DriveClub Extreme Weather coming tomorrow

Evolution writes: "Extreme weather is expected in ‪#‎DRIVECLUB‬ tomorrow!". More details also tomorrow, new glimpse inside.

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Cindy-rella1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

This is sonys month which seems like itll be for a long time due to all the amazing games and content scheduled to be coming out over a period of months.

amiga-man1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I'm loving this game this is just more goodness to make an already great game even better, taking the already amazing graphics to a whole new level.

bouzebbal1143d ago

alright, i'm getting this thing this week! this trailer just blew my mind

Dee_911143d ago

Yea I was reaching for my poncho, that looks incredible

Forn1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

yes, yeS, YES!!! Love Driveclub, and the weather looks incredible.

SonyWarrior1143d ago

there better be puddle splashes in this as that is expected detail of current gen.

nX1143d ago

My favourite racing game of all time just got so much better :)
That's the first thing I'll play when I get home tomorrow.

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Kyanu1143d ago

That looks photorealistic. Absolutely stunning.

imt5581143d ago

Did you noticed ( or somebody ) how droplets on windshield change the direction when you turn left or right???

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1143d ago

This is the second best looking PS4 game available. Infamous holds the 1st place spot, but not by much...

ABizzel11143d ago

Two very different games, but DC blows inFamous away.

The Uncharted Pre-Alpha footage is already on par with inFamous. InFamous is a great looking game for an open-world game, and has some merits for best graphics for 2014, but it's not in the same league as DC.

dantesparda1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I disagree, I think Infamous is the better looking game. And I have both.

But Uncharted and The Order look incredible, and definitely do a lot of that "blowing" away.

Magicite1143d ago

Ive a feeling, that despite reviews, DC will easily beat Forza in sales and popularity.

SoapShoes1143d ago

Outside of Forza 3, the series has never been huge and Horizon is less so than the main installments.

Clunkyd1143d ago

Hands down, the best looking racer out right now.

GTgamer1143d ago

Jesus Christ (•ิ_•ิ)(•ิ_•ิ)(•ิ_•ิ)(•ิ_•ิ)(• ิ_•ิ)(•ิ_•ิ)(•ิ_•ิ) Game Over I'm in this as soon as I get out of work tomorrow and I watched that video in crap quality on my phone I can't wait to see it on my TV.

marinelife91143d ago

This is what I was waiting for. I'm buying it up as soon as the update is released.

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jhoward5851143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Wow, something looks different in DC. It actually looks Good. its almost as if everything has been improved.

nX1143d ago

It looked that good on day1, it just got some impressive weather effects now.

Spotie1143d ago

Stealth trolling is no longer a thing, apparently.

It "actually" looked damn good from the start. Now it looks better.

Derekvinyard131143d ago

That's good news for everybody but I returned my copy to get $ for far cry, decent game that was plagued with issues its a real shame

Enemy1143d ago

Lol so you returned this game to get money for a broken Ubisoft game, and now Driveclub is going to be patched and you're missing out. Ok.

Derekvinyard131143d ago

Pretty sure far cry 4 hasn't had one patch yet, OH YEA! It comes with weather effects included ✌️

RealisticGamer1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I've played through Far Cry 4 twice and played it online as well, it has some connectivity issues in co-op sometimes but, what exactly is broken in it? Haven't had any issues worth mentioning. Or are you just saying every Ubisoft game is broken now because Unity?

Enemy1143d ago

They broke the god rays in the PS4 version and will probably break something else in the upcoming patch. You guys should really wait before you give your money to new Ubisoft games. Chances are it'll ship with issues. I'll wait for the GOTY edition.

Angeljuice1143d ago

FarCry isn't broken at all. They have had updates though (including one that downgraded the god rays on PS4 for no reason/gain in performance).

DriveClub is an evolutionary title though, it will continue to improve and grow for the next year at least. It will probably be worth buying another copy in a month or two (if you haven't given up on it completely).

XtraTrstrL1143d ago

Did the PS+ version release yet?

jc121143d ago

nope, and im starting to think it never will. And to this I say: F YOU SONY!

nX1143d ago

You'll only get one country in the PS+ version anyway, I wouldn't want to race in India only as every location has some really impressive tracks.

Kosmacz1143d ago

Why disagrees? As not a fan of racing games i was hoping to get ps+ version of drive club and check it out before buying. This is really disappointing.

Ultr1143d ago

True, still hoping for the ps+ edition... Game looks stunning and I only hear good things frompeople that played it

Pyro2000x1143d ago

share play my PSN is tech-boy-88 I have DRIVE CLUB you can test it out for FREE

jc121143d ago

there are disagrees because any time someone holds sony accountable, people on this website freak the f out. Lot of sheep here.

SoapShoes1143d ago

Man more great news, it's a great time to own a PS4.

PraxxtorCruel1143d ago

I'm happy for DriveClub owners but really? A great time to own a PS4 is because of weather?

Majin-vegeta1143d ago

He said "More great news"Which I believe he is implying all the stuff that happened yesterday.Not cuz of weather.

Enemy1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

After yesterday's conference and Sony's dominance all year long, securing Street Fighter 5 as the only console version that will ever exist, and having the most games in 2014 AND 2015, yeah, it's a great time to be a PS4 owner.

SoapShoes1143d ago

Really? And people agreed with your reading comprehension? I mean no offense but it was clear I wasn't talking about just weather in a game. It's a great time to own a PS4 because of the recent games and all of the games coming soon. DriveClub Weather Patch, Guilty Gear, Loudout, Grim Fandango, and many more exclusives from then till April. Plus all of the great 3rd party games for it.