Uncharted 4 Devs Proud of Demo on PS4; Every Texture is Hand-Painted; "Just the Tip of the Iceberg"

Yesterday you’ve seen the amazing gameplay debut of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and there have been many comments and reactions from gamers about one of PlayStation Experience’s biggest reveals. But what about the developers themselves?

Several folks at Naughty Dog took to twitter to give their insight and further info about what you’ve seen.

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yarbie10001260d ago

Really surprised at how many negative posts there are on Uncharted's visuals - especially on Gaf.

I thought it looked pretty damn good. Those complaining it doesn't look anything like the reveal trailer....I can't think of many games that look like a reveal trailer. I'm just hoping they can hit 60fps

Abriael1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

You should never be surprised about negativity on GAF.

It's not everyone, but there's a large percentage of the people posting there regularly that are so full of themselves that it hurts. They are absolutely convinced they know better than the developers themselves, and that they'd do a much better job if they were in charge.

A lot of those people will drop wagons of negativity on hyped games simply because they think it makes them look more knowledgeable.

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Septic1260d ago

I'm sorry but the defence force need to reel back their stance on this too. Apparently people disappointed in the visuals are ignorant or in the wrong somehow, according to your comment below.

" And if this demo didn't "Blow them away," they need to review their ideas of what a console can do."

Or maybe they shouldn't be misled in the first place by the developers of the game when showing off so-called in game assets in teasers and alluding to the fact they were indicative of the gameplay visuals.

It seriously irks me that people here have become PR spokesman for ND now. At E3 we had those tweets from ND shoved down our throats stating that those were in game assets and a point was constantly made about how the gameplay was going to be like that on show.

Tell me, what was the point of that teaser if the actual GAMEPLAY visuals don't match the majesty of those visuals on offer?

Does UC4 gameplay really represent a generational leap to all of you?

As for Gaf, whilst there is a lot of unwarranted negativity around those parts, a lot of well informed users exist there too. The fact that many gaming websites rely on recycling the news from that very site is proof of that.

GameNameFame1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )


People called you ignorant & lacking intelligence because you didnt even know the meaning of cut scene and in game engine.

You thought that if you say in game engine means it is not cut scene. I cant tell if you are just acting dumb or are for real.

I dont see you crying over every single game that has different cut scene and gameplay.

I mean seriously? We are not comparing gameplay to gameplay, but comparing CUT SCENE to gameplay?

How about just about every single game out there that has difference between cut scene to gameplay? why you not bitching over those?

and most importantly, you are looking at compressed hell out of video. Lol. for real?

Did that gif looks tons better than compressed footage. but no. Compressed footage is better source.

You just get so desperate man.

miyamoto1260d ago

Many people don't understand how in game character and environment graphics rendering works.

They don't understand how polygon count, texture resolution, draw distance, field of view, cameras adjust all the time at real time when a game is played.

U4 is striving for artistic and realistic rendering at the same time which blows me away!

I'm gonna have me some fun! I'm gonna have me some fun!

Ezz20131260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )


Tell me
how can you compare a trailer that show drake wet and at night to trailer that in bright day light with dry drake ?!

Was both trailers at the same time of the day ?!
Was drake wet in both trailers ?!
What was downgraded ?!...can you show me in full detail what got downgraded in those different trailers ?!

What's the problem with the Pre alpha graphics shown in the PSX trailer ?!

Blaze9291260d ago

It's funny when @Septic gets attacked by Sony fans...clearly, by the amount of bubbles he has - you would think he's on you all's side lls. But no, speak that truth and it doesn't matter, SHUN!

GameNameFame1260d ago


wait what? He must be sony fanboy cause he has alot of bubbles?

But he is not. So maybe that "world is taken over by Sony fans" is in your imaginary head?

X1 fans love to play victim mentality. shsh.

Septic1260d ago


"I mean seriously? We are not comparing gameplay to gameplay, but comparing CUT SCENE to gameplay? "

Clearly you failed to read and understand my first post. Sorry why were we so hyped about the visuals in the E3 trailer so much if the gameplay didn't match up?

As for those people talking about there wasn't any rain etc, I'm talking about the general look of the game. This is not the best looking console game that some people are hyping it up to be.

Yes it's alpha footage so it may improve but for God's sake at least, at least concede that there is a big disparity between what was shown at E3 and the final product.


I didn't say the visuals were bad. Not at all. They just aren't as great as I and clearly many others imagined after the impressive E3 showing.

