Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Graphics Analysis- The Pristine Image Quality From E3's Teaser Is Missing

Although Uncharted 4 looks fantastic, Naughty Dog has a lot of work ahead if they want to set new visual benchmarks.

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Majin-vegeta1321d ago

FFS prepare for an influx of shitty "UC4 was downgraded" articles by the crappy media.

Mega241321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Meh, no amount of articles will make me have less fun with Uncharted.

Cindy-rella1321d ago

Isnt this game coming out in about 11 months from now or close to that. Its one of the best looking game ever seen but people want more. I know this game isnt the final product because its far from release.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Yeah because the E3 teaser trailer was obviously a cut scene. No amount of work is gonna make a video game look like that during actual gameplay. You have to be pretty dumb to not be able to tell the difference between a movie and gameplay.

PLASTICA-MAN1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

To everyone. You don't really know the meaning of Pre-alpha stage don't you? In pre-alpha stage you are just doing the basics of the game, trying stuff, puting ideas in the engine that may compeleletly by removed or changed. I will take the example of Unreal Tournament 4 (where I am taking part of): the game is now in pre-alpha stages: every map has NO TEXTURE yet, it is still using UT3 (so UE3) models , meshes and weapons. The final build will use UT4 weapons and models built from scratch suiting UE4. Here is my post in UE4 thread where I posted an UT4 weapon compared to UT1 weapon (you can compare this new UE4 UT4 weapon to UT3 weapon still used in the pre-alpha). You can also see in the video how the maps will look. Vehicles and other stuff aren't even developped yet:

Do you really think ND aren't aware of the lackluster hair and other problems? Still the game is very advanced even in the pre-alpa stage.

Edit: GOW3 first reveal barely looked a little better than GOW2 (same PS2 engine) with washed out textures. Hell even the demo had less detailed characters models (small polycount) worse aliasing and textures. Ther final build looked like another platform beyond the first reveal and still beats many current-gen games.

Edit 2 : from the article: "Another feature missing is tesselation. It’s rather puzzling to us that both the PS4 and Xbox One are DX11 capable and yet, it is not being implemented in modern games."

The game is using tessellation on Drake called: "Silhouette Tessellation" which is a dynamic tessellation solution that doesn't cripple ressources.

Letthewookiewin1321d ago

And still this is the best looking game on ANY console, besides The Order and Bloodborne. Nothing comes close to these technical masterpieces.

miyamoto1321d ago

LoL, any bs article for click bait, eh?

Anyone here understand the word "target render"?


Nice term

Target Render

That is what the E3 trailer was

And we all know ND will meet that goal from pre alpha to final product.

That is how the process works

Downgrade my bum!
People sometimes should use their brains.

Cupid_Viper_31321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

@ guys on the Sony side of things.

You guys have to relax and understand that the same thing was done to KillZone 2, and more recently inFamous Second Son. There were countless articles crying "downgrade", and "Sony lied to us" and anything else you can think of. In the end they were all forced to eat massive plates of crows. But did that stop them? Of course not, trolls only have one purpose and one purpose only....To troll.

This is not a first and it wont be the last. And keep in mind that most of the people that are going to comment on here, are the same folks that when you bring up Titanfall, Halo, SunsetOverDrive, Forza, or the countless multiplatform games that are running better on the PS4, they quickly fall back on the Gameplay > Graphics angle. And this is also the same group of folks who dismissed indie games now, even though back on the 360 indies were lauded. And these are the same folks who would hype up sales all of last gen, and now are singing a different tune. And of course, these are the same folks who call others "hypocrites"

So what's the lesson here? It's simple really. These guys are not in it for anything but to try and downplay the game, and kill any hype for it.

Anybody, and I mean anybody, who looks at the direct feed of this game and comes back to tell you that there's a downgrade, is nothing but a " complete TOOL".

@ Vegeta, I'm not sure you really understood my post. But ok....

Also, anyone who was in Uncharted 2's beta will remember how amazing the Beta looked, and people thought that it was the final build of the game. Until of course, the retail copy hit and jaws had to be picked up.

Also, until publications like IGN, GameSpot, Edge, and others are sued for libeling and putting out incorrect information, then this sort of thing will be the norm. Where someone with ZERO knowledge of technology, coding, computers, can actually publish an article like this one.

