Edge Preview: World Of Goo - This Wii and PC title's in a wibbly wobbly wild and wonderful world of its own

Edge writes: "World Of Goo has a bit of history behind it. It's an extension – although it might be more accurate to call it an explosion – of an idea that first found expression in 2D Boy's Tower Of Goo. And that idea's simple – elastic gooballs that can bind to each other and be formed into shapes. Thanks to the intuitive controls and excellent physics, it's a hugely tactile interface and fun to simply mess around with. But can those basics stretch to something more fully formed?

They most certainly can. The most inspired thing about World Of Goo is that it keeps those basics simple. While the desire to tinker and add abilities to the gooballs may has lost some of the subtle magic of their interplay, World Of Goo concentrates on its holy trinity of stretching, binding and physics. So while there are some new types of gooball, they're variations of the standard black model: a green gooball, for example, can be disconnected from the goo scaffold and re-positioned (black ones stay in place permanently) but is otherwise identical; that tiny change fundamentally alters your approach to the challenges."

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