So on the one hand some of you are saying 'oh it was a different time of day and he wasn't wet' and on the other you're saying 'E3 footage was obviously cutscene duh'. Which one is it? You can't have your cake and eat it.

Let me find the article when the teaser trailer was released and review all the comments on people here defending the downgrade and get back to you. Let's see whether you clever people really assumed that gameplay wouldn't look as good as that.

GameNameFame1260d ago


I don't think you even comprehend any of this.

Cut scene =/= gameplay.

Go look at any other games, cut scene always look better than gameplay. Go see Tomb Raider, Halo, Far Cry, AC, Ryse.

All of them has better cut scene than gameplay.

NO GAME has same cut scene to gameplay graphics. This discussion is dumb by nature.

"why were we so hyped about the visuals in the E3 trailer so much if the gameplay didn't match up? "

LOL. This is exactly what I meant when I said you are absolutely clueless of what you are talking about.

Running "Cut scenes in game engine" is name same as looks same as gameplay.

Again no game has same graphics for cut scene and gameplay.

QuickdrawMcgraw1260d ago

I enjoy the posts from the holier then thou Septic...Where the majority of fanboys(myself included)are blunt and to the point with their comments...Septic has perfected the art of the stealth is a real talent he has developed...I salute you....

Ezz20131260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )


"" So on the one hand some of you are saying 'oh it was a different time of day and he wasn't wet' and on the other you're saying 'E3 footage was obviously cutscene duh'. Which one is it? You can't have your cake and eat it. ""

I'm saying E3 trailer was not a cutscene
and you still didn't answer my questions :

***Was both trailers at the same time of the day ?!
Was drake wet in both trailers ?!
What was downgraded ?!...can you show me in full detail what got downgraded in those different trailers ?!
What's the problem with the Pre alpha graphics shown in the PSX trailer ?!***

i know you didn't say it looked bad BTW

lategamer1259d ago

Honestly, you act like GAF isn't part of the internet. Go to IGN Forums, Reddit, Gamefaqs, Gamespot, N4G, you'll find way more fanboys, negativism, blind bias, etc. GAF isn't perfect, it has problems. Bias, negativity, etc. But literally every other gaming site/forum/community is worse or similar (Some sub-reddits are pretty great for discussion). Why GAF gets so much hate, I don't know.

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Snookies121260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

It looks amazing. The only ones complaining, are the people that have no idea what they're looking at. The draw distance, the detail in the background, the foliage density, the waterfalls, the textures, the animations, everything is so spot-on already. This game is still a year away from being released, which means Naughty Dog hasn't even had time to polish the visuals yet. It's going to look even better at launch.

I'm really impressed with what they're doing. It's amazing work visually, and the combat looks to be improved as well. Seems like they're going to send Uncharted out with a bang. I expect them to hit the 60 FPS mark. That's what they're aiming for, and having it at a stable 30hz right now is a very good sign.

Septic1260d ago

Hold on a minute here.

"The only ones complaining, are the people that have no idea what they're looking at."

I think people need to get off their high horse and accept the views of everyone. Not everyone is willing to mindlessly praise this game and not raise some concerns.

UC4 looks great but I couldn't help shake the feeling of disappointment regarding the visuals. They are good but not as great as I expected. The cutscenes are nice but the general gameplay visuals are not mind blowing.

I personally was looking forward to the darker tone alluded to in the preview but that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

The gameplay evolution is rather conservative. Not a major gripe because, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it but still, I did expect something a bit different rather than elements of Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed copied and pasted in.

All in all though, I'm liking what I saw but I expected an indisputable best in class game. I'm slightly weary that we might not get that.

Obviously I'll reserve final judgment when the game ships. I sense ND are holding their cards closer to their chests than they're alluding to.

Snookies121260d ago

@Septic - It's not mindless praise, it's very much validated. It blows my mind that something like this is on console, and the fact that they're aiming for 60 FPS as well? That just seems unreal. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but this is amazing already. And, as stated, the game still has a year to go before launch. Which means the polish has yet to be applied.

u got owned1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I think the visuals were fine, the problem that i had with the trailer is that it didn't give the excitment the UC2 trailer gave me, but other than that the gamelooks great abd it look like it plays really good also.

ninsigma1260d ago

I watched a better quality video of it today and I noticed for the first time that when he's standing on the cliff his shirt ruffles in the wind really realistically even when he's moving. I know that's only small but it's that attention to detail that's really cool.