Majin-vegeta1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

@cupid Viper

Ok I just went through and reread your comment.Makes more sense bad >_>

OB1Biker1321d ago

lol I totally agree with you man. + I keep watching the gameplay and Im blown away everytime by this beauty.
No worries about Gamngbolt.. thats what they do and like you say they are of those who 'dont care that much about graphics' when it suits them

rainslacker1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Yeah, a trailer with one character, in a dark scene with mostly foliage which doesn't take up as much resources as one would think, is obviously the best way to determine if the game was downgraded when you see the entire world, well lit, in full motion with all physics, AI, and particle effects going.

Heck, just look at TLOUR game play. It was very close to what we saw at the E3 trailer for UC4, and the movies in TLOUR looked almost as good as the UC4 trailer, with just some difference in texture detail, so I think UC4 will be fine.

This is Naughty Dog we're talking about. When is the last game they released that wasn't the best looking game for the time it released?

Wonder how many people saying it was downgraded saw it outside the compressed streams that are available.

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marlinfan101321d ago

it might be ridiculous knowing that the game comes out a year from now but any other game would have the same articles written about it so this shouldn't be any different.

Kribwalker1321d ago

Gonna be killzone 2 all over again, but since it's naughty dog these fanboys will sweep it under the rug

ThePope1321d ago

After the E3 trailer people were acting as if that was in game. People now all of a sudden act as if they knew it wasn't all along. Great looking game but people are really forgiving for some reason

Before you hit disagree look at the articles on this site about the E3 teaser, people were sure that was full in game.

GribbleGrunger1321d ago

That's not how the image quality looks at all. This site keeps using Youtube as their source for quality and comparisons, which is why it's laughed at by all corners of the internet. If you're going to do a quality assessment then at least look at uncompressed footage, such as that you can find quite easily on Gamersyde ... but I guess they didn't think that footage would suit their needs.


Even gamersyde uploaded a a washed out video that they corrected later:

There is another corrected video in another article.

JackVagina1321d ago

Heres a much better comparison, no downgrade.

DigitalRaptor1321d ago

Rashid and his staff need a firm backhand to the face.

All they do is use raw, low quality footage for their comparisons to try and "be the first" with the comparisons to get more clicks for their site.

It's nasty stuff.

methegreatone1321d ago

After watching youtubes video, I thought the graphics were pretty crap.

I did go to Gamersyde after though, and I couldn't have been more satisfied :)

rainslacker1320d ago

I thought the youtube stream of it was not much better than TLOU on PS3, but it was pretty apparent to me that some stuff wasn't complete yet. There were no depth maps on some of the terrain textures which was a dead giveaway to me.

Anyhow, I have faith in Naughty Dog as they have proven themselves time and again. The game play looked like UC, which is what I look for from an UC game, and honestly, even UC1 is still a great looking game, so if UC4 at least gets to that, I'll be fine, although I'm sure we can expect at the very least TLOUR quality, which is a great looking game in itself.

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URNightmare1321d ago

The E3 trailer was clearly IN-ENGINE and running on a PS4. Anyone who has played Uncharted games would know this. The same goes for The Last Of Us. They stopped doing CGI cut-scenes years ago.

Let's not confuse CGI, In-engine and In-game graphics.

I knew the in-game graphics would look close to the in-engine trailer as it's the norm with ND's games but not that close. I'm impressed and this is just their first game with the PS4 hardware.

mark3214uk1321d ago

even pre alpha i thought the graphics looked better than any current game already out

FanboyKilla1321d ago

annnnd the f n awesome gameplay from psx was missing from the e3 teaser. soooooooo. ill take the awesome game over your pretty teaser thank-you. nexxxxxt.

Thatguy-3101321d ago

People fail to realize that that trailer wasn't gameplay to begin with. The game still has close to a yr before release so a lot of polish will take place. The game look amazing for pre-alpha

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Forn1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

People should just downvote every site that posts absurd flamebait articles like this. Such a shame. I guess people just can't handle how amazing Uncharted 4 looks, and it's still a year away from release.

Also, stop comparing two entirely different scenes, it makes zero sense. And don't use uncompressed video quality as a source of comparison smh.

