The Witcher 3 - Fans Claim 'Downgrade-ation' Is In Full Effect After Latest Trailer, Devs Comment

It seems the latest trailer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt disappointed a number of PC gamers. While this trailer remains epic, its visuals seem to have taken a noticeable hit in various areas, as there were a lot of low-resolution textures on various environmental objects, the terrain itself, and some characters. And since the game is advertised as one of the most graphically intense games, these graphical compromises let down a lot of PC gamers.

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MonkeyOne1353d ago

The Xbox One and PS4 have 1.6 GHZ CPU's people.

They aren't magical boxes

Get over it

Abash1353d ago

I hate how some gamers see visually impressive games and automatically respond to it with "Why doesn't it look greater?!"

uth111352d ago

I've seen many good looking games dismissed as looking like shit or look last gen. Not everything needs to be photorealistic

nicksetzer11352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Man, the stark difference in point of view of downgrades on this article and the uncharted one are insane. In fact some of the same people in here whining about the witcher that were fine with uncharted. There was actual gameplay footage at E3 running on XB1, (@900p) looks the same (aka still amazing) as the video here, not sure what's with all the crying.

Ezz20131352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Every one love to scream "DOWNGRADE" on every single game those days
and then they turn around saying they only care about gameplay and graphics don't matter


Mr Pumblechook1352d ago

Rumour has it that the story that this would be 720p on XBO and 900p on PS4 was a deliberate fake plant by CD Projekt because of a 'partnership deal' The game will actually be 900p on both platforms and they claim will be that the XBO version was upgraded to match PS4, and deny that PS4 was downgraded to match XBO.

3-4-51352d ago

* Good way to look at games is this:(IMO)

For this series....It's the best looking game EVER in this series.

As long as it looks graphically superior and plays better than the last game in the series, it should be fine.

LamerTamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

"the claim will be that the XBO version was upgraded to match PS4, and deny that PS4 was downgraded to match XBO."

And of course we all know for that to be true they would have also had to magically upgrade the xbone GPU to match PS4 as well.

If that was true and the xbone version with weaker GPU could be "upgraded to match PS4" then I suppose the PS4 could magically be "upgraded to match the PC". It don't work that way, although all of the morons giving disagrees must think it does.

It is amazing that so many still struggle with the concept that better hardware can always do more.

Big_Game_Hunters1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

The thing is at some point, it did look greater, but now its being held back.

I like pretty graphics, but i won't not play a game jus because its not the latest tech, but when one of the selling points of a game is a beautiful world and graphics then there is disapointment when there is a downgrade.

DOMination-1352d ago

Just because the ps4 cam do more doesn't mean it will in every game. Maybe this game xan run at 900p on xbone but it doesn't mean the ps4 will automatically have to be higher. It depends on whether the devs can he arsed to put in more effort or not.

Two generations ago, the xbox has a hdd and a 600mhz cpu compared to the paltry 333mhz of the ps2. Almist twice as fast. On the whole, there was little difference in multiplats back then. With the exception of a few games at the beginning of last gen, multiplats were generally the same on 360/ps3 despute radically different hardware. The same will happen this gen. Once devs get to grips with the xbox sdks there will be little difference with multiplats. Ps4 will still have tue edge and of course its capable of more but devs will eek more from the xbone and then use the lowest denominator to port like they always have done.

ShinMaster1352d ago

From article:

"...disappointed a number of PC gamers... these graphical compromises let down a lot of PC gamers"

They're talking about PC. Not consoles.

awi59511352d ago

The console versions that's why. If it was pc only it would killed peoples pc like 2 did. But since they are working on 3 versions the PC version suffered.

Saigon1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

@Abash, All I can say is bubble+

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kcuthbertson1353d ago

People aren't upset that this could be PS4/XBOne Version...they're upset that it might not be. PC users feel like they might have been lied to when comparing to the Sword of Destiny Trailer.

Pandamobile1353d ago

A lot of people don't understand the distinction between trailer graphics and real-time gameplay graphics.

radler1353d ago

Yeah, it's not like the trailers are used to advertise the game to people and it's illegal to use misleading footage or anything...

Pandamobile1353d ago

Either way, how about we wait for the game to actually come out first before crying "downgraded".

radler1353d ago

Agreed. We should definitely buy the game to check for ourselves that it is in fact downgraded. Excellent suggestion, Pandamobile. Let me just reach into my wallet here and blindly throw money at a product that may or may not be what's advertised.

AliTheSnake11352d ago

I am so sick of these people.
If the game looks great, they cry they want 60fps.
If the game is 60fps they cry the graphics are not next gen.
Piss off man.

Pandamobile1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Or don't buy it? Radler, no one told you to go out and buy the game to see if it's "downgraded". This shouldn't be a hard concept for you to understand.

