Captain America 2 Composer confirmed for Uncharted 4

The composer for Uncharted 4 has been confirmed as Henry Jackman, known for such movies as X-Men: First Class, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and most recently Big Hero 6.

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SaveFerris1201d ago

I wonder why they didn't have Greg Edmonson continue as the composer for the series? In any case, Henry Jackman does have a pretty impressive body of work.

MaxwellBuddha1201d ago

So not only are the graphics being downgraded, now the soundtrack is too.

This'll be worse than Halo 4 without Marty O'Donnell.

Jaqen_Hghar1201d ago

Halo 4 had an amazing soundtrack and the music in CA2 was amazing along with the rest of that exemplary movie.