Digital Foundry vs Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS

"The hotly anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Wii U joins its 3DS counterpart at last, where a jaw-dropping visual overhaul, plus new control options, stages and modes give the home console a deserved spotlight. Both platforms offer unique tech bullet-points: the Wii U turning in a true 1080p presentation, while the handheld brings an inimitable stereoscopic 3D effect. But with such a wide chasm in core visual setups, are the fundamentals of gameplay at all different between the two - and indeed, does performance hold up for each?"

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andron6661231d ago

Wow Ninty have really put out a great technical marvel this time on Wii U...

ritsuka6661230d ago

Praise sakurai this guy is a legend.

imXify1230d ago

I just wonder why moving the camera is so laggy when you pause in the WiiU version.

R00bot1230d ago

Hmm it only seems to lag when passing over player characters, as well. Weird, since it runs amazingly in literally every other mode.

Concertoine1230d ago

Its crazy how far ahead smash bros wii u is on a technical level compared to any other wii u game.

R00bot1230d ago

Sakurai has always pushed the limits of a console's technical abilities, especially with Smash Bros. games. He's a legend.

Munnkyman1230d ago

I know it's how it is but watch dogs wii u vs digital foundry article got a ton of comments. This one of course gets only six lol.

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