PlayStation 4 exclusive graphical improvement details for MLB 15: The Show

New PS4-exclusive graphical improvement details are now available for MLB 15: The Show.

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freshslicepizza1347d ago

i wonder when they will stop making it for the ps3?

JimmyDM901347d ago

Probably not for awhile. They didn't stop making it for PS2 until MLB 12.

freshslicepizza1347d ago

interesting thanks. it does look awesome on the ps4 trailer.

jukins1347d ago

Gonna hold off on this one until online is confirmed smooth and working.

Bigpappy1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Something is wrong with the way the title is worded. Mays it sound like The Show is on other systems, but only gets the improvement on PS4.

If they are referring to the PS3 version, why not just say: Graphical improvement s of the PS4 version of The Show

Me-Time1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

haha I don't quite see how you have people disagreeing with you on that.

The title IS worded strangely and can very well be misleading.