PS4 Console Deals: Amazon Free Game Promo Live


"Cheap PS4 Console Deals: Amazon Offers Free Game!

This morning, Amazon just revealed a holiday deal on the PS4 console! Receive a code redeemable for one free game download, when you buy a PlayStation 4 Console, for up to $59.99 in value. Pick from Destiny, NBA 2K15, Far Cry 4, or Little Big Planet 3."

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Tapani1265d ago

If anyone has an extra code that they do not need, I would be extremely thankful to receive it :)

A very nice deal! I think I would choose Destiny out of those.

Ripsta7th1265d ago

Far cry 4!! If u dont already own it of course

GokuSolosAll1265d ago

Trash titles but I guess I'd pick Far Cry 4.

Keyser1265d ago

^^^^^Cannot be taken seriously...

TyphoidMarty1265d ago

If anyone has an extra code they can't use, I would love some LBP3 :)