AliTheSnake11260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

The visuals were not as great as I thought either.
I heard maybe because it's aiming for 60 fps.
But I think it's because of the forest. It's hard to make a huge forest with a lot of leaves look too good. They should have shown a city or something. I felt like I was watching Uncharted 1 Remastered in 1080p

ninsigma1260d ago

for me it looked like uncharted 3 with greater fidelty and amazing facial tech. But bare in mind that this is alpha stage. It's looking like uncharted 3 ( which had incredible graphics) at alpha. With almost a year left to go, who knows how great this is going to be!
Loving the additions to the gameplay too. What I love most about Naughty Dog is that they allow stuff to happen during fights that look so scripted but it's down the player and the moment whether these things are actually going to happen. The last of us was great for that, like ellie pucking up a brick randomly and throwing it at a hunter to distract it. It's that feel of realism in the AI that I love most in games.

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SuperLupe1260d ago

That is true, a lot of negative comments about the graphics because they were expecting to be blown away.

A lot of people are even saying that they wouldnt have been surprised if they were told that it was a remaster of UC1-3.

Nobody is saying the graphics look bad, but everyone was expecting better.

It's not of question of being overly negative or anything, it's more a question of reality vs expectations.

Abriael1260d ago

Certain expectations are simply born of ignorance (which is ironic considering how much some people think they know). And if this demo didn't "Blow them away," they need to review their ideas of what a console can do.

OB1Biker1260d ago

A lot of people say a lot of BS XD
If I was told before that I would see what I saw I would have jump from joy. My expectation was to see Uncharted at its best and I sure did with mind blowing graphics I dare say.

Forn1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

If this isn't impressive, especially for pre-alpha, then I guess nothing will ever impress those people's brain dead complaining about it..

That's just a close-up shot too. Everything else about the game blew me away, especially the vegetation and draw distance. The new gameplay elements, the AI, etc. It's going to be an incredible game.

Inception1260d ago


Personally i'm completely blown away by the demo. To me the graphic, A.I, animation, and gameplay looks better and smooth compare to UC 1-3. I even surprised when i seen 'pre-alpha stage' on the video because it looks like a finish game.

But i don't know why people like you who "expect better graphic" but knew that the game still not finished and in pre-alpha stage. Not to mention this is Naughty Dog we're talking about. The reality: ND always deliver and put a lot of haters eat their own words.

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marlinfan101260d ago

well to be fair ND did say that reveal trailer was all in game didnt they? and it turns out it doesn't look as good already. not to say it doesn't look great, cause it does, but i get why people were saying that. I mean for the last 6 months ever since e3 we've heard from all the sony fans that that was in engine and that it'll look just like that when it releases so its no surprise theres so backlash when it doesn't look as good now.

bananaboats1260d ago

my exact thoughts. this is why i can understand the people who arent that impressed. Although the game is beautiful, the close up of drake looked nothing like the close up from E3.

OB1Biker1260d ago

Just posting this for the last time. I dont get why people would be 'disappointed'

justlikeme1260d ago

Bascially what I was thinking. It looked good, but not the reveal trailer good... I dont' get why people are disagreeing with you. =X

DigitalRaptor1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

It's a pre-alpha you ignorants.

The cutscene they showed when it was revealed was just that… a cutscene running in engine. Polished to high-heaven.

Schott Rhode already said that they are showing things that they probaly shouldn't. Meaning that they shouldn't have shown this demo, with it being pre-alpha. But they did it anyway.

Not to mention…. The scene is completely different.

One is at night, with completely different lighting and shows Drake completely wet, which emphasises the lighting on his skin at night.

The PSX demo is during peak daytime, where it is not going to look the same due to the lighting conditions being completely different.

People tried this with inFamous Second Son, and it didn't work ( ). Naughty Dog is going to make people eat crow, like they have many times in the past. It's ridiculous that people even doubt them at this stage. Seems people enjoy crow these days.

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wenaldy1260d ago

Simple, GAF's Hivemind..

*gets banned from GAF*

showtimefolks1260d ago

Before complaint people should take into consideration that ND have close to a year of development left. To my naked eyes it looked stunning.


You shouldn't be surprised man. Fanboys hate it when they see something that they know won't be appearing on their console
GS 5
Witcher 3
Uncharted 4

Goty will be decided between these 4 and I think ND are the favorite

WickedLester1260d ago

Fanboys with agendas. It's that simple.

iNFAMOUZ11260d ago

really?! damn loll you need new eyes buddy, the game looked like shi*

TheShiteHawk1260d ago

Uncharted 4 looks like a Masterpiece painted by both Di Vinci and Michelangelo themselves!
Naughty Dog are the Master Artisans of the Gaming Industry!

