Here's Why Sony Santa Monica Keeps Making God of War Games

During the World Wide Studios Town Hall panel at PlayStation Experience Sony Santa Monica Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman was asked why the studio keeps working on God of War games.

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Magnus1232d ago

Kratos is great in the hands of Santa Monica why change it.

imt5581232d ago

Especially when Cory Barlog making it.

darthv721232d ago

its like ifistbrowni said. The games keep selling just like mario for nintendo and master chief for MS.

When there is a decline in popularity is when you start to see either a reinvention of the character or a decision to put that character on hiatus.

God of war is my favorite of the playstation franchises just as halo is for xbox. The day comes when there is no more kratos or MC is going to be a very dark day for me.

ifistbrowni1232d ago

Because it keeps selling. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with anything else.

Kratos can be the coolest character ever, but if the game doesn't turn a profit then they wont make it anymore. Its a business.

raWfodog1232d ago

Yeah, that was a stupid question. Why a studio keeps working on a successful game? I hope whoever asked that question also asked the other studios why they keep making the games that they do.

Stallion1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Because sometimes.
You listening, anon?
Because sometimes, us consumers like it when,
stick with me here,
when these things called "new ideas" are put out on the market. And sometimes we even prefer it when, rather than a talented studio making the same game for a console generation and a half, we get to have a new and innovative experience.

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nucky641232d ago

I'd like to see SSM do a new game that is NOT a GoW game.

Majin-vegeta1232d ago

Implying that they're not.I mean it's not like they have 3 teams at the studio..

nucky641232d ago

i wasn't implying anything - i was just saying what I'd hoped they'd do.

Enemy1232d ago

They're working on something else that isn't GOW, by the way. Not Stig's canceled game, obviously, but something else entirely.

Relientk771232d ago

Me too, I wish for an RPG or something. I don't want them to endlessly just make God of War games.

Dark111232d ago

Well GG new IP is a 3rd person RPG.

BitbyDeath1232d ago

They just had 4 games at the conference and that's not counting the upcoming Everybodys Gone to Rapture or God of War or whatever else they are working on.

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Enemy1232d ago

Why wouldn't they? They bring cash and are always great games.

I'm wondering that Cory's gonna do with the new God of War though. As much as I'd prefer a reboot with new animations and such, I am still curious what happened to Kratos at the end of 3. Where the hell did his body go?

JustAnotherTruther1232d ago

No more God of War and Kratos. Let it end. Start a whole new story with new mythology other than Greek, and another main character.

DarXyde1232d ago

I'd prefer another mythology/animations/combat system myself (I'm agreeing with you and Enemy above). With all of the Gods (minor ones withstanding, I guess) murdered and Kratos ending things himself, why come back?

If it's more of the same, I'll be giving it a pass.

raWfodog1232d ago

But its really no different from many other franchises. Call of Duty has the same basic gameplay, as well as Metal Gear, Assassin's Creed, Hitman, Uncharted, Smash Bros, Halo, etc.

Many of these games are just more of the same in a different local but they're still least to me.

DarXyde1232d ago


I can respect that. I see your point for the most part, actually. Call of Duty isn't much of a surprise though, it being an annual franchise (like Assassin's Creed) with Activision as a publisher. I think some of the core mechanics can and should stay the same, but it needs to be very constructive to keep it fresh. For me, Metal Gear Solid is all about sneaking, but the gameplay has changed A LOT since its beginnings. I think 1 and Sons of Liberty are most similar, but 3 introduced some very out-there mechanics as far as the series goes. 4 was pretty different from 3 too and V is another beast altogether. Can't say much about Hitman since I haven't really gotten into them, but Uncharted, Smash, and Halo I can agree mostly. Smash might get a bit of a pass though since it's about adding new characters and balances (as fighting games are ones to do).

Maybe I'm just holding SSM to a certain standard. I guess what I'm saying is, given SSM's portfolio, I know they can get creative. There's new technology in the PS4 and I'd love to see them get messy coming up with something amazing. Maybe if another studio handled a spin-off set in another mythology with some gameplay changes, I'd be content.

BitbyDeath1232d ago

Or you could just play another game...

ashen1221232d ago

man im good with more gow! but don't worry people they have more them one team im sure new ips are coming

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