Dear Square Enix: I’m Tired of Your Sh*t

Charles Singletary from The Koalition writes:

"No, not because of Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive. That was a sound business decision. Not for the crazy long dev time for Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV. Take your time and do it right.

I’m writing this because, after a scab that had been repeatedly ripped off had healed for what I’d hoped would be the last time, you use the Playstation Experience to stick a jagged, rusty knife right back in.

And I swear I heard you laugh while the blood ran."

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Romudeth1295d ago

While I personally don't care about a full on FFVII remake, I can understand why people are upset.

After SQE released that tech demo, people have been clamoring for a full remake. This isn't going to happen. I would say that people should just let it go but this move seemed very trollish on Square-Enix's part. It shouldn't have been announced at this event. A small press release would have sufficed.

Soulscare1294d ago

Yeah I think an FFVII remake would be a very bad idea personally, but SE are basically teasing the people who want it... To come out on stage, having the speaker extremely excited before saying "17 years ago..." with a big FFVII picture behind him, its like they're trying to piss people off.

...Its pretty effing funny too.

Romudeth1294d ago

It IS a bit funny tho lol

theshonen88991294d ago

They can't make a FFVII remake because it would take about as long as it takes to make XIII and XV. Updating FFVII's iso metric camera to a more modern third-person view would fundamentally change the game and every detail would have to be rethought with excruciating detail.

Honestly, I'm more mad that SE decided to do remakes for III, IV, and After Years instead of VI. That was the game that really deserved it.

3-4-51294d ago

Poor Management with ego's, who are out of touch with the fans.

Profexxion1295d ago

A spot on stage just to say "Ha! F*uck you guys and gals!"

Profexxion1295d ago

Painfully uninteresting characters and story wrapped in beautiful graphics with a side of decent gameplay.

miyamoto1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Yeah especially they remade and remastered some noted Final Fantasy games but not FF VII.
Anyway SE has become cowards and sell outs.
So glad I was there during Squaresoft and Enix's hey days. They cannot be replicated.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1295d ago

You know what would really be funny about this FF7 situation? If Square actually tries to charge $60 for this game the way it is...

SwiffEpics1295d ago

The FFXIII games are solid if you get over the pre conceived criticisms.

Rimgal1295d ago

13 is definitely not bad but the Doom counter ruined the game for me.

Elda1295d ago

Absolutely!...playing FF-XIII again..luv the game!

HarryMasonHerpderp1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Sorry I still think that the FFXIII games are very poor. Not sure why you think that the criticisms for the series are "pre conceived" though?

Godmars2901295d ago

Maybe the last two, or the very last one at least, but the first they were made to compensate for was wholly vapid. Was a hell of a game with its development notes tacked on for people to read as a form of gameplay.

-Foxtrot1295d ago

So basically if you can ignore it's a shit FF game then it's fine. You could use that excuse on everything.

The game was terrible for the FF series we all know and love...there is no way round it. Giving it a pass is basically giving SE a pass.

LordMaim1294d ago

I got over the pre-conceived criticisms and played the game.

...then formed some new and more scathing criticisms of my own.

Hellsvacancy1294d ago

I played 13, 2 years after the game came out, and as I kinda predicted before the game even released, it sucked

I wanted to like it, it had tiny were I thought it was alright, but everything I loved about FF originally was gone

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TheLyonKing1295d ago

Yeah I am not happy, while I wasn't expecting an ff 7 remake on the stage I certainly didn't want to see another port of the game. Its a blatent money grabbing attempt.

SE need to bring out 3 and 15 soon. They also need to remake the ps1 ff's and a new chrono game.

I hope to god their new rpg is a refreshing new ip and not a game that was clearly given minmal money to develop.

zerocrossing1294d ago

The thing is though. If FF-VII doesn't do well on the PS4, Square Enix are just going to use the poor sales as another excuse for why they can't remake it.

I'm not saying they would remake it even it sold incredibly well, if they had any intention it would have happened long ago. The way I see it, this is a no-win situation...

SaveFerris1295d ago

Sadly, I don't think SE will ever remake FF7.

Cueil1295d ago

it'll take a full money hat and likely be pawned off on another studio outside of SquarEnix

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