Street Fighter V Console Exclusivity: Good for Sony, Safe for Capcom, Bad for Gamers

Another great day to be a gamer…unless you bought an Xbox One. Sony and Capcom revealed that Street Fighter V will be exclusive to PS4 and PC at the PlayStation Experience event held this past Friday.

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kyon1471202d ago

Read and agreed with pretty much everything.

Capcom how much longer can you survive.

Enemy1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Well, it is definitely funny to see what Microsoft has forced Sony to do.

Street Fighter is a much, much bigger IP than Tomb Raider ever was. Street Fighter is a legendary IP that will make millions of Street Fighter diehards around the world buy a PS4.

Tomb Raider hasn't been good in a long time and whatever Microsoft paid for Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't worth it as it's already confirmed as a timed exclusive. It's definitely not a SF5 type deal.

Street Fighter 5 will NEVER appear on Xbox One. Sony has paid for nearly the entire game's development.

It's clear that Capcom are struggling but they did it to themselves.

Sony gets Street Fighter, Microsoft gets Dead Rising.

the_dark_one1201d ago

and pc gets everything, which is cool and all.

"It's clear that Capcom are struggling but they did it to themselves." - that could be true, but making a game to another platform would make them spend more money, and although its provably that they would get their money back from the sales maybe they didnt thought it was worth it. but who am i to know

HaveSumNuts1201d ago

Don't downplay the fact that the Tomb Raider reboot was on most people's top 10 games of year lists last year, it was an admirable game.

fermcr1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

What the hell did you say?
Tomb Raider was one of the best games of the last generation.

As for the Tomb Raider timed exclusive, that I agree. Microsoft should have made a deal for full console exclusive like Sony did with Street Fighter V. Timed exclusives don't sell that many consoles.
Microsoft still has to learn a few console business tricks from Sony.

mikeslemonade1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

lol people just don't get it..

It's good for gamers, moderate for Sony, and moderate for capcom. Exclusive games score higher in general, so how is it bad for gamers? Oh.. is it because you don't have a PS4 or PC? Well too bad you gotta pay money to have fun in this hobby.

Moderate for Sony, because they had to pay some sort of money for the rights but in the end it will increase their install base.

Moderate for Capcom, because they only need to focus on two versions to make a really good game. However it will not sell as well as SFIV.

"Everyone’s a winner. Except anyone who bought an Xbox One. Just like Microsoft’s acquisition of Tomb Raider’s timed-exclusivity, this is bad for gamers."

I have a Xbox One, and I'm ecstatic after the announcement. I'm aslo happy that Tomb Raider is atleast timed exclusive. We need more console differentiation!

mxguy931201d ago

@havesomenuts that's not saying much. There weren't a lot of great games last year

TheBrit1201d ago

I would rather play Tomb Raider than street fighter

yarbie10001201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

According to Wikipedia

Street Fighter IV sold 3.3 Million
Super Street Figher IV sold 1.9M
1.1M for Arcade edition
Super Street Figher IV: 3D Edition sold 1.2M
Ultra Street Fighter IV sold 500K

That adds up to 8 Million in total over 5 versions

Tomb Raider 2013 has sold 6.5 Million copies - 1Million in 48Hrs
Not counting the recently released Definitive Edition

mhunterjr1201d ago

I'm not sure how you conclude MS forced Sony to do this. Securing 3rd party exclusives has been a part of the industry for a while. Sony has done it before (GTA, MGS), as has Nintendo. Usually, its just timed exclusive, like tomb raider is. Console exclusives are usually only with new franchises (no mans sky, titan fall, ME1, etc)

But rarely do you see a long time multiplat go console exclusive. This is the biggest deal I remember since Resident evil went with Nintendo with RE4.

Also, Ono has been doing hints about this since before the TR deal, so it has nothing to do with Microsoft

maniacmayhem1201d ago

I love how people have this excuse of Sony was forced to do it.

Sony, Nintendo and every other company has secured exclusive IP's in the past, way before MS ever did.

Sony was not forced to do anything because of MS. Sony did it to secure one of the most popular fighting franchise for their system, they did it out of business and to make their system more attractive to the fighting community.

Why o why1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Im looking for this same sites article about the tomb raider deal snd how its bad for gamers. Can somebody kindly provide a link.........thanks

@ maniac....i agree with you that its business but business IS reacting and preempting your competitors and their practices. I'm not getting into the who done what first. I'm just saying sony has to be more aggresive when tackling a worthy foe.

