Is Street Fighter V Set to Become a Game Changer Like Street Fighter II?

Carl Williams writes, "Way back in the early 1990’s the Sega Genesis was fighting a ferocious war with Nintendo and their SNES console. Things were somewhat of an uphill battle for Nintendo when they finally launched their 16-Bit console. Not only were they coming from the underdog position (not easy for them considering their dominance in the previous generation) but they were also receiving criticism from parents, and gamers alike, over the lack of backwards compatibility for the NES games. Sega was unique here, they had no such problems but were still quick to capitalize on Nintendo’s situation with the Power Base Converter. The Power Base Converter allowed Sega Master System (Sega’s 8-Bit console) games to be played on the newer Genesis console. Nintendo was making up some ground little by little but it was not enough. Nintendo needed a killer game, one that had cross appeal that Nintendo themselves did not have."

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Eonjay1170d ago

I am really excited for the cross platform play. We need this for more games. That alone will set it apart from other titles.

Enemy1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Well, apart from cross play, which will be amazing, it looks like they're also implementing:

Air combos
Guard break
New power-ups system

We'll know more soon enough.

New art direction looks better than SF4 as well.

Majin-vegeta1170d ago

We'll know more soon enough.

More like next week :D.

Enemy1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

@ Majin:

Oh shiz. HYPE

Enemy1170d ago

@ BlissSeeker: A lot of butthurt around these parts in the last 24 hours.

Docknoss1170d ago

I expect killer Instinct but not as good.

Enemy1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

@ Docknoss: That's funny considering Killer Instinct is nowhere near as good as SF4 and is already forgotten. It also bombed in reviews.

The fact that you're even attempting to compare an amateur fighting game like Killer Instinct to the legendary status of Street Fighter though is lol.

Athlon1170d ago

Whoa! The detail in those character models! You can see the pores on Ryu's face and even the hyperpigmented macules on his deltoid muscles. Speaking of muscles, check out the detail in the muscles of his foot with that hurricane kick. Talk about attention to detail and keep in mind how fast it's running! I'm so psyched for this one!

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miyamoto1170d ago

It really is ridiculous how the immature PC elitist make a fool of themselves.
The X86 architecture really made a lot of good for game developers.

PS4 is really the revolutionary console that will usher in a new era of gaming uniting console and PC gamers with games like Planetside 2 & SF5.
PS4 really has all the right moves.

Long Live the PlaySaviour 4!

Amuro1170d ago

The online community will last longer and be more populated this way.

Nikolas261170d ago

omg i just read your comment! i cant really express my self i want to eat 10-20 razor blades. REVOLUTIONARY!!! ahahahah omg ahahahah great.

Svinya1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Why does cross-platform play matter, though? You won't even be able to tell the difference..

CrowbaitBob1170d ago

If you're on PS4 and have a friend on PC you will be able to fight each other online. Does that help?

Bigpappy1170d ago

I understand the excitement of have SF console exclusives on PS4 but for the article to hype it as being the game changer SF2 was, is just plain pandering. These things are almost never predictable, and are always organic. Not even the developer knows how this will be received after release. We shall see if it is enough to capture that wide and even casual audience of SF2 days.

Eonjay1170d ago

I have to agree. Its not the console exclusivity that makes it a big deal (even though it is a big deal in and of itself). Its the fact that its finally allowing for cross platform play, guard breaks ect. These additions make it a game changer within the series.

Also, the article makes it seem like the Xbox One and PS4 are neck and neck in sales and that this game by itself will make the PS4 pull ahead. That isn't correct either because the PS4 is already ahead. Almost 2:1 so I fail to see how SF5 is a game changer in that respect.

triverse1170d ago

It is a game changer in how gamers show their interest, or lack thereof, in this title on the PS4. Just because PS4 is currently in the lead doesn't mean it is going to stay there, though getting "big name" titles will certainly help in that respect.

When Street Fighter II was released, the SNES was trailing the Sega Genesis for the Christmas prior and barely caught up the following holidays after SFII released. After that though, it was pretty much Nintendo reaping reward after reward as console sales grew.

True these things are organic and no one can predict success but there are ways to stack the deck in your favor- bringing out the latest game in a successful franchise is one good method.

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LightDiego1170d ago

Street Fighter 4 already is a game changer for the genre, in my opinion, the new game will be amazing for sure.

