Tekken 7 unveils new character Lucky Chloe

Bandai Namco uneiled new Tekken 7 character Lucky Chloe during the Tekken 20th Anniversary Fan Thanksgiving event today.

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Snookies121233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Also known as... Another Japanese cat-girl that's in every form of entertainment ever in Japan, lol.

ChronoJoe1233d ago

She does seem to have an entertaining fighting style though.

Hoffmann1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

I prefered it when the majority of the characters had fighting styles based on real martial arts.

Sure, there was Kuma already in Tekken 1 and Roger/Alex in Tekken 2 but those characters were a small minority in a game with over 20 characters.

Today you have multiple robots, animals and characters with almost 100% fantasy moves.

Spotie1233d ago

It looks like a slightly modified capoeira, which is already in use by two other characters in the franchise. I was expecting something more cat-like, but there isn't much there. She's cute enough, but I'm not overly impressed or disappointed.

hay1233d ago

A nagging question: Is it Marie Rose from DoA5 or Ninon Beart from The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2?

Why o why1233d ago

Spotie....agreed. ...i thought of eddy gordo instantly

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1233d ago
Lord_Sloth1233d ago

In her defense Tekken didn't have 1 yet.

iWishTifaWasReal1233d ago

Avril Lavigne

Confirmed New Character

her theme song:

Hello Kitty

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ion6661233d ago

Tekken ya dun fuked it up!!!!!.

shodai1233d ago

Basically another annoying style I have to deal with. Look at it, its a mix of Eddie and asuka and lily. basically the 3 most annoying characters to fight against since you cant see their moves, only predict. Its not that these people are unbeatable, its just annoying. I will still kill them with my Lei Wulong.

A2X_1233d ago

Jesus, you brought some bad memories. I thought I was pretty good at tekken until I played my sister. She beat the sh.t out of me ramming X and O with Christie. The characters definitely lacked balance, or maybe I just wasn't as good as I taught.

shodai1233d ago


The trick to play against those characters is not giving them any chances. Whenever I see someone pick one of the many annoying characters that require no skill, I dont play for fun anymore, I dont give any chances. I will use every single juggle and launcher I can find. Do not let the character breath. Drown it in combos, juggles and have every starting attack be a launcher to juggle... especially against beginners that think they can mash and win, because with those characters they actually can! When I play against those characters they complain to me that I am being mean and not letting them play, I say to them: I will teach you not to choose this character and train your skills you fucking noob!

But normally I am gentle, and if its against beginners I will normally let them get up and teach them a bit about the game, but against some characters, I will use every trick in the book to win and not let the opponent play.

ion6661233d ago

If lei is in it. I'm gonna need.a confirm before I buy this game. Lei wulong is my dude too

shodai1233d ago


Lei is the only character I play, if he's not in, Im not buying it. I spent way too much hours and hard work to master him. His style is my favourite, its a show just to see him play or play him, the style the nifty tricks, the counters to some characters that lei has disadvantages against. what move to choose, when facing different characters, changing approach. I spent way too much time to have him not in the roaster.

paul-p19881233d ago

I found the trick to fighting against eddie/christie was holding a low block (diagonal back/down) and just doing low kicks with X, 90% of the time you would just kick his hands as he starts spinning :)

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Vandamme211233d ago

She looks just like Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5.

Hoffmann1233d ago

As a big Tekken fan and player since 1995 I find it almost insulting..even for Tekken itself that such a character is revealed on the day of Tekken's 20th Anniversary.

The character designs of the series started sucking with Tekken 6 already..but this one and Claude in Tekken 7 are a new low.

Good there are enough other characters from the past showing up in T7 as well. And Kazuya never looked better.

Lord_Sloth1233d ago

I don't think Tekken 6 messed up all that much. A couple questionable choices but they're trying to add people for every1 anyways. Nothing wrong with diversity. Let's not start the whistle-blowing until we see the rest of the new characters.

Hoffmann1233d ago

I actually forgot about Zafina and rarely using them.

But Alisa, Lars and Bob because his stupid visuals were terrible. I hope they add at least one more character to Tekken 7 which represents a another martial arts style..

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