I'm not a fan of those complaining now that were fine when the shoe was on the other foot. Goes both ways. Fight fire with fire

Enemy1201d ago

@ TheBrit: That's cool. I'll be playing both on PS4 if Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn't suck this time.

Docknoss1201d ago

WHAT! Street Fighter bigger than Tomb Raider? Are you flocking high?! Maybe in the arcade during the 90's but now not so much.

pompombrum1201d ago

The key term there is "Street Fighter 5" There might be room in the deal for super/ultra/mega/ultimate which will inevitably come.

NewMonday1201d ago

a very small market share of gamers have X1 only, so few will miss out on SF5

darthv721201d ago

This game (SFV) is console exclusive but Im betting the other variants wont be. Capcom has done this only 2 other times and that was with the SNES version of the original SF2 and the dreamcast versions of SF3 and 2nd impact.

Every other iteration of the SF games has graced a multitude of systems. Including the CD32, 3DO, PCEngine, and the various sega, nintendo and sony/MS systems.

Surprisingly...there was never a jaguar version but..oh well.

Bottom line is that capcom has a habit of releasing variations of their games within a short time after the initial release. And those variations are generally more well received as they include all sorts of updates and added content.

So 6-8 months after the PS4 gets this game...chances are the other systems will get a super or ultra version all the same.

LeCreuset1201d ago


"I'm not sure how you conclude MS forced Sony to do this."

You're not? Proof is in the pudding:

Dead Rising.
Sunset Overdrive.
Tomb Raider.

Those are some big, AAA, 3rd party titles. Most of those in just the first year. I could argue Gears of War should be added to that list. MS bought the rights just to keep it from going multiplat. That's not going to put pressure on Sony to make deals like this?

Enemy1201d ago

@ Docknoss: Wake me up when they start holding tournaments for Tomb Raider.

Multiplatguy1201d ago

Sony did this with Tomb Raider back in 1997, before the Xbox brand even existed. Get over yourself with your accusations that Microsoft "forced" Sony into doing this. Both companies see this as a legitimate deal/strategy.

It's getting pretty sickening to see you fanboys attack a company for doing something then make excuses when the company you like does the same thing. Especially here when Sony did it long before Xbox was even a thing.

Mainman1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I'm thinking, what would the point be of multiple console's if they all have the same games?

I think it makes for better competition when console manufacturers compete for exclusivity. I also think that generally exclusive games are better in quality/polish compared to multi-patform games.

I know it sounds harsh, but I think it's better for the games industry when console's can differentiate from each other. Yeah, it sucks for gamers that only have 1 console, but on the other hand it's awesome for gamers that have all console's.

Personally I am fine with Sony and Microsoft competing with each other for gamers's attention through investments, like exclusivity deals, first and second party studio's & IP's etc.

Yeah, this sucks for X1 fans now. But I am sure down the line we'll see an announcement that will sting PS4 fans.

ShinMaster1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Good for Sony.

Safe for Capcom.

Bad for the 4 Xbox gamers that play fighting games.

You know what could have been even worse for gamers? The game not coming out for some years or at all.

Sony is helping fund the game's development because, as Yoshinori Ono said last year, they didn't have the budget for a brand new Street Fighter game.
At least the game exists now.

Same with Bayonetta 2.

Gunstar751201d ago

How is it a much bigger IP? It has a deeper game heritage but I doubt it is a bigger money maker.

mhunterjr1201d ago


Ryse- published by MS, wouldn't have existed otherwise
Dead Rising- published by MS, wouldn't have existed otherwise
Titanfall - New franchise, by and indie dev (just like No Mans Sky)
Sunset Overdrive- published by MS
Tomb Raider- just a timed exclusive, ps4 owners will still be able to play it

Nothing you've mentioned remotely compares to what Sony has done with this deal... it's SFV is the ONLY game mentioned that had a sizeable fan base

LeCreuset1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


What are you talking about?

"Ryse- published by MS, wouldn't have existed otherwise"

"Dead Rising- published by MS, wouldn't have existed otherwise "

The same applies to Sony and SF:V.

"Titanfall - New franchise, by and indie dev (just like No Mans Sky"

Really, man? So now you're going to try to paint Titanfall as an indie comparable to No Man's Sky? The poor little indie dev that only has the biggest game publisher publishing their AAA retail game? Come on.

