Gran Turismo on PS4 Will Be the “Best Gran Turismo You can Imagine” on the “Strongest Console Ever”

During the World Wide Studios Town Hall panel at PlayStation Experience Polyphony Digital Community Manager Eric Fishback was asked what fans can expect from the next Gran Turismo on PS4.

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Relientk771323d ago

Well now I'm expecting the graphics to look so real that they melt off my face. Everytime I look at this game, I'm gonna need a new face.

Yi-Long1323d ago

I wonder if GT7 will also feature motorbikes, considering the developers have been checking out The Isle of Man.

Dee_911323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

They did make tourist trophy so motor bikes in Gran Turismo is always a possibility in my eyes
Considering standard cars will be in gt7, it will not be the best gran turismo I can imagine .The best gt I can imagine features only premium cars. I have no doubt the game will be gorgeous though.

GameNameFame1323d ago

Driveclub graphics was best to date on any console.

I am sure GT will blow us away too.

Docknoss1323d ago

I expect the graphics to be almost as good as Forza.

LordMaim1323d ago

@Docknoss: Let's aim a little higher, shall we?

Gaming1011323d ago

Bikes would be very difficult to do as it's a whole other game engine.
Also, if they can't get the engine noises to sound like something other than a vacuum when in reality you're supposed to be hearing a roaring V8, then Poliphony can go screw. I was the biggest GT fan in the world back in the day with GT1, 2 and 4, 5 was a big mess with long loading times and 6 had a graphics downgrade if comparison vids are to be believed.
Every other racer out there has the sound effects down. All GT has now is realistic looking cars, but if they can't get their sound effects past the PS1 era I won't even waste a second of my time with it.

MRMagoo1231323d ago


I would prefer we got current gen graphics as opposed to forza and its 360 graphics.

bouzebbal1323d ago

no but bringing back Tourist Trophy to PS4 would be a great thing.

ChristianTheAtheist1323d ago

@Docknoss lets hope the crowds looks "almost as good as forza".

Yi-Long1323d ago

@Abzdiine: I don't believe there's a big market for bike-only games, but if GT7 can have some amazing tracks for and with motorcycles, it could be a huge extra selling point.

Obviously, when done right.

I was reading a GamesTM magazine the other day which also once again mentioned the possibility of bikes in GT7.

Army_of_Darkness1323d ago


LMFAO!! that actually made me laugh out loud

VforVideogames1322d ago

I just hope that this time GT would be on the same level or close to Forza.

Maddens Raiders1322d ago

GT7.... I don't think most readers here truly understand how good this "game" will be, look, sell, et al. Only those that don't know will underestimate. GT is the undisputed sales leader for PlayStation® since '97. Forget the fact that it can also take you from the couch to an actual successful race car driver. Long live Gran Turismo® The Real Driving Simulator.

ShinMaster1322d ago

I'll just wait for what Polyphony, the devs, have to say and show.

I've began to ignore what PR and community managers say.

MazzingerZ1322d ago

I just hope it's out soon and not within 4-5 years, given the more friendly PS4 architecture it should be out later 2016

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Forn1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Honestly, just from a visual perspective, Driveclub I have a feeling will hold the best looking console racing title for quite a while. Especially after seeing the new weather video released today, it's absolutely mind-bogglingly realistic.

Clunkyd1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

DC is the best looking racing game, period. I can already see xbots disagreeing.

Septic1323d ago

Yeah prepare for jaws to drop when that game comes out. Polyphony are an incredible outfit. GT 7 is almost guaranteed to impress given their long history with the franchise.

Muzikguy1322d ago

I believe you're right about Driveclub holding the title for a long time. GT7 is far far off yet

showtimefolks1323d ago

I am a huge GT fan but let's be honest the game needs improvements. One thing that GT has over Forza is the actual driving. Forza hasn't come close to GT in actual feel of driving

So here are few things I think next GT should do:

1-We don't need 1200 cars, we don't need we have X number of cars slogan to buy GT. It's on of the biggest IP's so we don't need gimmicks. GT series doesn't requure that

2-make improvements in online, have fun team based modes online like Forza has
3- please please allow more visual customization and community features like Forza

4- give us 300-400 premium cars and make them all worst getting

5- please figure out a great career mode, instead of just driving and menus

6- visual impact, by this I mean engines noise, damage etc,

next entry into GT on ps4 should just be called Gran turismo, no numbered entry

I personally can't wait, PS3 gave PD a lot of trouble so I am sure they are quite excited to have easier time with development. Which in return will make the development time shorter and more time for actual testing/improvements

Other than that GT all the way

Cupid_Viper_31323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

@ showtimefolks

Almost everything in existence needs improvements. And GT is no exception to that rule, so I agree with you on that front. Here's where we disagree though;

GT doesn't have "one thing" over Forza, it has MANY MANY THINGS over Forza.