Magnus1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I still have my adaptor for my Genesis to play Master System games lol. I use to play the hell out of Street Fighter II on my SNES. And I played the hell out of Tekken on my PS1 when it came out. And I played the hell out of Eternal Champions on my Genesis and Virtual Fighter also Xmen vs Street Fighter on my Saturn. I feel old now lol the new Street Fighter should be a great game when it arrives.

Majin-vegeta1170d ago

What I wouldn;t give for a new Eternal Champions *sigh*

TheTimeDoctor1170d ago

loved eternal champions, havent thought of it in years.

JustAnotherTruther1170d ago

This 3rd party exclusivity crap needs to end. Where are the so called "gamers" signing petitions? Oh, I guess it's only OK when SONY does it. The hypocrisy is disgusting. Shame on you all for letting corporations take games away from other consoles.

miyamoto1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Its not exclusive to PS4.
Its also coming to Windows PC a platform that has multi-million times the install base of the PS4. Why can't you play it there?

Maybe you should ask:

"Why did Capcom went to another cash strapped company like Sony instead of multi billion money giant like Microsoft to fund their next SF knowing they have more money and this will also come out on Windows PC?"

That is the real question right there.

If you find the answer to that then you will know the real reason why.

q8kik1170d ago

The answer is japan, if they go with MS they will loose all the asian market for the the game .
As for PC, fighting games don't do all that well as far as i know so it wouldn't drag down the sales for the PS4 version .

LeCreuset1170d ago

1) Obviously the petitions didn't work. Now that the 3rd party landscape is what it is, why should Sony gamers be any more obligated to speak up than Xbox fans who didn't protest in their favor over TR?

2) The 3rd party landscape being what it is, why would Sony gamers get mad at Sony for securing them a 3rd party which could have been scooped up by the competition, who has demonstrated a eagerness to do so.

3) This isn't even parallel to TR. This is more like the Dead Rising deal, and other deals, MS cut that didn't see this reaction or articles questioning the practice. Trolls chomping at the bit just jumped the gun before the thing was even officially announced. Which leads me to—

4) Why haven't the people crying hypocrisy, comparing this to TR, come forward to apologize?

Amuro1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

people made noise because the game wasn't coming to their system and now you expect the same people to do the same for yours? I mean, where are the Xbox fans that can't do the same? Maybe Xbox fans don't care that much for SF....

Lenrulesdaworld1170d ago

I agree xbox fans don't care thats its exclusive, nit that street fighter isn't a great game but its a fighter. Albeit thee fighter, still just a fighter, not shenmue, fallout, mass effect, kotor,,ff7 remake or a megaton along those lines.

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XtraTrstrL1170d ago

Whoa, one thing mentioned in that article that I hadn't even thought of - is how any new editions of SF5 could possibly go to other platforms. Like Super or Ultra SF5 maybe, I could see Capcom doing some crap like that, then saying, "No, we said SF5 was exclusive to PC/PS4, not SSF5." I guess it all depends on how the deal is written out and the full role of Sony's involvement in the development of the game.

poppinslops1170d ago

Who cares?

There's 37 other Street Fighters... They're pretty much identical and SFV will continue that trend.

But yes, knowing Capcom, there will be an ultra-mega edition on the horizon...

XtraTrstrL1170d ago

Well, the point isn't that there'll be other editions, which I'd say is basically a given with SF. The point is that there could be a possibility that other editions might not be exclusive to PS4/PC.

Moldiver1170d ago

"No, we said SF5 was exclusive to PC/PS4, not SSF5."

^^yup. I expect that announcement by xmas 2015. lol

In response to the article...No, it wont be a gamechanger. Fighting games are not the king of the yard anymore. This isnt the 90s. I am saying that as fighting game, fan. But I already know, FPS, open world RPGS, and big budget linear action games are the system sellers, these days. Times have changed. I was pleasantly surprised by SF4s success. But I am not surprised capcom have not made another darkstalkers. I am not surprised when I see a VGchartz/NPD and never see a KOF, guilty gear or blazblue make it into the charts. Fighting games are a niche. But a niche, that I love.

XtraTrstrL1170d ago

Yeah, I wish I loved Guilty Gear more, cuz that XRD looks insane. It does basically the best cell shading I've seen that stays looking 2D cartoony. It does it even better than those Naruto games that do the cell shading super well from last gen. I need to try out the demo more, cuz I've only done the tutorial and seen it do the 3D stuff slightly. It does look incredible though, how much it looks like a 2D cartoon.

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