Top 8 Games Where Main Characters Have To Die

When you play a game, Sometimes the hero doesn’t always get the significant other, off the baddie with a bazooka or walk into a piercing sunset smoking one of Cuba’s finest stogies. No, sometimes they just die.

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Snookies121352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Wow, was just about to go through and finish Mass Effect 3, but now I know Shepard dies at the end... Couldn't really avoid that spoiler when you have a pic like that... :\

One-Shot1352d ago

In Mass Effect 2 plenty of characters can die or live...same in ME3 just saying.

OpieWinston1352d ago

There's a reason why fans hated the ending.... And it wasn't because Shepard is now a Lumberjack.

porkChop1352d ago

Shepard doesn't have to die though.

Masterchief_thegoat1352d ago

rip noble 6 die like a true gangsta

pandehz1352d ago

Yep bad picture choice there.

Anyone who had not played ME3, well theyve been screwed.

Author please be a little more responsible.

One-Shot1352d ago

Once again, not necessarily true.

Bathyj1352d ago

So youre saying, not only is the title irresponsible, its inaccurate? I think thats actually worse.

MasterD9191352d ago

Actually, he says in the description that isn't necessarily the case if you've chosen a certain path in ME3...

Has nobody actually played ME3 here? Or any ME games? The beginning of ME2 alone would shock you people then....

LordofYogurt1352d ago

Choose a different picture for the article and stop spoiling people for chrissakes.

Bathyj1352d ago

Thanks for the spoiler alert. I was just thinking of finally getting this too.

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