Samurai Showdown Review | Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid: "SNES veterans may recall 1995’s Samurai Kirby, an 8-in-1 game offering a set of platformer adventures and other mini-games (including) Samurai Kirby...Superstar was ported to the Nintendo DS as the enhanced Kirby Superstar Ultra in 2008—which, perhaps not so coincidentally, was the same year indie developers JForce Games released a remake of Samurai Kirby called Avatar Showdown for the Xbox Live Indie Game platform. Avatar Showdown employs exactly the same setup as Samurai Kirby, with the only modernizing effect being its cash-in on the then-superheated avatar craze. The JForce game topped the Indie Game sales charts upon its release, but apparently, JForce isn’t over their Kirby Samurai obsession, as this year’s Samurai Showdown will attest."

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