giant like Microsoft to fund their next SF knowing they have more money and this will also come out on Windows PC?"

That is the real question right there. If you find the answer to that then you will know the real reason why it is a wise move for Capcom.

yewles11349d ago

"Like Capcom is swimming in money right now ...... or swimming in debt?"

You may be on to something...

"Maybe one should ask: "Why did Capcom went to another cash strapped company like Sony instead of multi billion money giant like Microsoft to fund their next SF knowing they have more money and this will also come out on Windows PC?""

Cross-play, and MS's muddy history with it might be an answer...

TOTSUKO1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Its just not a smart business decision for both Capcom or Microsoft to make an exclusive deal even if Microsoft had more money or didn't have the non-crossplay policy.

Xbox One is not selling well in Japan let alone worldwide. Japan is the second biggest market for Street Fighter. PS4 is pretty much even with Xbox in U.S. but PS4 will always have Japan. Plus, PS4 has a larger userbase.

Why would Microsoft spend money for an exclusive they know won't sell much.
Which is why Capcom chose not to spend the little money they had to develop a Xbox version.

ShaunCameron1349d ago

This has been going on long before Microsoft even thought of making consoles. Either you're young or you just conveniently forgot about the PSX-era Sony and NES/SNES-era Nintendo.

Spotie1348d ago

Third party exclusives are certainly nothing new. But I think the trend of buying previously multiplatform titles is something popularized if not propagated by Microsoft.

That said, Street Fighter is the same situation as Bayonetta 2, or very close to it: a multiplat gone exclusive for financial reasons. It's different than buying exclusivity for a game that would have been multiplat, anyway, like Tomb Raider. (No offense, but anyone who thinks Tomb Raider wouldn't have been made without Microsoft buying its TIMED exclusivity is a fool.)

I think, in the case of most third party exclusives on PS2, it was a matter of the larger userbase that enticed developers and publishers. There might have been contracts, but I don't think it was needed for money to change hands; it just made sense.

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Bigpappy1349d ago

Ever heard of the console wars. It's where fanboys get to brag about what they get and others don't. Very important for generating favorable chatter on the web. SF itself may not directly sell consoles, but the chatter may convince many to buy the console based on the attention it gets for this deal. Many people know and have found memories of SF, even if they never have interest in playing it anymore.

mediate-this1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Why is it a bad business model? Makes no sense to me why it is?? These companies do what they can to make their systems more appealing to the masses.

The better the competition the better for us, buy all systems and play all games. Sometimes i play ps4 for a long time then switch the xb1 for awhile, just so many games when you have it all

Lawboy21349d ago

I agree I never understood why it exclusive is an exclusive which is why I have both consoles...SO I DONT GET EXCLUDED from these awesome games

Masterchief_thegoat1349d ago

Im still thinking, what exclusive ms is going get, cause they have deep pocket. I just hope ms does not start a war

LamerTamer1349d ago

Yeah what if MS responds by making Fallout 4 or the next Elder Scrolls game a permanent PC/Xbone exclusive? MS and Bethesda DO have a good partnership so that is not impossible. MS also basically has infinite money (they could throw 2.5 billion at Minecraft dev on a lark so...) they could almost do anything, Sony can't. A third party bidding war wouldn't end well for anyone not gaming on MS OSs.

Razjin1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Gamers have turn into whiny bitches after the 90's because this shit been happening years ago between Sony, Nintendo, and Sega but nobody was complaining and was too busy gaming TF! happened?!?

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