Uncharted 4, Square's Epic FF7 Trolling, No Man's Sky - PlayStation Experience Highlights

Dealspwn writes: The PlayStation Experience event kicked off last night, and Sony packed in a hefty number of trailers and demos into their two-hour keynote. Here are six of our rather subjective highlights from the evening.

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Rimgal1351d ago

Square's Epic FF7 Trolling?!?

I dont get it, people actually believed that Square was going to announce a remake of FFVII? With all the other games Square is doing, what made you think that they made a full remake of a game like FFVII?

That would be the stupidest move they would ever did. That would kill all the momentum that FFXV has right now.

Nitrowolf21351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

"That would be the stupidest move they would ever did"

Not really, since it would have been years off anyway, and probably would be the highest selling FF game. When you come on stage, play FF7 music, and then say the Classic returns on PS4 only for it to be a direct port, it is a kick in the balls, big F u to the people in the audience. It was a pointless announcement that could have been down on a press release announcement rather than what was already turning into a big event. The game is already available nearly everywhere, no point in announcing it again.

Rimgal1351d ago

And then people would complain that they are wasting money in remakes. And they want new games instead.

And no offense, but if people we're expecting an FFVII Remake announcement on a US event then your kidding yourselves, most of their FF announcements has always been in Japan. FFX | FFX-2 HD Announcement, FFIV Anniversary Edition, FFI and FFI Anniversary edition etc.If their gonna announce FFVII Remake. It's gonna be in Japan in its 20th anniversary which is 2017 which coincidentally is Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.

Not to mention do you really want them to announced FFVII Remake right now, and not worked on it in the next 7-8 years like what happened to FFXV? It's funny how people seem to forget the problems they throughout the course of Versus XIII's development.

Emrage1351d ago

Who knows maybe the mysterious game will be the remastered version of FF7 lol

Snookies121351d ago

Who said anything about a full remake? Changing up character models, updating the backgrounds and cutscenes, remastering the music... That's what I was hoping for. I'm not naive enough to believe they'd ever attempt a full remake at this point. However, I was expecting something like that when he came up with the FFVII logo behind him on stage. It was a huge letdown, and if SqureEnix doesn't realize how stupid that was, they're worse off than I thought.

Rimgal1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

"Changing up character models, updating the backgrounds and cutscenes, remastering the music."

So basically you want this.

That's a Remake. They have to start the game from scratch to achieve that. The only thing that they do not need to change is the story.

If you just want an HD version then that is what they are offering with this.

Personally I rather have then finish FFXV and KH3 before they do an FFVII remake.

Godmars2901351d ago

"And then people would complain that they are wasting money in remakes."

They are wasting money with this "remake". This port of something they're putting on iOS a second time as rental. Showing how creatively bankrupt they are not by a failure of producing new IPs, new game mechanics or characters, but in how they're milking old IPs.

TheGrimReaper00111351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

People have been asking for a final fantasy 7 remake ever since the PS3 tech demo. Square Enix said time and time over that they hear the outcries but wanted to wait for the right time.

Now they announce FF7 for PS4, but only a port, the same thing that was released on PC some time ago. It's trice the troll for one game.
The first one being no HD remake.
The second one being you released this first on PC.
The third one for making an HD version of FFX and X-2 but not FF7.

And you think that would kill momentum for FFXV? Ofcourse it wouldn't do that! Even if FF7HD and FFXV would release on the same day, fans would buy both, no question about it.

If they wanted to wow people, they should have announced an HD remake, not this port that we got on PC a long time ago.

Kamikaze1351351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Ehh...I'm sure people were expecting an enhanced version of FFVII, not just a port of the PC version that's been around for years or a remake on the same level as the more recent entries, lol.


"And then people would complain that they are wasting money in remakes. And they want new games instead "

Of course. The people wanting a remake aren't the same people who are going against remakes. Regardless to what anybody does, you can't please everybody. That should be obvious.

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TheLyonKing1351d ago

The ff 7 was just a kick in the balls to loyal fans of square, I wasn't happy seeing this money grabbing attempt of a PC port.

I already have the game on the psone which means I can play it on ps2, I also have it on ps3 and psp.

Not impressed.

Snookies121351d ago

I already own the Steam PC version as well as the digital PS3/Vita and Disc version... So, there's absolutely nothing for me with this 'new' version.

MazzingerZ1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

PS3 plays PS One games as well, or? I played some in my fat one, haven't tried on my SLIM, though but I guess all PS3 models are PSOne compatible...large number of games at least

TheLyonKing1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

My fat died from a ylod had to get the slim which want backwards.

7,8,9 and kh 1 and 2 played well so I missed that function.
I liked having it on download though so I didn't have to disc swap :)

SaveFerris1351d ago

Was disappointed Sony didn't show anything for TLG, or 'dream titles' like Shenmue, Crash Bandicoot, or a new Syphon Filter.

ABeastNamedTariq1351d ago

Highlight for me was definitely Uncharted 4. Nate's back and looking/playing better than ever. Day one. No, day zero lol

Number-Nine1351d ago

And that was SE in a nut shell and why they suck

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