GT actually DOES NEED a huge amount of cars. I've been playing GT since 1999 and I have met and played against a lot of GT players. And being able to have the car you own in real life featured in the game is part of the Gran Turismo culture. There's a reason why GT games sell so much, and Forza doesn't.

You said "It's on of the biggest IP's so we don't need gimmicks. GT series doesn't requure that." Then go on to say "please please allow more visual customization and community features like Forza" <---Which is a gimmick since it doesn't affect "driving"

GT's career mode is unmatched on consoles, and that's factual. In no other driving sims on consoles can you play do Rally/snow, Nascar, circuits, Formula 1, Weather/Night racing all from the same game. That doesn't mean it can't get better, but let's not even try to pretend that there's anything else better on consoles.

Forza is a great franchise and does a lot of things for its fans. But when compared to the scale of Gran Turismo, we don't really have much to discuss. A big part of GT's appeal has always been about the scope and diversity of it's challenges.

Surely a better online structure and better damage simulation is expected and welcomed. A sim's job is to get closer and closer to real life as possible. But on that same token, GT does NOT have to cater to Forza fans. There are 6-8 million more GT players in the world than that are Forza players. So why GT would want to be more like Forza makes no real sense, even on the business front.

ABizzel11323d ago

@showtime & cupid

I agree with both of you.

Customization, damage etc... aren't gimmicks, it provides something for people who are car lovers, but aren't into racers. People who love tweaking and modding cars (Gearheads), and people who love custom paint jobs. Damage also adds another layer of realism to races IMO. These things are just nice additions to an already great game.

Car list. I think they have to have a big list of cars, simply because it's the racing sim on consoles, and they need that library of cars to own that title. But I think this gen all the cars will be premium, and as a result the number of cars isn't going to be over 1,200 again. As a matter of fact if GT7 was to launch next year I think we'd only see around 500 cars, which IMO is more than enough as long they nail all the classics, exotics, etc... However, I don't expect GT7 until 2016 and by then it should have a solid 600 - 750 cars, which is a number IMO.

I also agree with dropping the number in the name.

As far as career mode I think he just wanted better presentation, rather than going from race to race through menus. Add a bit of cinematic flair, which isn't required, buy it would be something new as well, and this is a new generation so it's time for everything "T" to be crossed and "i" dotted.

showtimefolks1323d ago


There isn't anything I can disagree with what you said. We all love GT, there is room for improvement but no doubt it's the best

Career mode is awesome just a bit more you know just that something extra

Being able to have limitless customization would be awesome, and having community make theirs than upload so others can enjoy can add more to the game IMO. Is it a killer feature no, but it will add to the whole experience

I still think next entry will see less cars, my guess is something between 450-600.

And lastly like I said before this entry shouldn't be a numbered entry

Matt6661323d ago

1- we need a lot of cars (the more the better in my own opinion)but a wider variety instead of like 20 different skylines and only one escort lets makes the balance better

2- yes we do need improvements to online less lag and more anti-cheat systems in place

3- more visual customization would be nice to give your car a more unique feeling

4- all the cars by now should be premium all with full interior and exterior views there is no excuse to keep standard cars in

5 - while I enjoy the career mode, there is no need for them stupid tutorials it should be like GT 3 where you go straight into a rally race, or endurance race etc

6 - everyone should have the option to choose the damage settings, from just visual damage to full scale damage that effects the engine etc

7 - they should include full weather effects on all races so it can be sunny one minute then change to rain the next

8 - different types of vehicles and races would also be nice like motorbikes etc

Srelhow1323d ago

I think everyone here just does not get GT. Comparing GT to Forza and Drive Club, SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.
First off Forza and Drive Club are Arcade driving games with simulation features. GT is a driving simulation game that has some arcade settings for those who cant drive.
Second GT is not a story game the career mode they have is great for a driving simulator.
Third 1200 cars I wish we had every car ever made. If your going to play a driving "simulator" how cool would it be to take that Ford Tempo(example) and drop big $$$ into it and see how well it preforms. Lambo's Ferrari's other high dollar cars are in every game whats wrong with flirting with speedy a Pinto or having a rally Subaru Brat(more examples).
I'm not trying to bash you showtimefolks your list is great for arcade driving games and if thats what you want then stick to your Forza and Drive Club.

