Bloodborne Won't [email protected] Because Of Technical Limitations

Miyazaki confirmed during the PlayStation Experience panel that Bloodborne won't run at 60 FPS because of technical limitations.

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Imp0ssibl31317d ago

Not the best news, although I suppose it was a pipe dream to get 60 FPS on console by From Software. Hope for stable 30 at least!

freshslicepizza1317d ago

at least he's honest and not try and fluff things. one day sony might allow it on the pc but i doubt it.

decrypt1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Not beyond Sony to deceitfully label PS4 a high end PC.

If Bloodborne was on PC i would bet a mid range PC would easily run this in 1080 @ 60fps and beyond.

DragonKnight1317d ago

@decrypt: yeah, PC is so great that it's getting Bloodborne... right?

Forn1317d ago

We already knew it was going to be 30fps. They didn't want to downgrade anything else they were/are achieving in-game, and a stable 30fps plays well, so why should they? Bloodborne looks beyond incredible, it's smashing all my expectations. PS4 is going to kill it with all these amazing games.

radler1317d ago

I think framerate is more important than resolution for this kind of game. The action looks a little faster-paced than the Souls franchise and seems a little more reliant on correct timing during combat as well. All the greatest action games (Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta etc.) all run at 60fps not just for increased fluidity, but minimizing things such as input latency, so it's a shame to see Bloodborne settling on 30fps when a higher framerate could be very beneficial in my opinion.

Still, the game looks good and has a fantastic art style, but seeing certain media (such as the recent co-op boss fight) has me really wishing that they could hit 60fps.

N4Flamers1317d ago

@radler. Tell me adain how ninja gaiden 2 runs at 60fps. That game dips to like 10 and ran on a better console than one.

I agree though that 60 is ideal for twitch based gameplay but i played bayonetta on ps3 and survived.

freshslicepizza1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

@radler, i dont think it has to be 60 frames per second. ive enjoyed past games like demon souls and dark souls on my ps3 and they played just fine. sure 60 is better but its not critical for these types of games. as i said though sony won't allow it on the pc, they are in the business to sell hardware even though it is less of a direct competitive platform than say the xbox one.

"@decrypt: yeah, PC is so great that it's getting Bloodborne... right?"

what a poor rebuttal. the pc is great but obviously console suppliers dont want their own games on the pc because that would mean less hardware sales but likely more software sales. so if the console is so great why not have it on the pc? well because they risk potential lost hardware sales and the system would then look inferior. so yeah, some people do think the system is great but given no choice they will have to buy it on the ps4 won't they? that doens't make the ps4 any better it just means software is locked giving the consumer no other choice.

DragonKnight1317d ago

@moldybread: Wow, you just had to be "that guy" didn't you? I bet you could hear two people talking about how blue the sky looks then explain to them that it's not actually blue, it's just a prismatic effect of light making it appear blue until they give you the "are you kidding me right now?" look and you don't slink away because you're totally proud of yourself for a fact no one asked for.

LightDiego1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Bloodborne is exclusive for PS4, please don't miss the point of the article.
People are asking now for a port of an exclusive, seriously? Must be a troll post...

1317d ago
miyamoto1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Dear PlayStation,
Frame Rate First, Textures Second.
60FPS>HighRes Textures

Sadly open world games like Bloodborne might settle for 30FPS like GTAV.

nX1317d ago

People arguing about framerate for this game really have nothing better to do, huh? I couldn't care less about 30fps vs. 60fps in a RPG, I hope the developers focus on gameplay, atmosphere and content instead. These guys know exactly what's best for THEIR game, don't worry.

blackout1317d ago

Now look at the ps fans back peddling. No they want frame rate. The ps4 is no more powerful than the x1. GPU my A$$.

AliTheSnake11317d ago

@decrypt You're talking like the console specs are a mystery. They can easily run this at 60fps, but then they'll have to downgrade the graphical effects. Same on a PC, the higher the fps the lower the graphics. When are people going to understand that.

freshslicepizza1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

"Same on a PC, the higher the fps the lower the graphics. When are people going to understand that."

it all depends on the hardware. that's the beauty of pc gaming, you have that flexibility to have both. if they could keep the graphics while going for 60 frames they would. thats why i brought up the pc because you would have both. any ways its obvious some people dont want to hear about pc gaming and its many advantages. thats fine but at the same time its pretty sad that they don't like to 'share'. which explains why some people get so attached to things. but like i said i commend the developer for being honest.

