The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Steals The Show and Raises Expectations

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During E3 this year Eiji Aonuma introduced The Legend of Zelda on Wii U, the long awaited main-series entry on Nintendo's latest home console. We were shown an art style that shared some similarities with Skyward Sword, but with a slightly more nuanced, cel-shaded and detailed approach to the living painting feel that seems to be evolving as the franchise's calling card on home console. Despite the fact that all we saw was a landscape that rapidly evolved into a short action scene — apparently running off the game's engine and not CG — that was over as quickly as it begun, that segment of the company's Digital Event was quickly declared by many as the highlight of the show.

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miyamoto1233d ago


Zelda was great but Until Dawn had the most notable reaction from the crowd imho. I don't play horror games but UD really got my attention.

Big_Game_Hunters1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

That game looked lame, Like just another B horror movie summer flick. Just wait for Silent Hills. The crowds reaction was strongest during the Zeldagameplay, especially when they showed epona and talked about the release date.

bouzebbal1232d ago

crowd reaction was strongest during zelda? are you serious?
miyamoto was prob talking about Until Dawn at PSX and crowd reaction was insane.
I am a hardcore zelda fan but what they have shown at TGAs didn't impress me AT ALL. Ok the world is huge but it's so empty. And he says that there is still 5 minutes left to destination i smell the WW problem with infinite sailing times.
We don't want a huge empty world, we want intensity. Just keep it OoT size and work on more and longer dungeons instead.

crashbash1232d ago

'I am a hardcore zelda fan but what they have shown at TGAs didn't impress me AT ALL. '

Well that's strange, because this comment of yours tells a different story.

'abzdiine + 1d 21h ago
i didnt think VGAs had lots of reveals.
My favorite thing was Zelda Wii U together with The Order and Until Dawn. looks stellar!
looking forward to some SF5 footage! '

So you weren't impressed today, but it was your favourite the other day....

Flip flop?

bouzebbal1231d ago

fkip flop is in your head.
i was happy that they showed Zelda and i am gonna buy Zelda like i did with almost all previous ones, but still looks stellar and beautiful.
however when i look in depth i realize that what they showed didn't impress me much and shows some worrying things like the very long riding times.
If sailing was that amazing in WW they wouldn't add the song of storm (i believe) to teleport here and there.

crashbash1231d ago

Yeah whatever you say I can't believe -

'but what they have shown at TGAs didn't impress me AT ALL.'

'didn't impress me AT ALL.'



'My favorite thing was Zelda Wii U together with The Order and Until Dawn. looks stellar! '

'My favorite thing was Zelda Wii U'

'looks stellar!'


So anyway, you think just because a game has fast travel it isn't enjoyable to travel? I had loads of fun sailing around in WW, discovering new places, it was fun.

Just like I had fun in Skyrim riding about, which also had fast travel. It was huge, just like the new Zelda looks.

Your foundation for critism is pretty petty and unfounded. They were demonstrating how big the place was and some of the new additions, nothing more, it's not finished. So anything you are pointing out is moot.

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Gemmol1232d ago

guy on bottom right, Zelda always do that, so its not fair

PixelGateUk1232d ago

Until Dawn had the biggest reaction few years ago when people saw Heavy Rain for the first time

Doge1232d ago

Using TGA's "hype crowd" to determine which game got the higher reception is a joke. They would cheer even if a tumbleweed rolled by.

lunatic00011232d ago

I played until dawn at psx and it was cool...don't know what the fuzz is about...its good but not lone as its as good as heavy rain I'll buy it

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Big_Game_Hunters1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Stole the show, stole my heart, gonna steal my money by the end of 2015 hopefully. That Koji Kondo performance was the highlight of the show other than the Zelda footage and MGO5.

HexxedAvenger1232d ago

I'm excited for this game. That slow motion jump off Epona looks awesome. Can't wait to do it

KingDustero1232d ago

Eh it was alright. It is just another Zelda game. We know what to expect and those who like Zelda will have a great game to play.

IMO though Metal Gear Online was the best reveal at the game rewards. Neither however top Uncharted 4. That game is for sure set to become a master-piece. Naughty Dog continues to set the bar and then being the only one to go past it.

higgins781232d ago

Seriously, how can you cite Zelda U as "just" another Zelda game i.e innovative, fresh, meticulously crafted, and in the same breath say U4 will be a masterpiece. If the Uncharted series would dare innovate in the same way the Zelda series has then yes, we could be onto something. As such its more the case of "just" another Uncharted with Zelda U almost certain to become a masterpiece.

ps360s1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

LOL Zelda innovates?

all I can say is I can't wait for both Zelda and UC4

both excites me

WeAreLegion1232d ago

The Legend of Zelda series hasn't innovated in many years, higgins78. It used to be one of the most influential series', but games like Shadow of the Colossus and Okami came along. It's good to see Nintendo trying something different with this new Zelda.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1232d ago

oh tell me how I can slow motion air shooting in previous ones!

lunatic00011232d ago

Can't you say that about uncharted looks like another uncharted game and I'm pretty sure we all know what to expect from it as well

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