"Tomb Raider- just a timed exclusive, ps4 owners will still be able to play it "

Yeah. That's probably why you don't want to go pulling moves like that when you have the significantly smaller install base AND more supporters of the franchise game on the other console.

d0x3601201d ago

What ms forced Sony to do? You do understand that sony has bought exclusive games for YEARS. The only reason its become rare for sony is because they are nearly broke.

Bloodborn anyone? That's exclusive because Sony cut a check, that was exclusive before tomb raider. So make up another excuse please.

How bout its just the way the industry works. I welcome exclusive titles. When you work on a single console you have more time, spend less of your budget on porting and can optimize much better.

The solution for gamers is the same as its been since the SNES/genesis days. Buy both.

medman1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

It's definitely much funnier to see what Sony has forced Microsoft to know, like drop Kinect, cut price drastically while giving away multiple free games, drop the xbox live gold paywall, offer a free games service due to psplus kicking arse left and right, buy a timed exclusive like Tomb Raider because even Phil Spencer acknowledges he wished Microsoft had a studio like ND to produce their own Uncharted....shall I go on son? No, no, you've had enough. Sit down, you're done here.

And to others who think this deal and those like it will lead to an ever increasing rate of third party exclusivity deals, it's more and more unlikely the more ps4's and xbone's are sold because the lost sales due to restricting content to just one platform would be too damaging. The amount of money Sony and Microsoft would have to shell out at some point becomes a zero sum game, with the companies suffering diminishing returns on such investments. Now it's different if the companies want to help fund development, but to just pay outright, it's not going to keep happening.

PoSTedUP1201d ago

id rather have capcom survive, than not. this helps them stay in the game. this is good for gamers. capcom tanking is bad for gamers and the industry as a whole. look at Ubi struggling... bad for gamers bc look at the crap theyve been putting out. another dev falling victim to debt like capcom would be bad for gamers. this is just one game, and i bet u a million bucks it isnt going to be s*** like Ubi games, so this is good for gamers. you have to buy a ps4 to play this game bc w/o sony this game wouldnt exist or be complete crap like ubi's games. this is good for gamers. please Stfu now, thanks.

seany11011199d ago

"hasn't been good in a long time"

2013 wasn't that long ago

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Magicite1201d ago

bad for gamers who are not gonna own PS4/PC.

pompombrum1201d ago

No, the deal is bad for ALL gamers. Microsoft will most likely respond with a third party exclusive of their own and Sony fans will be left out again, then Sony do another one and then Microsoft.. ultimately these sort of things will eventually be bad for all games who are only on a single platform for every reason.

NegativeCreep4271201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

But of course did we see any of these soapbox "articles" harping how bad it was for gamers as a whole when Microsoft secured Tomb Raider and Titanfall???

Hell No; Hypocrisy at it's fanboy-ist.

xilx1201d ago

It sounded like capcom wanted to do this to benefit gamers. They said they wanted a unified player base, hence the cross-play for this game. I don't think this is Sony paying for anything, but rather just like FF14 with MS not wanting to support cross-play and getting left out due to the devs putting their foot down with "cross-play or no game."

mkis0071201d ago


You make it sound like xbox is in the same position as playstation this gen, when in fact the larger install base of ps4 really makes it hard for devs to sign any full xb1 exclusivity. MS isnt going to want phil to throw money at its problems if they cant sustain success on its own.

Moldiver1201d ago

"No, the deal is bad for ALL gamers. Microsoft will most likely respond with a third party exclusive of their own and Sony fans will be left out again, then Sony do another one and then Microsoft"

^^This. It might be cool to rub it in now. But it just sends the message to MS that they should go after a bigger 3rd party exclusive. The winner of THAT particular proxy war will be the company with the deepest pockets. No prizes for guessing which company has deepest pockets. I could see MS going after battlefront for the west and even shenmue III, to give them something to combat SF5 in japan.

This is the beginning of what will be a very brutal third party exclusives war. Yes MS started. But who has the pockets to finish it?

I will own an XB1 by Xmas (I have a PS4), so Tombraider exclusivity wont bother me, as I will have one anyway. And SF5, I'll be getting for my PS4. Clearly the best approach is to own both. And I accept that. I can see where all this buying of exclusives is going so, Im safe in that I wont miss anything, by having both. But I will say MS is probably in better position to do more damage to sony in this particular area. Its all about money.And there are lots of big third party devs working on BIG things...

