The Order: 1886 Hands-On: It’s All About The Ambiance | Siliconera

Siliconera: I’m not good at stealth games. If I’m playing one, my characters are going to die. Knowing how those kinds of games frustrate me and the challenge they present, I can’t help but crave The Order: 1886.

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guyman1353d ago

Great preview! This is the second one i've seen and both are positive

Ballsack1353d ago

I always had faith in RAD they are a talented studio

Ultr1353d ago

Damn they are. Loved all their games on psp!

Walker1353d ago

Glad to see powitive previews after all that hates

metatronx1353d ago

That's great for RAD. My friend played it yesterday and he told me that The Order blew him away, especially the gunfire and the environment.

Repjaws1353d ago

I always had faith in RAD I knew this game was gonna be rad(xD)the moment we saw it on last years Fed Sony press conference.I immediately fell in love with this game.Good job RAD.I hope Sony buys RAD after this game they very talented.

Repjaws1353d ago

Sorry I was very excited and sleepy at the sane time when I wrote this comment so sorry about all the spelling mistakes

StrawberryDiesel4201353d ago

My most anticipated confirmed exclusive for 2015 along with Bloodborne. So excited for this masterpiece!

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