Until Dawn Changes The Game Based On Your Fears | Siliconera

Silisonera: Sorry, Hayden Panettiere. Your character died in Until Dawn and it’s all my fault. I thought I was making the right choices, taking into account the things I’ve learned from watching horror movies and playing games like Silent Hill 3 and Fatal Frame. I was wrong.

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ziggurcat1352d ago

that gameplay footage looks amazing.

miyamoto1352d ago

Yeah it was kind of surprising how the game looked authentic horror.
I think this is the real deal.
Hats of to Heavy Rain creator David Cage.

Rimgal1352d ago

David Cage is involved in this game?

ZombieKiller1352d ago

Yeah it really does. I am getting more and more hyped for this game. A true slasher game (which I have never seen before)

Extremely clever implementation of gameplay mechanics I've seen before. Very good use of them!

Exies71352d ago

Changes based on my fears? I'm gonna need some adult diapers.

Blackleg-sanji1352d ago

Honestly this game surprised me at psx i really want to get my hands on it now

ashen1221352d ago

wow this is going to be a fun one to play with friends and fam.

Rimgal1352d ago

Everytime I see this game, Saw comes to mind.

It would be freaking awesome if they managed to captivate the same psychological horror from those movies.

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