Phil Spencer : We Have Surprises,Announcements&Games shipping in 2015,Will Deliver on all 3

Phil Spencer sure knows what the fans want and it seems the Xbox team will be delivering the goods again in 2015, at least going by his recent comments on twitter.

"Phil Spencer‏@XboxP3
@Captainqwark10 We have surprises, announces and great games shipping in 2015, we'll deliver on all 3"

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Rimeskeem1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I find it interesting how as soon as PSX happens, Phil seemed to have gotten worried.

qwerty6761349d ago

actually hes just answering questions on twitter

GameNameFame1348d ago

and responses was "oh oh we have surprises too"

and "oh i am not sure all those games are coming to 2015 on PSX"

Yes. Obviously he is worried to be thinking about those.

freshslicepizza1349d ago

not really worried, more like they need to focus on events more than just e3. he also gets asked questions and answers via twitter. do you see reggie from nintendo have this type of dialogue with their fans? shu and phil have done a great job at that.

hello121349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

lol what? There was know new AAA blockbuster game shown by Sony yesterday.

It was all indies and small games, if you believe x box fans are in fear of that think again.

Microsoft has already won 2015 with the games they have announced in 2014

Quantum break, halo 5, scalebound, fable legends, tombraider, gears of war collection pretty much confirmed to be coming

Thats 6 AAA blockbuster titles confirmed, Sony after March has only got uncharted keep dreaming Sony is going to win 2015. Microsoft only has drop the hammer with a couple of more announcements and its done, dusted over.

Sales in America and the UK show more people are turning to x box 1 than PS4.

Hoffmann1349d ago

Today in 2014, Indie games can be something big too, its not like in 2011 anymore where only a small niche is playing games like Limbo etc.

And Street Fighter V is not big?


thanhgee1349d ago

Most of those titles you mentioned don't even come out until the next holiday season.. Between now and then it is pretty dull imo.

Sales in the UK/US? The holiday season is when parents buy gifts, they aren't looking for the best console, they're looking for the cheapest one. Both Microsoft and Sony are doing extremely well in terms of sales, it's just one is outperforming the other no question about it.. Anyway, Sony is still preparing to release the PS4 its next major market, China.

In my eyes, I don't see the XB1 outperforming the PS4 once it goes back to its original price unless major announcements are made at E3/Gamescom.

fei-hung1349d ago

UK and US show people bought into the console when it was reduced in price twice and heavily bundled with free games. Anything would sell crazy if reduced like that.

In regards to games, people forget what made the ps2 era special. It was the amount and variety of games from everywhere, everything from big to small and everything in between. You can't have another ps2 era with AAA alone and if you think you can, you never lived through the ps2 era or didn't pay attention.

In AAA alone:

The order
Ratchet and clank
Killing Floor 2
Until Dawn
Tearaway Unfolded

This doesn't include SF5, Uncharted trilogy, Hellblade, Shadow of the Beast and any unannounced games.

In big budget f2p:

Planetside 2
Kill strain
Guns of Icarus
Deep Down

This doesn't include Everquest and H1z1

In big Indie releases that will complete with AAA games:

No man's sky
The witness
everybody's gone to rapture

And these are just some of the big hitters with dozens more left out like Abzure, Super Stardust Ultra, Alienation, Tomorrow Children and others.

People don't realise how much content there is and play everything of as Indie and insignificant.

poppinslops1349d ago

Street Fighter was big in the 90's until Capcom made WAAAAAY too many versions of it and people lost interest...
15 years later and the series is given the 'reboot' treatment, which is awesome and reminds everyone how much they loved Street Fighter in the 90s... Until Capcom go and make WAAAAY too many versions and people lose interest all over again.

When everyone was trying to guess Sony's big mystery exclusive, NOBODY guessed Street Fighter... Because nobody wanted it.

Street Fighter WAS big - 10 years from now it might make another comeback - but as it stands, nobody cares.

CaptainObvious8781349d ago

After what Fei-hung said, which pretty much dissolves your argument that MS already won 2015, I'll add that I don't know why you keep mentioning tombraider in your lists when we all know it's a timed exclusive.

guyman1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Once again, as i've said in another article, scalebound is not coming in 2015. Gears of war collection has not even been announced, and phil has already said one is not currently happening. The team has to focus on the new gears of war.

The idea that a company "wins" is absolutely idiotic. You then tremendousy exceed the benchmark by stating that microsoft has "already won" based on the games they have announced. Furthermore, once again, gears collection has not been announced nor has the release year for scalebound.

Enjoy those exclusives while i'm enjoying:

Uncharted 4, bloodborne, the order, no man's sky, rime, everybody's gone to rapture, deep down, ratchet and clank and a plethora of awesome indies.

Halo 5, QB, tomb raider, fable

Wii u
New zelda, etc.

It's actually people like you that lose as opposed to a company (like you said)

Jayszen1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

This is the kind of shite that just pisses any gamer off let alone a PS4 owner. Why do you have to knock Sony to appreciate what Xbone is doing. Shows the kind of person you are. Just enjoy your console and stop being childish.