If it's so important to you, wait til other people and sites like Digital Foundry have the game before making a definitive judgement.

remixx1161352d ago

Radler is such a negative person, dude just enjoy games and stop

starchild1352d ago

radler, just stop. You're so damn negative and your crusade is overblown and pointless. Games change throughout development, get over it. As long as they show us representative footage of the final build before it is released then everybody has a chance to do their research and decide if they want to get it or not.

awi59511351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )


You forget this was a PC title first and we shouldn't have to choose that. The console versions have degraded the game. Witcher 2 was a PC benchmark now its a joke now.

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BG115791353d ago

Yeah, you are right but in case you didn't notice it, the story is talking about a supposed downgrade of the PC version.

Mithan1352d ago

Agreed. They can do so much, so what.

I can't believe 21 people disagreed with you lol.

Angeljuice1352d ago

On PC? The article is about PC graphics not console graphics fool.

Magicite1352d ago

most of latest PC games require 3GHZ core CPUs, so obviously consoles are in difficult position.

_-EDMIX-_1352d ago

consoles output 2X in terms of performance based on optimization...

The latest PC titles have been PS4 - XONE ports...

Kalowest1352d ago

This is why I'm building a PC with Sli GTX 970s :)

FastRedPonyCar1352d ago

I have a pair of 970's and a 4770k and it's fucking amazing... well except AC unity. That shit show is hilariously unoptimized.

starchild1352d ago

Really? AC Unity runs just fine on my single GTX 970. I set my monitor's refresh rate at 50Hz and I get a pretty solid 50fps. And if I cap it at 30fps (60Hz refresh) it's very consistent and free of stutter. I've had more issues with Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition to be honest.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891352d ago

Witcher 3 was meant to be played on pc. I'm crossing my fingers that it has flawless sli scaling and decent GSYNC support. Only have 2 3gb cards so gpu scaling has to make up for it. :( I will always regret being clueless and thinking gpu memory stacked at the time of building my computer lol should just buy titan z when it gets dirt cheap.

awi59511351d ago

They were already turning to the console darkside with witcher 2. Because many reviewers said it was more optimized to be played with a console controller than mouse and keyboard.

TheXgamerLive1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Xbox One is 1.75 GHz CPU, ps4 is 1.6.
Regardless, the game is going to look and play incredible. They've gave this their all and I'll guess a GOTY contender at least.

stonecold31352d ago

ps4 has 1.75 ghz and that info from wiki

showtimefolks1352d ago

I end it all the time on gaming sites where graphics aren't everything, yet it's the one thing most gamers complain about. Seriously

We are talking about CD Red Project here, they get what gamers want so let's give the game a chance. It's still few months from being released. I am sure it will be fine

Stop over reacting to everything

Angeljuice1352d ago

"The Xbox One and PS4 have 1.6 GHZ CPU's people."

Erm, its actually PC fans who are complaining about the visuals being downgraded on their particular version. Maybe you should read before imparting your "wisdom".

MonkeyOne1352d ago

I didn't read anywhere in the article that said the trailer was a PC version of the game.

The "worry" is from PC gamers which is ridiculous considering how the modding community usually makes games (that are modifiable) look 10 times better than the original release.

On consoles the Witcher 3 will probably look roughly similar to Shadow of Mordor

On the PC the game will look as good as your hardware will allow

starchild1352d ago

Lol no, it clearly looks far better than Shadow of Mordor. That game is only decent looking, while The Witcher 3 looks amazing.

HaveAsandwich1352d ago

“I believe some explanation is required here. Unfortunately this time we’ve encountered some horrible YouTube compression problems. At this very moment we are working on fixing this and will upload another version of the trailer as soon as we can. It will present much higher quality. I want to assure you that there will be no downgrade – I see this game every day – it looks stunning.”


X1 1.75ghz - PS4 1.6ghz. But yes they both are underpowered, especially compared to their previous iterations which both had 6-7 cores @ 3.2ghz with PS3 having the beefier CPU

awi59511351d ago

Yeah there are phone cpu's out with higher clock speeds lol.

Kumomeme1352d ago

actually what people are getting worried are wherever the pc version also will suffer from downgrade

past few years pc gamers had suffer few downgrade issues

before people already being suspicious over downgrade on screenshot released
even before there are claim from a dev saying witcher 3 gonna get downgraded and all those presentation were just advertising stunt

frezhblunts1352d ago

Still like why do the pc gamers worry about graphics so much? It can still be a good/ fun game. It is like they want a beautiful open world game with nothing in it but the environment to stare at the graphics.