"People arguing about framerate for this game really have nothing better to do, huh? I couldn't care less about 30fps vs. 60fps in a RPG"

but it makes all the difference in the world in a game like dead rising?

i think many of us can see right through you. if the argument benefits you then you make it an issue but in this case you won't. funny how people flip-flop because they are so biased.

nX1317d ago

I wasn't even saying that Bloodborne wouldn't perform better on a high end PC, was I? The thing is, you won't see this game on a high end PC - ever - so what's the point of discussing it? On consoles, developers simply have to find the sweetspot between visuals and performance and From Software definately found it in this game so there's no point wasting time with stupid theories.

Lennoxb631316d ago

Not trying to downplay the PS4's power. But why would anyone think that it could run a game that looks as good as Bloodbourne, at 60 fps? Theres clearly a ton of effects running in this game.

kaiserfranz1316d ago

Don't really think so, they never allowed Demon's Souls...And I doubt From Software will make a multiplatform of it, there's already Dark Souls anyway

Septic1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Parit.....oh wait :P

Shame about the fps but judging by how amazing this looks, I can understand the downgrade. 30fps won't stop me from enjoying the game.

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Greyfoxdbz1317d ago

To be fair. From Software have never been good at delivering stable frame rates. Anyone remember Blight Town?

kaiserfranz1316d ago

Yeah, they're far from the best in terms of technology development.

PharaohX1316d ago

Yeah but we are talking exclusive development on the PS4 console.... Let's be honest and say its the console because when Microsoft said it was the developers you guys jumped all over their butts. Now what's different??

Blaze9291317d ago

"Give me 60fps or give me death." [email protected] Kamal Ahmad [PlayStation Strategic Content]

geeze, i hope that guy is still alive...

Bigpappy1317d ago

Souls games have very slow pace fighting, so 30fps should work with this game. Hope there is no backlash because the developer couldn't hit 1080p, 60fps the PS4 fans expected as standard on their much celebrated, power console.

Forn1317d ago

Yeah, we're not going to let pointless numbers get in the way of incredible looking and incredible playing games. Thanks for the concern though.

SilentNegotiator1316d ago

Because everyone was awaiting the Dark Souls developers to benchmark the ps4.


jebabcock1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I'm all about 60fps 1080p. it is unfortunate that neither consoles can consistently hit it. But that being said 30 frames worked all through the ps3 lifetime why is it all the sudden unacceptable now? We don't get alot of good games any more because we nit pick the heck out of every good game that comes out instead of just playing it to find out... these game devs are ripping through massive budgets and making significant risks to try and meet our gaming demands and we turn our noses up... keep it up and all we will have left is cheap low risk shovel ware... just a thought. Tons of good games out there already. take time to play and enjoy a little.

LamerTamer1316d ago

Actually both consoles could hit 1080p @60 FPS in every singe game. The thing is since you would need to render frames TWICE as fast with 60 FPS the graphics would have to be downgraded pretty much to the point where it would not look nearly as good.

Everything is a tradeoff as the hardware is not infinite, so if the dev is striving for a certain look decisions must be made.

larrysdirtydrawss1316d ago

is everyone here retarded beyond words? every single game on xone/ps4/and probably wiiu make can be 1080p 60fps,graphics will take a punch right in the dick.

this game looks very stable and playable at 30fps 1080p, ive seen nothing that looks problematic with the fighting/countering,shit looks super fluid/smooth... also,game looks fugging gorgeous at this res and stable framerate,xone would choke to death trying to make this game

methegreatone1317d ago

60fps is nice and all, but a stable 30 will be fine for this game. You PS owners enjoy this one, because it looks great

micx1317d ago

30fps is okay for big open-world games, better than semi 60fps with huge drops.

ps4gamer19831316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Would it be wierd for a game to run at 45 frames per second (consistently)? It would be between 30 and 60; but would 45 fps control strangely or feel odd? Why must it always only be 30 or 60 fps?

Can a game be 900p and 45 fps?

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Fro_xoxo1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

That's okay. . so long as the frame-rates remains consistent at a stable 30fps. . Stability, and substance over flash.

Gamers will continue to make unrealistic demands from consoles (closed hardware). A reality check is nice from time to time.

yarbie10001317d ago

I don't think 60FPS is unrealistic. I'd pick 60FPS over 1080P EVERY SINGLE TIME. You can actually see the difference in FPS - 95% can't tell the difference if a game isn't 1080P.

That's why they have to wait on Digital Foundry to tell them what the games resolution actually is.

