GameSpot: Is The Order: 1886 just Quick-Time Events with Occasional Shooting?

The latest demo of The Order: 1886 brings concern over just how much of the game involves walking a pre-determined path and occasionally pressing the triangle button.

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the_dark_one1235d ago

boy gamestop is on a train of hate for this game.

Pandamobile1235d ago

If you'd actually watch the video, you'd see that they aren't hating on the game, he's just reporting his experiences from the three demos he's played.

the_dark_one1235d ago

well i dont even need to watch the video to know about this website and their articles against the game, and i dont intend to give them more clicks

Pandamobile1235d ago

It sounds like you take any form of criticism against this game as a personal slight.

Which is pretty weird.

Spotie1235d ago

Title is clickbait, article content notwithstanding.

Bigpappy1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Notice how ever time a question is asked about an upcoming hyped game, it is referred to as "hate".

Some people happen to prefer these types of games because it is easier to follow the story. This might be why the developer choose this linier style with lots of QTE. Some may not like it, but it is what the producer sees as best to create his vision. Remember Heavenly Rain, that was all QTE. That was the Producers choice.

Ryse was said to be all QTE too. Some PS fans still tell be that it is to this day. But I liked what I saw in action and knew it was a game that I would have a blast with. I bought it and played the bajesus out of it. Still my most enjoyed game this Gen so far. Played every multiplayer map co-op and solo, including all DLC.

So yeah. If you see what you like, just buy it.

DigitalRaptor1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

The title is indeed flamebait.

And the worst of lazy journalism. Questions like this as article titles only serve to stump meaningful discussion and leads people to believe that the question is actually a statement, and will have people jumping on it treating it like gospel, even though it's actually a question.

If they had any integrity, their title would be a fact - a statement - based on their feedback. Not a stupid question, that answer to which is obviously "NO".

Not to mention… what have gaming standard comes down to? Heavy Rain was ultimately, a critically-acclaimed, award-winning game. People loved it. There was also a whole "graphics/story over gameplay" commotion from the previews that were given and from fanboys online, where people posed the same stupid questions about it having crap gameplay, and then after all of that people rated it well.

We're seeing that all over again. People are fickle and have such short memories. You'd think the biggest of the gaming sites would remember that and "get it", and apply some logic based on what they've learned from past events, but they seem to have forgotten all about it, and we're back to square one.

gangsta_red1234d ago

"well i dont even need to watch the video to know..."

That statement pretty much says it all.

It's a shame that criticism against any Sony game is always met with the obvious "lazy journalism" or "media is biased".

Not everyone is going to like the same game you and others will. Take everything with a grain of salt. As long as these guys are openly bashing the game or calling it the worse ever you and others shouldn't take this as hard as you make it seem.

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Mega241235d ago

You might want to read once in a while, because Gamestop is not mentioned anywhere in this article.

the_dark_one1235d ago

lol you right. i meant gamespot, doesnt change the way i feel about it

SCW19821235d ago

Gamespot using click bait articles to get hits. No more support for these guys for me.

Relientk771235d ago

Game looks pretty awesome to me

Witcher 3 and this, early 2015 looks awesome

RiseofScorpio1235d ago

Nah i dont think its good value seeing as its Single player only and not a rich RPG like Bloodborne and Witcher.

OB1Biker1235d ago

Ill get all 3. Very different (I think great) games and I like variety.

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