The Game Awards Righted the VGX’s Many Wrongs

Hardcore Gamer: The Game Awards replaced VGX and The VGs and improved on what little focus those actually had on games.

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ValKilmer1229d ago

Honestly, it was a fantastic show. There was still too much emphasis on reveals which made it feel more like the VMAs than the Oscars, but if they can sway the balance more towards awards next year, it could become what we need in the industry.

ThichQuangDuck1229d ago

The problem is there is not quite enough awards to do so yet. Nor is this meant to be a super serious awards show like GDC

TXIDarkAvenger1229d ago

Really good. So much better than the VGA/VGX shows. I do have to say that I wish the viewers would understand that it is an AWARD SHOW not E3 or TGS so don't expect so many new reveals.

Majin-vegeta1229d ago

Honestly they should just save the awards for like the last hour or so.

Darkwatchman1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

It was certainly better than the vgx's but still a downright disaster. They just completely glossed over some of the awards. The camera would just cut to Geoff Keeley and he'd be standing next to Reggie and just be like "best fighting game and best developer. Here's your award" roughly half the awards given out were half assed and rushed. Just didn't feel like enough time, effort, and respect was put into handing out each award.

crazychris41241229d ago

Would like to see a Racing category and a Sports category. Hate how they combined the two. Other awards could be Best Innovation in Gaming, Most Underrated Game and Worst Game of the Year