Will Trophies turn PS3 Gamers into trophy whores?

So the question is, will PSN's trophies descend into the laughing stock which is the Live achievement system, by robbing gamers of the free spirit of gaming for gaming's sake?

In part one of two, Fuchal argues that Sony has banked on a winner with trophies, and that PS3 gamers will largely avoid the prostituting of their gaming persona's.

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kosha3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

I think there will be alot of my friends on psn gloating about how many trophies theyve got and that there a gold gamer. There will definitely be at least a few trophie whores out there

Superfragilistic3816d ago

I can see it happening. Sony gamers are human, just like MS gamers, despite the assertions of fanboys on either side to the contrary.

It's a blatant rip off of Achievements although the idea of levels instead of a gamerscore is a very welcome idea, to seperate score mongers from completionists. The platinum trophies are a particularly awesome idea and sure to get the whores going! ;)

mikeslemonade3816d ago

PS3 owners would never succumb to that level.

Superfragilistic3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )


I hope that was sarcasm. I own both systems and until now whenever it's a multi I play 360 largely for achievements - not just for score, but often for challenges that exceed normal gameplay and reward me. The trophies, RPG levelling and Platinum trophies in particular, are great innovations over the basic MS Achievement system. The fact that you can have friends look at them in Home will only further increase their whore attracting abilities. ;)

WIIIS13816d ago

What I'd like to see is that the achievement points or trophies actually giving gamers some kind of real reward, whether in terms of exclusive game unlockables, game downloads or even MS points/ credits.

Tarasque3816d ago

Achievement's make's me replay the game more than i would normaly. Cause when i get that one achievement that i keep trying to get or is very hard to attain i am like "YES!!!!" and i get satisfaction from that, why i don't know but i do.

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Pizza The Hut3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

were either already trophy whores previously or have always been trophy whores deep down inside, but they never had the access required to fulfill their full Whoring Potential with the PS3 until this recent 2.40 now that it will be available go ahead and whore away my fellow gamers, ....whore away

InMyOpinion3816d ago

So all that "Achievements & gamerscores are for losers. We don't need it!"-talk was just bs? As soon as it's available for the PS3 it all of a sudden becomes accepted? Seems to be the rule of the day =)

Btw, I'm not disagreeing with you.

SL1M DADDY3816d ago

After a few thousand gamer score points I realized how pathetic it was getting and just played the games as they were intended. My kids, using the same account from time to time liked the achievements but for the most part, it got old, quick. The trophy system for me is only a small portion of why I like 2.40. I know there will be those that whore the trophies but most of them will have already been gamer score point whores that finally bought a PS3 to go with their Xbox 360's.

badz1493816d ago

I still think there's alot of PS3 gamers like myself still don't really care for achievement and trophies. anyway, granted the feature will be there no matter what after 2.4, there's really no choice for not using it! I agree with Pizza as I still believe that the introduction of trophies was due to the demands by those achievement whores to begin with because for people like me who had never played on XBL, I didn't know and didn't care about what XBL are offering because as long as I can play online for FREE, I'm more than satisfied on what being offered by PSN all these times.

I can't see myself being a trophies whore myself because I've never even really bothered to obtain all the skill points in every games I've played! but I can see a lot of PS3 gamers will go carazy levelling up!

tweaker3816d ago

Jenzo, I hear that on the pro-360 side as well.

InMyOpinion3816d ago

Good to see some people stick to their word =)

I'm not a fan of achievements myself. It might be a fun thing to go after if you only own 1 or 2 games, but I have too many games and no time to chase achievements.

The new firmware update looks good. They delivered at last. MS will have to pull off something big if they are going to keep charging for their service.

Barreldragon003816d ago

In the end I'm probably going to be trying to get trophies for about a week then get board and give up.

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Lucreto3816d ago

I wonder if it will increase the software attact rate ratio as for the 360 I see people buying games just to get the points like buying Ratatouille the game just for the points.

Bellic Jr3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Being a Trophy whore isnt a bad thing. I welcome the inclusion of trophies to the PS3 strategy but frankly its "personally" something that I'm not excited for. Thing is, I just dont have the time to invest like I used to due to work and all. I dont have time to play games to the extent of searching every nook and cranny for the sake of a platinum trophy.

I always felt achievements "possibly" caused some Gamers to play a game more than they actually really wanted to just for the sake of boosting their gamer scores.

I'm also aware that there is a gaming demographic that lives for this sort of thing.

All in all, I'm happy for the dudes and ladies who are waiting with baited breath to get their Trophy on. DO IT DAWGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coolfool3816d ago

but for me, I really couldn't care less about trophies. I play the games for the games and it doesn't matter whether I am great at them or completely rubbish, if I am entertained then I am satisfied.

How could trophies add to that?

King_many_layers3816d ago

I think that trophies might be able to add to it.

Say for example: you're on a game like a shooter and you're doing a cracking job at getting headshots, then top right popps up a little symbol of the trophy. Would you not find it satisfying to think that you've just accomplished a little achievement. Maybe after that you could end up thinking, I wonder what the next one up from that is, I bet I could do it. Then it gives you that little bit extra to do in the game.

But obviously, that's down to you as a person.

mistertwoturbo3816d ago

Well achievements or trophies, it's all optional anyway.

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