strifeblade1322d ago


i dont know where you are living but gran turismo has been going down hill for a while, and in terms of sale- yeah it once was a heavy hitter but did you see gt6? it didnt even cross 3 million for sales... gt5 was a huge dissapointment to fans as well as driveclub and it shows in the meta and the sales...

Cupid_Viper_31322d ago

@ Strifeblade

I'm on planet Earth....

GT6 released on December 6, 2013. 3 weeks after the PS4 and XBOX One were released. I think common sense predicts the focus would have been shifted from PS3 to PS4 for most people. And as testament to GT6's significance in the industry, there has been no other racers released since December 6, 2013 that has outsold it.

And as far as your opinion in regards to GT5, we'll just leave it that. But this "HUGE" disappointment you call GT5, by itself outsold every single Forza game released since then by almost 3 million units., Forza 4 (4.3M), Forza 5 (1.6M), Forza Horizon (1.8M) and FH2 (maybe 500?) <----combined for 8.2 Million Forza games. And GT5 have sold 10.66 Million units.

Forza Horizon has yet to sale 500K units.

So who's opinion am I going to go with? Your opinion, or the opinion of 14 Million (GT5 & GT6) gamers who have bought and loved the game?

And yes, Driveclub is outselling Forza Horizon, so let me ask you.....Where are YOU living?

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ABizzel11323d ago


I don't know. I think the game will look good, not as good as DriveClub, because GT7 is more than likely aiming for 60fps, which means a quality dip from DC.

The good news is that GT7 is an exclusive so Polyphony can pull all the tool, tips, and techniques Evolution used to make DC look so good. Also Project Cars id 1080p @ 60fps on PS4, and it look good as well. GT7 should find a happy medium between Project Cars and Drive Club.

Take PCars and add DC weather system, and boom GT7 looking beautiful.

mcstorm1323d ago

I think everyone has different views of what they want GT7 to be like. For me I want GT7 to not have Premium and none Premium cars and the same for tracks too. In GT5 some tracks Like Rome looked amazing and the same with the Premium cars but when you played on some of the other tracks/none premium cars the game looked like a PS2 game. They also need to work on the engine noises too as I thought they were poor in 5.

I also want it to be a stable 60fps too.

I would also like a better online mode too as again GT is lacking in this too.

As I said we are all wanting different things from the game but for me I want PD to make the best possible game they can on the PS4 and not release a game that is not finished or has issues like GT5 did.

I know we have had GT6 but I missed this game part because of the mess of 5 and also because I moved to next gen too.

That said im looking forward to seeing what is shows off for by PD over the next 12 to 18 months.

1323d ago
scark921322d ago

I think if that happened your doctor would advise you not to play GT7 because new faces are hard to come by and possibly expensive!

Muzikguy1322d ago

Hopefully this means 100% premium cars. I'm not taking much from this until I see final product. By then, we might all have forgotten this quote

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Me-Time1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

To SuperLupe:

When an update released that added Quick Match races, it showed how many races were being held for each of the four rooms.

At most, later on in the day or during the weekend, there are 50,000 races running for extended periods of time.
With that said, Quick Match needs to be better. The races should be longer.

Oh, and with the Seasonal Events, which also update every week, the Time and Drift Trials show that there are easily +100,000 people logging in.

PS4isKing_821323d ago

My favorite Gt is still Gt3 a spec. I still play that game to this day plus the rally mode is still so much fun with the dirt being kicked up behind the car.

Awesome music too for that soundtrack.
Imo Gt hasn't been as good since.

Snookies121323d ago

I dunno, I loved GT3, but GT4 was my favorite.

Alicornium1323d ago

They better not f*ck this up like GT6, lol

Father__Merrin1323d ago

GT7 will be amazing there will be nothing like it, 10 million + seller

elninels1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Amazing? Yes probably, I love the GT series.

10mil+ seller? I don't know, that's heavy. Definitely depends on more than just the quality of the game.

Edit: spelling

strifeblade1322d ago

remember when everyone said driveclub will be amazing?