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NerdStar71266d ago

I thought it already happened? Or was that The Game Awards thing? Too many gaming events close together, space them out ffs.

Hoffmann1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

This event is still running there, that yesterday was only the keynote event

I recommend to see the "story time" which is the last panel of the PS-Experience.

justlikeme1266d ago

Anyone else having trouble logging into the ps store?

AHall881266d ago

So is tonight when all the shocking announcements happen?

I didn't watch last night, but this place wasn't really blowing up with anything new, maybe I missed something.

AHall881266d ago

That they did, Datsyuk is on fire lately, trying to make up for the missed games, lol.

HaveAsandwich1266d ago

there was a ton of games announced. drawn to death, the forest. you missed alot, actually.

AHall881266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

The Forest as in the one that's out for PCs right now? That game has some weird things in it, lol.

I looked up drawn to death, no, just no, I'm not touching that with a ten foot stick.

Those weren't the only "new" games announced were they? :(

Philaroni1266d ago

I thought there was going to be more stuff talked about. I saw something about Last of Us DLC coming again for MP but no word on it yet.

Darkwatchman1266d ago

Did anyone see the mystery game???

justlikeme1266d ago

My guess is the game David Jaffe is making: Drawn to Death