Is Sam Drake the Antagonist in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End?

When Sam Drake made his debut in the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End gameplay debut yesterday, it was instantly clear who was voicing Nathan's older brother -- Troy Baker -- but this gave us a huge clue to who the villain would be in Uncharted 4.

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Rimeskeem1202d ago

Troy Baker vs Nolan North.

The most epic showdown in voice acting history.

Spotie1201d ago

You're missing Stephen Blum. Without him, epic isn't possible. Vic Mignona gets honorable mention.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1201d ago

LOL, I'm not the only one who got that vibe? My first though was this guy ends up back stabbing Drake just watch. He just has jackass written all over him.

Dee_911201d ago

I got those villain-ee vibes from him.Super interested in how this story plays out.

ValKilmer1202d ago

I always knew Nathan was a jerk. This just proves it.

Relientk771201d ago

Brother vs brother showdown?

Nathan better not friggin lose btw

Rimgal1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Is name is Sam Drake? I highly doubt that.

Nathan adopted Drake name.

Fishy Fingers1201d ago

Drake is not Nathan Drakes last name...? Mmmmkay.

Rimgal1201d ago

Have you played Uncharted 3?

Silly gameAr1201d ago

It's not his real last name.

Fishy Fingers1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Yes, they instigate that Drake is not his birth name but they don't confirm what is and considering the fact every other character refers to him as Drake as well as the majority of the games names themselves I think it's generally excepted that everyone calls him (himself included) as Drake. What Marlow suggests is never confirmed.

Unless I'm missing something, I think Nathan drake is more accurate than Nathan 'something'.

Rimgal1201d ago


No. The game made it perfectly clear that he's been lying about his identity the whole time. His name isn't Drake and he's not related to Francis Drake. He needed an excuse to keep the ring from Sully when he was young.

So do you think that his long lost brother coincidentally adopted the same name too?

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ps4gamer19831201d ago

When I look at the picture of Sam, he looks very much like Sully to me. He could be a son or nephew of Sully. Also he talks to Drake in a manner that would suggest that they have some history (other than only just blood relations) which would suggest to me that Drake has known him for quite some time. But I could be wrong.

Also i'm curious what part Sully plays in this game. That man was way too old in Uncharted 3, and clearly some time has passed in UC4 due to Drake's wrinkles and slightly greying hair.

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The story is too old to be commented.