Lizard Squad Will Allegedly Shut Down Xbox Live Forever on Christmas

"The notorious hacker group, Lizard Squad has not had its finish. Recently they have announced they will not only continue attacks on Xbox Live but will cripple it to the point that it will be unusable on Christmas day and possibly forever."

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-Foxtrot1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Reminds me of what Freakazoid once said

"You really have no life do you?"


RashBandicoot1319d ago

Think of the insane amount of new xbox players who will be disappointed on Christmas morning D:

Gamer19821319d ago

So far all there so called takedowns have been announced after they took them down making people think these are just saying saying they hacked servers when servers just went down but this is the first time they have ever said beforehand they are going to attack something. On top of that MS are taking it seriously it seems as have sent out a warning saying the network may go down however not blaming hackers but saying new traffic may be the cause. A great cover up as they don't want to give these idiots attention but traffic won't be an issue as XBL servers will be ready for that traffic as this isn't there first christmas.

Blastoise1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Theres no chance they'll get it down forever. Do they really think a few basement dwellers can bring down a multi-billion dollar companies' online service for good? What a joke. These losers are craving attention so bad

UKmilitia1319d ago Show

anyone who has been on live for as long as i have will know that there are two times in the year that live really seems to have issues.

Nov, when Cod is released and xmas when all the kiddies get their xmas presents unwrapped.

personally, I think they are full of it, but that does not mean ms will take this lightly.

what i really want to know is what point are they trying to prove by this or is it just for the fun of it?

kneon1319d ago


I don't think they understand that forever is a long time, in fact it's the longest time ;)

A service of this size will likely have 2 or 3 levels of backups. Taking it down forever would be a huge task that is far beyond the capabilities of these morons.

Dirtnapstor1319d ago

This type of thing sucks for everyone. People need to be arrested and made examples of, ensuring others don't follow in their pathetic footsteps.

nix1319d ago

Imagine if MS still had always online drm.. It would have been a disaster.

Having said that i condone this act.

halfblackcanadian1319d ago

Unfortunately, this.

I hope MS can do something to curb the returns that might happen after Christmas if kids think their console is busted...

kayoss1319d ago

I don't have an Xbox, but this is taking it too far. It's not even funny that theses "hacker" wannabe want to ruin Christmas for Xbox gamers. I hope the authority track them down or anonymous find them and release all their info to the public.

indyman771319d ago

You mean people actually still wait until Christmas to open there presents!

Oh wait.....Never mind.

At any rate forever seems like an impossible task. I don't want to say why I think that, because I don't want to give any hackers any idea's.

Guess I better get that Sunset bundle that I have plenty of money for but am waiting to find the best deal. Not rushing because I'm playing some awesome RPG's on PS3, and second son on PS4.

Who has the best Sunset deal? Wish it was Target because I have a friend that works there that can get me a 10% discount! But I don't see the sunset bundle at target.

TheFanboySlayer1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

imagine how disappointed the lizard squads family members will be that they aren't spending Christmas with their family......feel sorry for them.

Upbeat1318d ago

cant understand why you put a smiley face? Imagine the amount kids that will be gutted on Christmas day because of this.

Gothdom1318d ago

Why are they doing this? This is so stupid. It hurts consumers, not the company. It's like saying gas is too pricey, so to make them stop, I'll put sugar in everyone's gas tank

Mr Pumblechook1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I don't know much about hacking, but I would think that Microsoft have one of the most secure networks in the world next to Google and Amazon. So whilst I can easily believe Lizard Squad can take down the less secure PSN, Microsoft are one of the oldest, richest and most experienced software companies so I don't think a little hacker group could take them down.

USA0071318d ago

Although people are right in saying MS can protect there networks, XBL is definitely not as protected as it could be.

Look at the DDoS attacks that have recently put xbl offline. There are ways that MS could have prevented it.

Bringing down xbl "forever" would be tough, but Christmas is definitely doable

nix1318d ago

about my comment above.. i am sorry. i thought "condone" meant "do not approve" until i checked the dictionary. by then my friend sat in the car and i had to drive and forgot about editing the text.

sorry guys. what i really meant to say was i hate such attacks and do not approve of it at all.

Ducky1318d ago

^ It's ok.
I think most people will condone your apology.

BeefCurtains1318d ago

I sure hope not... X1 may not be your system choice, but it is mine. And I'd like to retain my right to play games on my system, even if a group of turds are bored enough to try and ruin Christmas for millions of gamers, just because they can.

Dee_911318d ago

You meant condemn .. or "don't" condone.

glad you caught that

DLConspiracy1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

What really worries me is if kids can take down networks at will all the time without repercussions or consequence. What will the Government eventually do to counter these type of actions for the future of the internet? Will it eventually sacrifice our freedoms that we have by placing a need for the government(s) to step in and take necessary precautions to control it? To me that's probably worse. They are presenting a need for these type of actions.

xlancer1318d ago

When god was giving out brains you thought he said trains and asked for a little one.