Forn1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I agree, it looks like a masterful painting. Blows my mind that games have reached this level of visual fidelity. Can't wait to play the final game. Bloodborne and The Order will help hold me over till U4 releases.

Nonsensical, delusional "gamers" are getting on my last nerve.

Harold_Finch1260d ago

It's gamers nowaday (fake gamers)

They won't care about a game now unless it looks better than The Order 1886.

methegreatone1260d ago

Its because the youtube video makes it look like crap. Compression ruins it completely when you have a natural environment filled with foliage and rocks.
It looked mediocre to be honest.

Then, I went to Gamersyde and watched the 1080p uncompressed video (or less compressed, whatever)
Its incredible ! :D
I'm a PC gamer btw. I did think the graphics were meh at first. Looking at the uncompressed version, they are gorgeous. The gameplay was a little annoying at times. Having played most of UC 1 and 2, I found the shooting bits the most boring out of the lot so...

Still, the game will be epic, its ND we're talking about. Also, it looks incredible, so no worries there. Just go look at the gamersyde video :)

BABY-JEDI1260d ago

You really should have said, your really surprised that so many trolls bothered!
; )

HaveAsandwich1260d ago

the game play looked great, and im not even an uncharted fan. the sneaking through the plant life, swinging around with his grapple, guys falling off ledges. on top of the gameplay, it really looked great, visually. I wouldn't worry about what some turds on gaf think.

pivotplease1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I personally believe the reveal cutscene was polished to the point where it's pretty much a finished product while the gameplay video was clearly pre-alpha (I think we'll see a fair amount of polish added...especially to lighting, colour, and some of the textures). Not only that, but the original reveal's graphics depend on a night time scene with moonlight with the soaked Drake model (which has consistently looked better than the dry Drake in every Uncharted). In other words, you really need to wait for two things: water and polish. Until then we can only wait.

I will leave this for comparison though. Not as good as the pre-alpha to beta of KZ2 that I was looking for, but still a marked difference.

rainslacker1260d ago

UC1 got a lot of hate too. It was looking to be the best looking game to release, and people kept downplaying what was shown. Then people started playing it, and they realized they'd just have to say it was Sony trying to have their GeOW.

Every game that Naughty Dog released last gen was the best looking game at the time of its release. TLOUR can even be considered one of the best looking games of this gen despite being a remaster. Why people think ND will buck that trend now, knowing Sony knows that ND is one of it's premier developers, and UC one of it's biggest franchises.

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BigBosss1260d ago

Saw the 1080p 30fps gameplay and I was left in awe! especially being pre alpha which is insane! Cannot wait for the full game! ND are extremely talented.

Ares84HU1260d ago

And they should be proud. It looked amazing.

Blackleg-sanji1260d ago

Its times like these where i really sit down and question what it is gamers want. I was blown away from this gameplay reveal i loved it all especially the added sneaking no body seems to be talking about the gameplay

bananaboats1260d ago

"no body seems to be talking about the gameplay"

which is sad really and goes to show what these so called "gamers" really have their priorities at. the game does look impressive and that rope swing adds a cool element to combat for sure.

Blackleg-sanji1260d ago

That rope swing had me like ooooooooooo i was a fanboy squealing at that moment

mrdxpr21260d ago

well shows u who is a gamer and who is a casual. Uncharted 4 in pre alpha a year away looks amazing the gameplay seems more improvement. One thing I seemed to notice was the environment was more dynamic plus that added with all on screen shows they are hard at work for details and visuals.

People judging a game that looks already good in its pre alpha stage shows how much they know about video games might as well stick to mobile.

They gave us a glimpse of the game and people nit picking it like its 2 months from release.

Blackleg-sanji1260d ago

Exactly this was fan service for us fans and ppl are nitpicking they could have easily waited until e3 but they wanted to show a piece of their game and how it was coming along i really hate gamers now a days.

aj1994_capps thats my psn id shoot me an invite hopefully we can play some uncharted 4 multiplayer together :)

rainslacker1260d ago

I found it to have all the fun platforming elements of UC games, the sneaking seems to be improved, and the variety of ways to handle situations has increased. It's what I'd expect from a next gen sequel. The world was certainly bigger and more open than the linear nature of the first 3 games.