Why Are There No "Prestige Games?"

Last month, Capcom announced that it was dissolving Clover Studios, the developers of Viewtiful Joe and Okami. The announcement came a bare month after the release of Okami, a game that has received rave reviews virtually across the board, and boasts an astounding Metacritic score of 93. Game Informer, IGN, and EGM all awarded Okami the title of "Game of the Month."

Why are they dissolving Clover Studios? Because of Okami's "disappointing sales."

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MicroGamer4397d ago

the business model does not allow console makers to keep money losing games and studios around. They lose on the consoles and gain on the game sales. If the game studios aren't making money, they can't afford to keep them around or they go out of business.

Dick Jones4397d ago

Yet the journalist who made the article with all his resources can't figure it out.

lilgringo4397d ago

You didn't really read the whole article, now did you?
The author knows that, but s/he think that the publisher should use these "prestige" games to gain a reputation, like in the movie and book industry

MicroGamer4396d ago

when you can't pay to keep the lights on.

THWIP4397d ago

...and it sucked. IMO,it really should have been a DS title instead.

NJ1307RSX4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

Okami is an excellent game and it got a 93% in gamerankings:

Of course we all have our own opinions.