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lemoncake1201d ago

You really have to question if capcom at this point can even pull off a top class game anymore, their games have been in decline for years. I had some fun with Deadrising 3 but it was far from being a great game, if it wasn't a launch game I don't think I would have bothered with it.

That's not to say this is a bad deal for Sony and its gamers, but I don't think capcom will be around to see the next gen of consoles at this rate. Even if street fighter sells well a huge chunk of that money will be going straight back to Sony considering they almost fully funded it, leaving capcom scrambling to find someone to pay for development of their next game.

Maybe Sony will end up buying streetfighter from capcoms corpse in a few years.

Veneno1201d ago

Capcom has had alot of stinkers lately but the Steet Fighter series has always been consistently great quality. On top of that the rest of their fighting game series have been well liked. The only reason SFxTekken failed was because of all the crap with DLC and gems. Nothing to do with the game itself.

Cindy-rella1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Street fighter 5 is on the best console for core gamers so i dont see a problem. The ps4 wasnt made to take away proper ownership of a gamers game through drm or anything of the sort or force gamers to get a peripheral that most core gamers dont want like a camera,touchpad or motion controls. Ps4 was made to be the most power console and to be easy to develop any game on.

People can forget and play silly all day and say other companies did a 180 or are trickling out a handful more of solid software now but precedents were set and a lot of people view consoles in a certain light.

Im a pc gamer that wanted to choose a proper console to game on that gets a lot of highly rated and unique exclusive games and ps4 is the best choice. I know a lot of gamers want to own everything to play majority of games but I'm a girl who doesnt engage in fanboy shenanigans or have the time to dedicate to 4 or more current gaming systems so having multiple consoles is silly to me.

I dont even understand how most people have the time to game across 3 different consoles playing most of the multiplatform titles and most of the exclusive titles while being an adult with a lot of responsibilities but to each his own.

Ps4 is the best console for a single console core gamer who cares about getting a lot of exclusive titles and the best looking games for consoles. I wished all games were made for pc to its best potential but it isnt so. Missing out on a few exclusive titles from other console isnt a big deal.

kingmushroom1201d ago

Nicely put, couldn't have said it better. Also don't mind the people who disagree,some people get ass-hurt easily, specifically when logic and irrefutable factual evidence is presented.

Akuma2K1201d ago

Well said, agree with both of you.

3-4-51201d ago

I have a different view on all this.

* As somebody who owns a Wii U & XB1, I'm glad to see a bunch of games NOT appear on those consoles that I own.

* 2-3 years from now, when I do buy a PS4, there will be a huge catalog of games I get to play right away without waiting, and they will all be new to me, because of exclusivity.

* I wouldn't want to play Mario games on anything other than a Nintendo console. I wouldn't want to play Halo on anything other than an Xbox console...same with Forza...I love that controller.

So yea this makes buying a PS4, more "worth it", later on once I decide to, because there will be more games worth buying it for.

* Look back at SNES vs Sega Genesis:

* There were so many games you could only get on one or the other. I played 100+ games for both and love both of those systems, but they each had their awesome reasons to be owned.

* If ALL games are on all platforms, the only difference is really the controller then.

I'm happy for PS4 owners. No need to be jealous or mad.

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Kal0psia1202d ago

Well, the title it'self is not as compelling compared to something like Rise of The Tomb Raider. But by that time most gamers will have 2 of the consoles anyways if you own an Xbox One now and are into the series.

Septic1201d ago

The title is way more important than Tomb Raider imo. SF has never been tied down to one platform like this.

ShinMaster1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

It's on TWO platforms. PS4 and PC. And that is due to Sony helping fund the game's development. Get it thorough your head. It was either this or no game at all. Or at least not for a few years.

Also, like Final Fantasy XIV among other games, Sony allows for cross platform play with PC, while Microsoft requires a separate server for Xbox.

This is more similar to the Bayonetta 2 scenario than Tomb Raider.

""way more important than Tomb Raider imo""
Oh of course it is. Tomb Raider was just business, right? But when Sony does it, NOW it's not okay. NOW everyone's a hypocrite.

Yes more people were outraged with Tomb Raider, but what did you expect? PlayStation and PC gamers make up the majority of Tomb Raider fans. While Xbox gamers are a minority when it comes to SF and fighting games overall. It's proportional.

