The Order: 1886 Has "Plenty Open Spaces;"Fantastic Video Released;Gets Longest Lines at PSExperience

During the opening keynote of PlayStation Experience, Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a new glimpse on The Order: 1886, yet as they did for Uncharted 4, they released a different version on YouTube, showing the level played differently and with better video quality. The game also has the longest lines at playStation Experience, while Andrea Pessino promises plenty of open spaces.

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SaveFerris1353d ago

Looks great. Have pre-ordered this and can't wait to play it.

Abash1353d ago

The game's dark and dreary atmosphere makes it the perfect game to play in February. I can't wait to see all the unique weapons they have created for The Order, as well as what the story holds

SaveFerris1353d ago

Yeah. I'm confident Ready at Dawn have a successful franchise in the making with The Order: 1886

Magicite1353d ago

I believe this is the most preordered game at the current point (or one of).

Majin-vegeta1353d ago

Lol seems just a few months ago a lot of people were hating it and now people are loving it.

Forbidden_Darkness1353d ago

Yeah I've heard quite a few people talking about the Order and how they had quite a good time playing it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play it today.

Immorals1353d ago

Reason being is that all they gave us was a closed off, pretty dull video, and nothing else for months, when really they should have kept building the hype

Spotie1353d ago

My thing: I don't want the devs to expose every bit of the game before it comes out. I've had enough of knowing the whole plot and every character and all the locations before we even have a release date. So I didn't mind them not showing something new off every month or so.

That said, what was weird was how journalists seemed to imply that the game was STILL not good, based on the same old demo. Months later, there'd be new articles complaining about the same faults, as if the demo would have gotten better on its own. And all the trolls and Xbox fanboys jumped on every article as reinforcing that the game was garbage.

There's a difference between hype waning, and people actively downing a game because they don't have any news about it. The latter is what happened to The Order.

Immorals1353d ago

All they'd need is another small clip, just showing off the setting. It is an incredible setting in theory, but show it off!

TheGrimReaper00111353d ago

I too was rather sceptical

However, I went to a convention where they had a demo and I was pleasently surprised.

Now am very excited.

jjonez181353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

[email protected] haven't done the best job at showing what the game really is up until now.
Glad they are finally showing some unique gameplay and locations. Looking forward to it.

Patrick_pk441353d ago

Because they've been marketing the game with one stage for several month. The developers must continue to give us small snippets of footage of new environments.


There's always some people that just hate to hate, but some of it was rightfully deserved because what they exhibited in the first place was a linear game that looked great but felt stiff and had weak ai... ( even though that was old, people still have to base their experience something at that point in time ). This demo looked faster and better but the AI still worries me and I hope that he was playing on easy as well. If this game isn't challenging and doesn't feature anything but a regular hard difficulty then it's not gonna be a buy from me. For those that don't know any better, this is how you criticize something without being an asshat.

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Relientk771353d ago

I can't believe how much love and hate this game is getting, a lot from both.

I think it looks sick, and is gonna light up early 2015

GusBricker1353d ago

Apparently the demo is 30 minutes long. Nice for the ones who get to play, bad for the people who are waiting.

ashen1221353d ago

now people like the game nice. well haters better luck next time

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