LastFrontiersman1318d ago

Notice, Xbox live remains suspiciously functional. What if.... Lizard squad is Microsoft? [Explosion] minds blown. Thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands are holding off on buying Xbox one for various reasons. Mine is the lack of backwards compatibility. What if Microsoft created lizard squad to give them an excuse to shut down and abandon the Xbox 360 live functionality and force a migration to the Xbox One? Watch for announcements from Xbox announcing that they can no longer maintain the older network, and will, for the benefit of their customers focus on the Xbox one.

rainslacker1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )


I know these guys are crazy, but if they can distribute a DDoS worm, then they must surely know how redundant MS cloud services are, not to mention the parts of the network that they actually attack, which aren't even on MS servers. It's like saying they will take down the entire internet forever. The thing(Azure and the internet) were both designed to not to be able to be taken down forever so long as one node exists.

But sure...take it down forever. Disrupt a multi-billion dollar service used by major corporations, goverment agencies, and regular people all over the world, and see how fast they get thrown in jail. MS does business in every country in the world, and I'm pretty sure they'd have jurisdiction everywhere to pursue legal action.

Sevir1318d ago

Hackers are a bane to the digital world. I hope they all rot in a basement. I hate vehemently those that wish to interfere with the livelihood off everyone who enjoys their entertainment... Seriously I hope MS has some counter measures set and ready. These scumbags need to be punished.

jagermaster6191318d ago

These guys are a bunch of f#@#Ing punks first off! What if they are saying they are going to attack Microsoft servers but that makes everyone think they are going for them when they are really targeting the psn network been thinking about that and if so I hope Sony is also ready for these dirt merchant sons of bitches. I think when we catch them (and we will) they should all be castrated and chained to a cinder block for the public to do as they please! Well I know what I would do..
first off I would sh#t in there cereal then I would put them in a room and make them listen to an entire Cisco cd then lastly I would make them watch me beat every single Xbox game ever made in sure that would stop these little turd pirates.....Thank you... Thank you very much I said good day sir

TheMeatPuppet0071318d ago

Who are these Lizard Squad idiots? Extreme Ps4 fanboys or something? Sony or nothing?

nix1318d ago


lol.. yup. condemn. dammit. how did i get it so wrong.

Bocajduke1317d ago

Not necessarily youve got to think about it! How many people(kids) have Xbox Live and will get Video Games for Christmas(or Hanukkah) and will be playing! alot and for how many years its happened im sure Microsoft knows exactly what to do to prevent DDOS from anyone!!

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mark3214uk1319d ago

thought azure was the future? cant even withstand a few script kiddies using there collage servers

DanZeeMan1319d ago Show
feedthereaper1319d ago

Because Sony can do better? Nope.... they can't even keep their own office computers safe from hacking!

ghostface91319d ago

what an idiot psn was down for a few days when the lizards attacked. only thing that happended when the lizards attacked xbox live was my friends list was down for a few hours.

Moe-Gunz1319d ago

Umm he didn't bring up Sony at all. You guys did, thus showing you're the true fanboys.

DarthJay1319d ago

Xbox Live has not gone down on Xbox One. At all. AT WORST, friends lists have been unavailable. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever not been able to use my Xbox One completely. The worst is I had a hard time connecting with friends. Still inconvenient, but not "Down."

SilentNegotiator1319d ago

"I'm going to fly."

"I thought humans couldn't fly, but I guess they can! lolololoool"

ALLWRONG1318d ago

2011 PSN brought 100% down for a month
2014 PSN brought 100% down for 2 days
Yesterday Sony again


Xbox Live 2014 allegedly brought down on the 360 for 30 min

Athonline1318d ago

Anyone with a degree in Computer Science can tell that:
a) No system is "unhackable".
b) Hacking is the wrong term, as wrongdoing is in play cracking is more appropriate.
c) It won't be forever.
d) You can protect against DDoS up to one extend...
e) Security is harder now that as you said, every kid can boot up a version of Black Ubuntu and lend computing power to someone with brains or execute a 3rd-party script just to feel "cool".
So yeah, I don't blame MS or any company when they get DDoS. The question is after the attack what happens; the downfall time and how they will handle the public.

uth111318d ago

Who said anything about Sony? The way that games have become so dependent on online services is becoming a real achilles heal, on all platforms.

ShinMaster1318d ago Show
Audiggity1318d ago

If everything worked perfectly on Day 1, we'd all be hairy, happy, horny and in a cave right now.

Your comment is void of logic and your attempt to initiate a flame war is sad.

rainslacker1318d ago

Cloud has a lot of advantages to companies and even individuals. But those advantages do have some drawbacks, so it isn't something that will replace everything in every situation.

Also keep in mind that LS hasn't actually taken down any network, they are attacking upstream of the servers, and no server has actually been taken offline by them. There are just problems with connectivity, which is typical of DDoS.

This latest claim of forever doesn't match up with what they've shown they are capable of.

Spid3r61318d ago

So far the most they have gotten is taking down the friends list for 40 minutes but we where still able to chat and play games online.

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UnwanteDreamz1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I think they're trollin. They know the chances are high that there might be network issues on christmas day with all the new consoles coming online. Now they get credit for any problems over the holiday.

