The Witness - PlayStation Experience Gameplay

PlayStation Experience Gameplay of The Witness.

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Hitman07691350d ago

I'm not interested in this game really, but I give props to the creator and much love to anyone who enjoys it. Just not my cup of tea, though the hype surrounding it forces me to watch all trailers for it. LOL

Palitera1350d ago

But you can't deny that it will be a nice toilet game when it releases to the proper mobile platforms.

Enemy1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

This looks seriously incredible. The "delay" or whatever that was will only result in a better game in the end. Blow's trying a lot with this game and his team being as small as they are, I'm sure they needed the time. Realistically, I didn't expect this in 2014. Here's hoping for a release date soon though.

freshslicepizza1350d ago

700 puzzles and over 30 hours of gameplay. much bigger than i first thought. looks very interesting

Relientk771350d ago

Everytime I see this game, it just makes me think it's like a re-birthing of Myst for a new generation of gamers

Loktai1350d ago

It does have that whole myst vibe. With a game like this you'll never know to it's in your hands. Looks cool though

blackout1350d ago

If you like puzzles ok. No looking forward to this.

theshredded1350d ago

would've been GOTY instantly if it released this year

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The story is too old to be commented.