Alexious1317d ago

Not sure that it could make 60 FPS even at 900P. Maybe at 720P, but you can definitely see the difference with 1080P...

1317d ago
kranker1317d ago

^I play CS at over 300 fps so 60 = 30 to me

andibandit1317d ago


Great now if only you had a screen that supported 300Hz.....

DanteVFenris6661317d ago

@kranker some of you PC fanboys are ridiculous. The human brain can only recognize 60 fps any more and your seeing frames that aren't visible to your mind so what's the point? Yes vr needs 120 fps but that's because you want it to have frames your mind can't perceive because what the mind will do is try to guess and it'll create motion blur.

DragonKnight1317d ago

@Dante: Incorrect. The human eye has been known to be able to distinguish up to 200FPS in the right conditions, those being proper lighting and moisture.

bumnut1317d ago


You must get some hideous screen tearing going on, framerates above the refresh rate of your monitor are pointless because you can't see them.

LamerTamer1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

The game would look last-gen if it had to be 60 FPS. You would need to render twice the number of frames per second so the graphics would take a huge hit in lighting, effects, shadows etc. All of those things are what makes this game look good. Strip all of that down and you would lose all of the mood, immersion, and atmosphere.

1080p X 30 is still less of a load and less pixels to render than 900p x 60.

PharaohX1316d ago

Finally someone that preaches the truth and when Microsoft tries to give you the truth their machine is inferior... Funny how the tables turn

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Somebody1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Gamers are not making unrealistic demands from consoles but they were misled by gaming media from the very start. After the first PS4 announcement, a lot of websites proclaimed that the age of 1080 console gaming is upon us and some even whispered the possibility of 2K. So it's not a surprise to see in reality 60fps 1080p is still a challenge even for next gen consoles and the fans who bit on the early hype looked like a demanding bunch.

One thing's for sure - no more lame "cinematic" excuse from devs after this.

thehobbyist1316d ago

Unrealistic demands? 60fps has been the standard since the SNES

TimeSkipLuffy1317d ago

60fps is not really easy to achieve. Eventually you need to make some compromise. At least for high quality graphical games. The CPU is still a bottleneck and the OS is taken a lot of RAM. There is a dedicated CPU for that but because of all those share and social stuff that dedicated CPU is just not enough to handle it all I believe.

Imp0ssibl31317d ago

Yeah. Could have been achieved on PC with powerful enough hardware, but certainly not on console.

Blacklash931317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

People are completely wrong when they say 60fps should be easier due to more powerful hardware. Framerate is inherently a trade-off between other graphical aspects and will always be, not a feature that gets enhanced and facilitated as specs get better with all other things equal.

Even PC always has an opportunity cost of higher and more stable fps versus higher visual settings. The only difference between consoles and PC is that console players have the trade-off decision made for them, while PC players can choose the level of graphical quality they want versus fps. Some console games, like Bioshock, let the player unlock the framerate by disabling V-sync and/or reducing the quality of certain graphical features, but examples like that are relatively rare.

At any rate, 30fps is fine. It's perfectly playable and the gameplay experience is much more than framerate. As long as it's stable, there's little to complain about.

Alexious1317d ago

You're right, frame rate is not something that should be expected just because "next generation". It's a design choice, meaning that it's related to how much a developer wants to push the hardware.

It's either cutting edge graphics or 60 FPS, most of the time. Having both is almost impossible on consoles.

uth111317d ago

it's pushing twice as much data. All your draw calls must be done in 17ms instead of 33ms. In some highly detailed games, that means scaling back the detail and visual effects.

In a game like Bloodborne, I'd rather have the richly-detailed atmosphere.

Mega241317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I think games like the Souls series need the 60fps, I usually prefer it over flash and confetti. More responsiveness is better in this type of games. Wish is an unlocked 60fps like Killzone.

Edit: I love Dark Souls, but on PC, even with all its issues.

kaiserfranz1316d ago

Yup, that's why I don't understand people demanding 60 frames and then complaining about graphics. You can easily get 60 frames with lower graphics, but not both

uth111316d ago

Yeah, they always say that 60fps is more important than graphics... but then when TLOU:R came out with the 30/60 option, and people noticed that the 30fps version had better shadows, they raised a stink about that.

Mostafeto1317d ago

Absolutely 60fps isn't achieveable in every game and to make this the normal would be dreaming and demanding something from the developers that isn't that easy to achieve as you said

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LaChance1317d ago ShowReplies(2)
CocoWolfie1317d ago

im happy theyre admitting that, frankly im exceptionally happy this even exists ;-;