Playstation Experience: Hands-On With Bloodborne | Leviathyn

At the forefront of Sony’s push of next-gen, Bloodborne looks to delight the hardcore as well as win over a whole new roster of fans.

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DougLord1322d ago

None of the Souls games sold more then 2mm copies on a PS3 install base of 80mm. This game appeals to only the 2% of hardcore fans. All 20th people on N4G will buy it and no one else.

fenome1322d ago

Okay, well you keep crunching those numbers while I play this game. I don't care how many other people are playing it. It appeals to me and I honestly don't care if I'm considered a 'small majority' or 'niche crowd'. I like games, and I enjoy playing them. I'm glad people are down to develop games like this as opposed to just 'playing it safe' the whole time, you know what I mean. How boring would that be?

IWentBrokeForGaming1322d ago

I'm buying this and have never played a single Souls game!

kingvendrick1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Bloodborne is gonna be epic. Played the beta and it was superb, cant wait for March.

@Douglord, thats some ptetty impressive crystal ball you got there lol. Guess thats 2% more than who'll be playing on xbone then eh.