F1 2014 (PS3) Review - CGM

"F1 2014 marks the return of officially licenced F1 themed racing simulators to Canada. For reasons I still can’t figure out (and according to the front line employees of the various big box and specialty stores that I visited last year), F1 2013 only made it to our nation’s border but never passed it. Obviously it would have been easy to get a copy of F1 2013 if you truly wanted one. A quick Amazon order would have resulted in the game showing up a week later, but it’s at least believed that some games are still purchased by people wandering into a store and looking for something new on a shelf. This is why EA Sports and 2K Sports still pay professional athletes to appear on their covers, and sadly these spontaneously purchasing crowds have not seen any new F1 games since 2012. Luckily F1 2014 is already in stores for anyone looking to log laps like Lewis Hamilton."

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