If people want to see Uncharted 4 in all it's glory check out GamerSyde.

Edit: If this as an example doesn't impress the people complaining, then nothing will ever impress them...

Forn1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )



lol yeah, no. If you think there is a downgrade, then you're just lying to yourself. Once again, different scene, different time of day, Drake was wet, etc. Also, nice link to a compressed YouTube video lol. You trolls are so funny. Maybe you should check out GamerSyde ;-)

okmrman1321d ago

if you say there is no downgrade then you are a flat out liar

TheMapleNerd1321d ago

Yeah, lets compare CGI to gameplay of a game.

XxDarkGamerxX1321d ago

@ MapleNerd.

No no, according to Naughty Dog this was completely ingame. Which is bullshit ofcourse. but if they say its ingame, we have to right to compare them.

N4GDgAPc1321d ago

Yes that is in game but a big difference. There's in-game gameplay and in-game cinematic. They pretty much have a higher poly character for cut scenes and a model for gameplay. Its just now they can get closer to in game cut scenes compared to ps3.

ritsuka6661320d ago

Yeah, lets compare CGI to gameplay of a game.''

Funny PS fanboys claimed this E3 reveal are IN GAME engine. lmao!

rainslacker1320d ago

Anyone that's played any UC game, or TLOU on PS3 or PS4 can tell the difference between cinematics and game play graphics. It's quite substantial at times, particularly in TLOUR on PS4. The cinematics are in-engine, which means they're being rendered in real time. But during that time, there is nothing else going on which can tax the system, such as waiting for AI or physics calculations to complete.

I swear, it's like people think ND can't pull it off, despite proving themselves over and over again last gen.

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krontaar1321d ago

Really means nothing, this level looked pretty complete to me. They aren't going to redo all the textures. If anything it will get downgraded like all the other uncharted games did from E3 to release.

Forn1321d ago Show
Mechanism1321d ago

Ha, you don't have a clue do you.. Textures won't improve over a year? Wow. If you don't know what you're talking about.. Just be quiet.

Naughty Dog downgrades are a myth, all his cult like denial warriors happily believe those made up misterx examples of Uncharted 3 like the gullible little brats they are.

Thanks for the laugh.

XxDarkGamerxX1321d ago

Typical N4G Fanboys.

Come on man. We all know the game is going to be great fun from Naughty Dog quality. But the game looks worse then the E3 reveal and naughty dog said it was 'A 100% ingame, running 60FPS'.

The gameplay looked worse and was 30FPS.

And Naughty Dog doesnt do downgrades? They do. Stop being such blind sheep and admit that downgrades happen. Here is proof:

We all know this will be one of the best games coming out next year. But come on now, wake up and see the real world. The graphics got a massive downgrade.

beastModeOn1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


What a load of BS. I have played TLOU AND UCs and the
games don't look anything like those edited pics.
I am calling BS. Try harder.

thanhgee1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


Its pre alpha.. what person expects any console game to be 60fps at that stage in the development cycle? It's highly unrealistic.

DoomeDx1321d ago

@ Above

I am getting a little sick of people saying ''Yeah its pre-alpha''. So what? The reveal trailer was Pre-alpha as well. And according to Naughty Dog it was running 60FPS and completely ingame.

Tell me how the game suddently looks worse, with a lower FPS, in a later stage? Use your brain people. The game has been downgraded graphically. Gameplay however, seems like a great step up from the already great UC2 and UC3!

the_dark_one1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


and who is not to say that this gameplay video isnt from a version before the e3 trailer? it might aswell be. who knows? like a very early build.

Chaos-Dad1321d ago

NaughtyDog dont Downgrade, your Uncharted 3 picture is Photoshopped by "MisterXMedia" this Fanboy asshole do the same with InFAMOUS:SS Pics here:

This here:

Is a Picture from the Last of Us in Alpha Stage, you can see the Textures on the Car and the Blood!? And this was Alpha noch Pre Alpha like Uncharted 4^^

jhoward5851320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

LOL, Of course ND will add more layers of textures. They also have the option to paint over some parts of the textures for what ever they want to achieve.

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DarkLord10031321d ago

pre alpha... that's really all you need to know...
look at the first the order build.... and look at the recent gameplay demo...