FullmetalRoyale1319d ago

Precisely my thoughts on the matter. There will be an influx of new players around Christmas time, and these reptiles are trying to get out in front of it. It is very transparent.

Silly Mammo1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Seriously, what's their deal?

Crazay1318d ago

They're a bunch low life douchebags who happen to blame the world for their lifelong virginity issues.

Pay them no mind. Once they get tuckered out from crying and squabbling, they'll go to sleep.

ThichQuangDuck1319d ago

Well one good thing came out of Lizard Squad. I shall rewatch Freakazoid over break

Pogmathoin1319d ago

Best xmas gift would be too see these barrel basement dwellers caught and put away.

1319d ago
Magicite1319d ago

I believe they could cripple it for a day or two, but forever?

jspsc1231318d ago Show
ZombieKiller1318d ago

What these idiots don't realize is that one day they will piss off the wrong gamer and something will happen. This isn't cool because I bet the media will make a big deal out of violent video games....yet again.

This Lizard Squad needs to go. I say make an example... cut their f*cking fingers off and televise it.

wsoutlaw871318d ago

The idea of them bringing down a SERVICE for ever is idiotic and doesn't even make sense. Plus calling out that you will bring down live on Christmas is stupid because xbl/psn usually have issues on Christmas anyways, it's Christmas.

BG115791318d ago

One got to admit, these guys are as annoying as they are bold.

Lennoxb631318d ago

If they couldn't take down Sony, they d*mn sure not going to take down MS. lol

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tdogchristy901319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

2 questions.

Why do they only seem to target ms, what about sony? Is there something that had caused this ms bias for them?

Secondly, IF they happened to shut down XBL forever would that constitute some sort of refund since it kind of make our "only one year old" consoles obsolete?

And like most, "do they not have a life?" What happened to be busy with a job or college or kids or responsibilities? How do you have the necessary time for this stuff?

Has anyone else noticed that the people that complain the most are usually the ones at fault for their position in life because they are too busy complaining instead of trying to fix their problems.

Gamer19821319d ago

Wow just because they attack MS you think its a biased thing?? You know that makes YOU look biased in saying that. "what about sony?" So you want them to also take down sony gamers?? I want neither to go down personally. But this is no doubt them trying to prove a point and probably because they probably feel wronged by MS.
Who can understand the mind of a hacker/DDOSer? There just lowlifes who have nothing better to do with there time. I hope they do upset somebody enough for them to spend resources on catching them and arresting the whole bloody lot of them. Attacking MS is a good way to get caught..

tdogchristy901319d ago

I thought someone would ask me that. I was simply asking why target one and not the other, no bias. Just what makes ms "special" that they seem to be the target. What is their specific beef with ms over sony. That's all.

Thanks for jumping down my throat though.

Baka-akaB1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

But look at the things you're writing ... "why the bias why not sony" when they already have been attacked ...

it's no wonder more aggressive people would jump on you . It's the way to start a brawl , with some watching on the sideline with popcorn

morganfell1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )


Seriously? Had I not read your remarks myself I would not have believed them? Did you ever try staying awake? What about the internet? People like you shouldn't be allowed to drive or vote.

Nothing makes MS special or more warranted for attack. Thinking there might be some reason means lizard squad could in some way be justified. They aren't. The problem exists in your head.

LeCreuset1319d ago


What about Nintendo? What about Steam? What about (fill in the blank). So, yeah, it really does come off as complaining that Sony isn't being attacked, especially considering the attacks specifically targeting Sony a few years ago.

spicelicka1319d ago Show
MeteorPanda1318d ago

I wouldn't call all hackers low lives tbh. There are some who break the system to help the people. Also if you can prove you hacked into MS you can get a job there. most security companies do the same.

nitus101318d ago


Breaking into a system and thinking this will help them get a job is delusional at best. Basically "crackers" (lets call them by their real name) are people you really cannot trust and any firm thinking of hiring them is IMHO a criminal organisation or asking for a world of hurt.

The problem with "crackers' is they think themselves above the law and are usually quite shocked when they are told to "watch their fingers" as their cell door is closed.

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tiffac0081319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

They already did their rounds with Sony, even trolled one of their execs. They just want to stir something new with the MS.

There is no science or common sense here. So what your asking is open to be misinterpreted.

@rambi80 (below)

Lol! xD

rambi801319d ago

Xbox is green. Lizards are green. they probably think its a competitor of something

TheLordOfStuff1319d ago

+ bubs

I'm not even sure why, but that comment was pure gold lol

SaveFerris1319d ago

David Icke might be right after all /s

1319d ago
Paytaa1319d ago

Half Life 3 confirmed

optimus1318d ago

Not all lizards are green though.

optimus1318d ago

Really? There are people out there that disagree that not all lizards are green? What color are the unicorns in your world?... (hilarity).

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marlinfan101319d ago

Theyve been going after everyone. Ever since MS said they were forwarding all their info to the FBI it seems like xbox has gone down almost everyday though.

Death1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Sony was hacked last month. All of their employee information including pay were released. Their new movies were also stolen and are being distributed as we speak online. Both companies have been being attacked throughout the year.