Discover The Beautiful Music Of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is, without doubt, one of the most talked-about games at the moment. With it’s procedural, well… everything and its endless gameplay value, it is a veritable and truly unique game. But what people often miss to take into account is the audio part of the game, the thing that nurtures and caresses all those eye-candy visuals and captivating mechanics – its soundtrack

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thorstein1319d ago

This Game.

Can't wait to get this, lock myself in a room with a case of beer and couple of pizzas, a cooler for at least a week straight.

I will leave only to use the bathroom and occasionally nap.

Elwenil1319d ago

I find it interesting, but due to all the games being released lately with various issues, I am wary of getting excited about anything. Plus I still would like to know what the story behind this game is and what is all there. So far all I have seen is flying from planet to planet and "exploring". That much reminds me a lot of the last stage of Spore, but there needs to be a lot more. Where is the story, the conflict? I refuse to buy into another shell of a game like Destiny again.

thorstein1319d ago

I am sure this game will get plenty of hate.

So far, it looks exactly like what you say: a game about exploring. I am sure there will be some story to establish who you are.

But the conflict is unscripted because you can choose to make enemies with certain groups (by attacking them) and alliances with others (by helping/ defending them.)

That is why it is the perfect game for me, because I don't want the narrative. Which is probably why I have a different opinion of games like this and games like Destiny.

CoTton_MoUtH1319d ago

Just checked my FB Weather Update coming to DC tomorrow

i8urCAKE1319d ago

This and witcher 3 are the most promising games so far for next year. hope battlefront 3 doesn't disappoint

MAULxx1319d ago

Frackin awesome!
Will this game be releasing on disc? I assume its digital download only considering the small team making it.

danny8181319d ago

All I have seen have been flying and exploring planets. I really don't get why so many people are praising it and saying it's gonna be crazy fun. Have tall played it? Or am I missing something?

Angeljuice1319d ago

Elite was a similar concept, fly from place to place, trade and fight when necessary. It just happens to be one of the best video games ever made.

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