PS gamers complain about Tomb Raider being exclusive.
Xbox gamer complain about Street Fighter being exclusive.
So as far as I can tell, it is even. But you wanna have it both ways.
Are you seriously expecting PS4 gamers to be outraged about SFV any more than Xbox gamers were about Tomb Raider? Be realistic.

blackout1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Is this the game Sony was touting as the big third party exclusive. Ok, LOL. Did they really spend money on this. That's the GREATNESS, Enjoy. If Sony or Microsoft want to end this fan boy war, One of them should just but Take Two Interactive. That's it Generations won.

Majin-vegeta1202d ago

Lol you must be a new gen kid.If you don't think SF is a huge deal as an exclusive.

What's gonna happen to all those in the xbox Fighting community who wanna play the newest installment of SF?They gotta go out and buy a PS4 (Assuming they don't own a PC or just prefer to play fighting games in general on console).

IanVanCheese1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

It's a big get within the fighting game community, but it's still fairly niche in the grand scheme of things. Street Fighter just isn't the big name it once was.

Tomb Raider is bigger, which is why it's only a timed-exclusive. It would have cost a lot more to buy it's full exclusivity than it would have done for Street Fighter.

Xbox fighting game community has Killer Instinct too, which will soften the blow. Really all this does is piddle on the chips of any hardcore SF fans on the Xbox.

the_dark_one1201d ago


street fight vs killer instinct
yeaaaah i dont think its even a competition there

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

The article reeks of saltiness...


How in the world did anyone ever manage to play any version of Street Fighter with that Xbox 360 controller?

Lev19031201d ago

I think alot of you forget Mortal Kombat. No one will jump to another console just for street fighter. Its a great game. But there is another great fighting franchise just around the corner.

SoapShoes1201d ago

@Lev1903 - It's not just Street Fighter. PS4 has Street Fighter IV and V, Injustice, and Guilty Gear Xrd exclusively on their system. Plus it has the others like MKX and Tekken 7(assuming it doesn't go PS only again). It's where fighting fans are going to go. It doesn't mean they won't also want an Xbox for Killer Instinct but that's the only fighting game it has that isn't on other consoles.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1201d ago


Street Fighter is the game that started it all. It's mechanics are simple yet the strategy involved with the use of each character is extremely complex. It is above and beyond still the best fighting game ever made and nothing else even comes close.

lemoncake1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

If mortal kombat had gone exclusive it would have been a much bigger deal, street fighter might have been king in the 90s but it has lost a lot of ground. Most people will have a pc capable of playing this as it's not going to be a technically cutting edge game. Kind of surprised its releasing on pc also tbh considering the amount of Sony funding.

Street Fighter 5 should be better than killer instinct, but mortal kombat feels like it's going to come out top. If streetfighter 5 somehow betters mortal kombat that would be a hell of an achievement.

Revolver_X_1201d ago

Vgchartz are not super accurate, but close enough to make a point.

SF4(vanilla version)- 6.81 million, with over 25% more sales favoring PS3.

MK9-4.48 million, with around 600k sales in favor of PS3

TR(Vanilla)-4.06 million over 500k in favor of PS3

To all the arguments made, clearly they all sold better on PS3. Stating MK is more popular is false. Saying TR is more popular is false. Again it IS vgchartz, but were talking over a 2 million difference. I didnt even count the remakes of SF4. Trying to downplay this is just desperation. At least this makes since business wise. TR:DE sold 100% more on PS4 then X1. I see both as business. Honestly, to you Xbox fanboys, how long was Sony supposed to take it on the chin, before they had to adapt.

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the_dark_one1201d ago

i dont think you know how big the street fighter IP is.

CaptainTrilby1202d ago

inb4 Nintendo buys Megaman.

Veneno1201d ago

Good Call!

If Capcom ever goes under here's how their IPs should be dispersed:

MegaMan, Viewtiful Joe, Ghost n Goblins, Final Fight- Nintendo

Street Fighter and all other fighting games, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Strider, Okami- Sony

Dead Rising, Lost Planet- Microsoft

Fro_xoxo1202d ago

It's a great move for Sony. Fighting game junkies will have to buy a PS4..

I think it's time to invest in a gaming PC this gen. It's the only platform invulnerable to cooperate business practices.

Palitera1201d ago

As if exclusives went to PC...

Clunkyd1201d ago

Sorry, I'm not satisfied playing multiplats only on PC.
I need my AAA console exclusives as well, not only that but I rather play games on a 65" tv in my living room.