Street Fighter V: PS4’s Biggest Third-Party Exclusive Yet

Hardcore Gamer: Sony have got themselves one hell of an investment.

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ValKilmer1168d ago

The question then becomes, is the Street Fighter fanbase loyal enough to sway the console war?

Abash1168d ago

Sway the console war, as in make the PS4 even further ahead of Xbox One's sales? I think the gap is too big at this point for it to matter at this point, even without SF5 exclusivity there wouldn't be much change

Clonetrooper11391168d ago

That gap is not too big for what is only the second year of the console generation. That being said. . .For street Fighter fans this is good. Personally, I am not a fighting game fan. If this will move Ps4s more than usual remains to be seen, though it should help sales, regardless.

darthv721168d ago

SF is a big series for serious fighting fans but I wouldnt say its the biggest 3rd party exclusive for PS4.

There are several more years left in this console cycle to see other megaton announcements.

For now its a big announcement that is...until Capcom decides to announce SSFV.

BitbyDeath1168d ago

It is good to see Sony are fighting fire with fire. Last gen Sony lost a ton of 3rd party exclusives (Final Fantasy Hitler vid anyone?), not to mention MS setup a ton of timed exclusive games and DLC.

Now Sony are hitting back on all fronts they have had a ton of advertising and DLC deals already in the first year and now for the first time in years have secured a large 3rd party franchise.

ion6661168d ago

But what game can give an advantage to Xbox. Halo looks meh right now.

Docknoss1168d ago

Tomb Raider exclusive is far better than this.

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Relientk771168d ago

Street Fighter fans will probably buy a PS4 for this, if they don't already have one

Rimeskeem1168d ago

Dont forget they will also get the super edition of SF4

darthv721168d ago

Personally Id like to see capcom do something different with the SF series. Make another 'vs' game but go with something they can control.

They no longer have the marvel license so they would have to go more internal to their own stable of hits. Perhaps a RE vs SF or some sort of Capcom Battle Arena with characters from ALL walks of Capcom games.

Similar to what SNK did with NeoGeo Battle Colosseum.

souga_houjou_jin1168d ago

tomb raider is Timed exclusive street fighter is full exclysive so sry to break it to ya but like it or not it is coming to ps4

Also ps4 has uncharted so yeah...dont care about tomb raider

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miyamoto1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I think Capcom made this decision to make the SF franchise get the attention it needs nowadays.

Update: "Yoshinori Ono hopes to "reignite that fervor" of Street Fighter."

Guess I was right.

DarXyde1168d ago

When it comes to console fighting games, who has historically bought an XBOX for fighters? I play a fair share of fighters and the D-Pad has always worked against me on XBOX 360. It's better now, but I think the general consensus has always been that if fighting games are a priority and you choose either PlayStation or XBOX, you go with PlayStation.

FriedGoat1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Not when the playstation version of street fighter 4 had a 2 frame lag over Xbox. There's a reason the Xbox version of SF was used in competitive events.

darthv721168d ago

That is why serious fighting fans use sticks. They make adapters to let you use sticks from various mfg and even platforms on practically any system.

Hell...I use a tekken stick from the PS2 on my 360 and PS3. I've even used the dreamcast stick on the 360 and PS3.

The 360 version of SF4 has a quicker response than when I play it on the PS3 using the same stick.

maniacmayhem1168d ago

I hated the four way pad on the PS, made it just as hard to pull off moves for SF4. 360 was bad too but I got used to it, but sticks are always the way to go.

Blaze9291168d ago

It's not exclusive, it's coming out on PC too...

darthv721168d ago

with free online multiplayer to boot.

funkybudda1168d ago

go tell the same people that rant and rave about Titanfall...

DigitalRaptor1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Listen, whether or not you have or haven't defended games like Titanfall or Dead Rising 3 or Ryse as "exclusives", it just so happens that the industry treats them as such.

We all know it's coming to PC. They were courteous enough not to lie about that, but when people refer to "exclusive" in this fashion, they mean it's not coming to the other consoles.

It's fine if you feel uncomfortable enough to downplay the significance, but it's still a MASSIVE gain for PS4.

gangsta_red1167d ago

How super convenient!

All through the Titanfall, Ryse and Deadrising 3 all Xbox fans heard was they weren't true exclusives because they were also on PC.

Now it's ok to say "Console Exclusive" because now Sony is money hatting IP's that are also coming to PC also.

Spotie1167d ago

@gangsta_red: moneyhatting refers to buying exclusivity only. When the game in question is being funded or co-developed by the console maker, that word doesn't apply.

Bayonetta 2 was not moneyhatted, as Nintendo paid for development of the game. Deep Down isn't moneyhatted, because Sony is helping with development.

Titanfall is moneyhatted. Tomb Raider is moneyhatted. These games were well on their way to being multiplats before they were made exclusive.

Console exclusive, by the way, has been a thing for a while, due in large part to Microsoft's lack of true exclusives over the past generation. Microsoft fans like yourself have been shifting the definition of exclusive for a while. Don't act like now it's Sony fans that are flip-flopping.

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Hoffmann1168d ago

Now they only need to pay Capcom enough to develope a Monster Hunter for the Vita and PS4 with Cross-Play,

Vandamme211168d ago

I wonder if tekken 7 will be exclusive to ps4 as we'll...I mean tekken use to be ps exclusive.

Inception1168d ago

There's a possibillity for that. Example like Guilty Gear. The 1st Guilty Gear is exclusive for PS1. After that ArcSys made it multiplat. But now Guilty Gear Xrd is exclusive for Playstation again.

Not to mention Harada making exclusive VR games for Morpheus. So i will not surprise if Namdai make Tekken 7 as PS4 exclusive.

josephayal1168d ago

love this game, day one 4me

98xpresent1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

It's not a exclusive.

Enemy1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Well, it's exclusive in the only way that really matters: you'll never see it on the competition's console. It will stay PS4 only forever, so if you bought an Xbox or Wii to play it, you made a huge mistake.

Truth is, the inconvenience of building a Windows PC that could run this is going to turn a lot of people away from the PC version, unless you already have a PC that can run it.

You think most people aren't gonna just say screw it and simply buy a PS4?

darthv721168d ago

It doesnt look like it would be too demanding on a good PC. No doubt a system capable of running Titanfall would be able to handle SFV.

THIS game may be console exclusive but where does that leave the Super or Ultra editions that are likely to follow?

Capcom wont say and Sony already specifically said THIS version is console exclusive for life.

Enemy1168d ago

You're gonna be really disappointed when you find out the truth soon enough. Super or Ultra, doesn't matter, it's the same IP. And it's gonna be Sony's.

dcj05241168d ago

Fighting games are not exactly demanding.

Dacapn1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

All I have to say is having a PS4, a WiiU, and PC that runs circles around the PS4 and XboxOne is the bomb. Multiplats, I play on PC with my PS4 controller, and exclusives I play on PS4 and WiiU. So I don't care about the politics of who plays what. I play games. For SFV though, it's just so friggin sweet that there's cross platform play. I dunno which I'll get it for. When it comes to fighting games, there isn't usually much parity between the PC and console versions anyway.

That being said, great move capcom and sony. This completely unifies the player base. Everyone who has SFV will play together. If the next iterations come to Xbox One, who cares. Xbox One owners can play in their little corner and PC/PS4 will have more than double the players in the pool. Nuff said.

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Clonetrooper11391168d ago

Wow. . .I thought that term didn't exist.

MasterCornholio1168d ago

Console exclusive.

I wish people would just use the correct terms for this.

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