Todd Stashwick was Originally Nathan Drake’s Older Brother in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Fans were introduced to Nathan Drake’s older brother at the end of yesterday’s, Uncharted 4 gameplay reveal. It was then revealed by voice actor Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Shadow of Mordor) that he was in fact the voice of Drake’s big bro.

Turns out, Baker wasn’t originally set to play the mysterious Drake (If that is even his last name). Tv Actor/writer Todd Stashwick (Heroes, Supernatural) has confirmed that role was once his.

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Hitman07691352d ago

I'm always really interested to see what goes on behind the scenes in making these big budget games.

Exari1351d ago

I think todd is just doing another character in the game.. maybe he became the villain.. we still dont know much. we still havent heard about ellena, chloe, and most importantly to me, vicktor GODDAMN sullivan.. doesn't mean they're not there

LarVanian1352d ago

I kind of feel bad for Stashwick. He seemed pretty excited about the game with all the updates he gave about it and the pics he posted on instagram.
I wonder what it was about his performance that made ND recast him. I've got a feeling it might be due to the fact Bruce Straley and Neil Druckman just work better with Troy Baker.

TheJacksonRGN1352d ago

You could be right about that last bit, but Stashwick is also pretty busy. He had a role on the first season of The Originals on CW, maybe that and his co-writing gig got in the way. Who knows.

Sketchy_Galore1352d ago

I think it's more to do with the fact that Troy Baker is some kind of magician with seemingly limitless vocal abilities. It's probably annoying as hell to be auditioning for a vocal role and watch the guy walk into the waiting room but I doubt anyone who loses a role to him could ever feel like they were cheated.

-Foxtrot1352d ago

I would of preferred Stashwick

Troy has been in too many games and I know the game has a great vocal range but I'd rather of had someone new. We need more voice actors in this industry then just the same few guys.

I really want to know if this was why Amy left, maybe she didn't want Troy or she wanted him to be more of an enemy in the game

Brotherly betrayal confirmed...although saying that I'm not really digging the fact he has a brother.

Step brother yes but actual brother...Drakes life is a mystery but he would of said something don't you think, at least one hint the past 4 games now.

kingdomtriggers1352d ago

What if Drake doesn't even know if thats his brother, and the guy just shows up one day claiming he is? And Drake is suspicious of him, but the guy is trying to convince him that he is, and Drake finally agrees to go on the adventure with him for whatever reason.

jb2271352d ago

Chances are his brother was also given up to foster parents and they were split up at birth, only for Drake to find out about him during the events of the game or sometime before. It perfectly continues the themes of friends & family that was started in Drake's Fortune & elaborated upon in Deception so it's the logical story progression of the core tenant of the series in my eyes. As an adoptee, I know absolutely nothing about my birth family & unless they ever wanted me to know, I never will. They have to open up their side of communication before I could ever access that information, so Drake having a brother would definitely track. I love that wrinkle personally because it hits close to home for me. This is also the reason why I think that Troy Baker's performance fits perfectly, he sounds a lot more like Nolan North than Stashwick does, and that helps to cement that bond between them. When I first heard his voice, I really thought it was Nolan voicing that character as well.

It was sad to see Amy go & I'm really hoping the story doesn't suffer for her departure, but I've got faith in Bruce & Neil as storytellers as well so I'm remaining optimistic in that regard.

Patrick_pk441352d ago

@kingdomtriggers Stop doing drugs

-Foxtrot1352d ago


I suppose but Marlowe in Uncharted 3 had a file on him and she never said a thing about his brother.

She went on about his early life but not once talked about him having any brothers or sisters...and this is the leader of a very powerful group of people who can know everything about a person if they wanted.

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bigboss201352d ago

I think troy baker is an excellent actor seeing him and nolen north work together again will be a blast :D

tombraiders1352d ago

I do wonder how much the story has changed since Hennig left because Drake's brother didn't sound very pleased with him in that first trailer.

-Foxtrot1352d ago

I would of preferred him being against him to be honest, the stuff he said in the trailer sounded like he would of been a great enemy against Drake

mixelon1352d ago

The series is full of double-crossing. I bet his brother is just using him for some dodgy reason (can't find ancient treasure alone) only to sell him out and then probably have a change of heart at the last minute..

Because that happens in everything like this. XD

Inception1352d ago

Todd Stashwick is a good actor, but i choose Troy Baker and Nolan North on the same game again.