Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 Gameplay - PSX 2014

"We had a chance to see what Street Fighter 4 looks like running on a PlayStation 4. Check it out."

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swishersweets200311350d ago

When does the ultra version of IV come out on ps4?

jhoward5851350d ago

Yeah, I think its coming out sometime in 2015. I'm so glad we're getting all of the DLC with the purchase of SF4.

bouzebbal1350d ago

yes, that is a good thing. i think i'm gonna get this version, just to get ready for SFV in time.

swishersweets200311350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

why such a long time? You would think it be a finished product ready to be released within a few weeks.

Sm00thNinja1350d ago

This is a terrible announcement the game is on PSNOW RRIGHTNOW

mediate-this1350d ago

Have you played usf4 on psnow?? Its horrendous, the gameplay and lag is atrocious. There is no point in playing that streaming b.s online.

KwietStorm1350d ago

Nobody who takes fighting games seriously is streaming it. And that's the PS3 version anyway.

bouzebbal1350d ago

it'll probably be remastered in 1080p 60fps like DOA. It's a nice trade off.
if you're fine with the PS Now version it's good for yo, but it's the PS4 version we're talking about here

Masterchief_thegoat1350d ago

turnoff seriously how many port capscam is going do.