ShinMaster1352d ago

From article:

"It seems the latest trailer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt disappointed a number of PC gamers... these graphical compromises let down a lot of PC gamers"

They're talking about PC. Not consoles.

frezhblunts1352d ago

Fanboys think their ps4s has the best graphics and can do anything. I have a ps4 and there are a lot of problems with it. Just remember the possible downgrade probably helps the gameplay better. I have a wii u and yet most people will say well thats a weak old gen console because their ignorant, I can admit I played the best games on their this year just watch the VGAS they won awards. Still I am sure Witcher will still be a good game.

DanteVFenris6661351d ago

Ps4. It's only 400 bucks it can sit on my tv stand all day long. Yes I do hook up my PC occasionally but it's annoying. I'll play with a few downgraded textures frames and res instead of putting up with how uncomfortable PC gaming is. Yes I depending on the game releases sometimes I game more on PC, but I still prefer console. It's nice to just sit down, controller turns system on and play. I don't want best graphics I want the games with improved graphics from PS3 which there is a good gap with some good gameplay

Animal Mutha 761352d ago

I agree but then devs shouldn't show content that is either BS or just not capable on the target machines.

The Industry is so full of bait and switch its criminal (or at least it should be).

Tzuno1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

well that's the weakest part in the entire console, AMD and in top of that 1.6 that sucks monkey balls.

Gamer19821352d ago

the games not gonna look better than dragon age most probably. Do people think there boxes are magic?? Most early videos were taken from alpha, see the issue with alpha is they either look bad or way better than final game. Watch Dogs was the worst example of this in recent history.. I am used to this over the years of gaming but it seems people are new to this?? Or are just blind to it?
You should check out the game closer to launch or from reviews. Twitch is really good these days to check out quality as there's always early copies being streamed on there now. You cannot downgrade a game that has not been released that's a fact. So stop claiming graphics have been downgraded when the games not even out..

People feeling ripped off and they don't even own the game yet..

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Forn1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I think the game looks freakin' awesome. A lot of fantastic games on the way next year. People complaining about all these new incredible looking games need to quit gaming.

Ultr1353d ago

Spoiled brats :)

Lets wait for the final result :)

Xof1352d ago

Don't expect much different. CDPR sucks at optimization. Just look at the texture scaling the n TW2. Anything short of the highest setting yielded PS2-level textures.

DarthSocio1353d ago

I'm a console gamer, but PC owners shouldn't have to suffer graphical downgrade so that some level of parity could be achieved across all platforms.

IC3_DEMON1353d ago

Someone who has a brain and can put themselves in other peoples shoes. Bubble for you.

Roccetarius1352d ago

I doubt there's a downgrade, considering their past trailers have been fantastic as well.

Either way, here's the full answer to this question. http://forums.cdprojektred....

LOL_WUT1352d ago

I think no system should have to suffer any graphical downgrade whether its PC, PS4 or the X1 ;)

LamerTamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

True but it looks like MS is throwing their financial weight around in the dev world to insure "X1 has the same quality experience and graphical quality as other platforms". That would be fine but for the fact that the xbone doesn't have the same quality GPU hardware as other platforms and is at the bottom of the heap this gen for that. As a result xbone would always be a bit less in the graphics dept if all platforms were taken advantage of. Any other result and parity is the culprit, it is just math regarding the GPUs in these things.

Feralkitsune1352d ago

I bet the game hasn't been downgraded, it's CDProjeckt they deliver.

ShaunCameron1352d ago

Welcome to the downside of multiplatform game development.

CaptainObvious8781352d ago

You're dam bloody right, and it's good to see you getting so many agrees.

It's interesting, because when I say the PS4 shouldn't have to suffer a graphical downgrade because of the xbone I get disagrees left, right and center.

I wonder why that is?

LamerTamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Why? Fanboys. They still think that DX12 and the cloud is going to make up for GPU hardware with less CUs, ROPs, shaders, etc.

ShinMaster1352d ago

PC games don't have issues with parity. That is only consoles.

Most PC games don't take full advantage of high end hardware anyway.

NuggetsOfGod1350d ago

Un thats becuz of parity! Lol

ShinMaster1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

No, parity is when developers have two or more versions of the same game at the same graphics settings. Multiplatform PC games are still capable of achieving higher resolution, framerate, AA, etc.

The games I'm talking about are MOBAs, MMOs, RTS and indie games, which are some of the most popular PC exclusives.

DanteVFenris6661351d ago

Their just graphics(face palm) I never get upset over downgrade. Especially for consoles. If it's not possible on the system then it's not possible. Some people are just dicks that act like making a game is easy and magical.

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i8urCAKE1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the problem is due to youtube's compression and thus it looks crappy. they are uploading the better version now.

they said there will be NO DOWNGRADE so i still have hope