Sexist Petition Pulls GTA V From Australian Target Stores

How a one sides petition managed to get the latest GTA pulled from stores in Australia.

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SegaGamer1346d ago

Ridiculous. 40.000 signatures and they are pulling it from their shelves........that is weak.

Like this article points out, the petition itself is sexist. It is basically saying you can only do this to women and are completely ignoring the fact that you can do the same to men.

Also, they are pretty pathetic for taking notice of an online petition. These petitions are usually signed multiple times by 1 person and a lot of the people just sign it for a laugh.

supermintendo1346d ago

It's so ridiculous, the series itself probably has more fans in one city in Australia than the 40,000 signers. It's probably true that single persons are signing it multiple times. Their consistency is insulting too, why just target one game when Target sells other media that has practically the same content. It's just sad how balantly misrepresented their argument was and worked.

If you know something like that will offend you, then don't play it, you don't need to take it from others just because it offends you.

Also, thank you for reading!