By the way, at the rate the Xbone has been discounted people is there any surprise that many people bought it? Hell, even I bought one as my second console and I am PS4 gamer from Day One 20 years ago. I admit that there are some games that I want to play that are on Xbone now or coming in the future. As a gamer, it should be about the games and not the console. If all three major consoles do well it is good for us ALL and each company will try and do better than the other. We all win. Why can people like you not see that?

DigitalRaptor1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

You are incredibly, INCREDIBLY disingenuous.

Why do I even bother?

You continue to pad your 2015 with games that are for 2016, and games that haven't even been announced yet. Sony fans don't need to do that. We know what's coming for the entire year, and it trumps your holiday season of "blockbusters" that you have to wait most of the year to play.

"After March"

See what i mean by disingenuous? You're deflecting the fact that you have no AAA exclusive games in the first 6-8 months of the year, by saying PS4 will have none after March, when in fact PS4 has Until Dawn, Persona 5, No Man's Sky and Tearaway Unfolded after March, and that is the tip of the iceberg of what we know about.

In the PS2 era, like fei-hung said, it was the variety that counted the most. PS4 sh*ts on the Xbone in terms of variety. Now the dudebro Xbox community has warped your mind into thinking that "blockbusters" are the only games that count towards a lineup. Pathetic.

For the first 6-8 months of next year, all you have is inferior multiplatform games and indie games. That is not me lying to try and soothe my ego. That is me telling you how things stand.

You are one of the biggest hypocrites on this site, downplaying the PS4 for the same things you conveniently ignore when it comes to Xbone.

You are a disingenuous scumbag, nothing less.

"Sales in America and the UK show more people are turning to x box 1 than PS4."

What time of year is it? HOLIDAY season. What time of year will it be next month? The new year…. Xbone sales will fall off a cliff like they did last January and we will be back to square one for Xbone.

Then you will keep spinning like you have been for over 12 months… Dreaming of the holiday season where Spencer Claus brings his sack of presents that you have been waiting for all year, with nothing else of note.

So you will keep spinning like "WW sales don't matter", "only blockbusters count", "teh HOLIDAYS".. Like a good little corporate shill.

You ridiculous LIARS have been exposed so often that it shocks me that you keep coming back with the same pathetic delusions. Will you be back when you feel comfortable enough to peddle the same crap about the game lineups? Absolutely, you will, and then we will gather the same responses to bring you back to reality.

But reality will never find a place in your poor, poor warped mind.

BG115791348d ago

To tell the truth I was disappointed that Horizon from Gorilla Software was a no show... But that only means that Sony didn't show all that they're preparing being the wall.

I'm amazed on how many people are saying that SF isn't a big game anymore. Don't they know that SF series are the fighting games with the most relevance in the fighting competition scene?

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pompombrum1349d ago

I would be too if I was in his job. Sony have already taken a convincing lead in the current generation and to be able to pull off an event like yesterday? Seeing your competition flying high and seemingly getting higher would be enough to make any head a little bit worried.

Tedakin1349d ago

Worried how? He said it was a great conference. Sony hardly showed anything we didn't already know about.

OB1Biker1349d ago

Tbh I found it weird they had nothing to show at TGA while Sony was showing 'games,games and games' (to copy Phil commercial moto last E3) on 2 events

MeliMel1349d ago

So what, everytime Phil comes out to congratulate Sony on something, hes feeling worried? Im glad PS4 is doing good. For that reason Xbox has stepped up big time with games and features with more to come. 2015 is looking awesome for both Xbox One and PS4 owners.

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jhoward5851349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I think Phil wants to join us. Welcome to the PlayStation family Phil. I'm kidding.

Hoika1349d ago

Phil already was part of the PS Family. He was the guy promoting Playstation when PS3 released.

MeliMel1349d ago

Wrong Phil, you talking bout Harrison, former PS head who is now a VP at Microsoft.

Brettman20081349d ago

2015 will be a huge year for all consoles. Cant wait.

bleedsoe9mm1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

owning everything gets us the best from every company

noway i was missing FH2 or sunset , and i'm not missing the order or bloodbornre nor am i missing bayonetta or zelda

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Sm00thNinja1349d ago

Quantum break, Halo 5, Fable Legends, Crackdown 3, Tomb Raider possibly Phantom Dust and Scalebound. I admit I'm more excited for PlayStation s future but let's stop pretending Microsoft isn't going to answer they have a nice lineup that will compete and who knows of well see trademarks sucsuch as Battletoads see the light! Xbox gamers have BEEN set for 2015

christocolus1349d ago

spot on smooth.i wonder why certain gamers always feel the need to troll and downplay the competitions efforts even when there's obviously no reason to.

HaydenJameSmith1349d ago

Because they need to justify their purchase by making everything else seem irrelevant in comparison... it's pretty sad really. Even objectively Xbox has a great line up for 2015 but they pretend otherwise.

WeAreLegion1348d ago

I agree. It has been worse the past 24 hours, too. Have you been on the Uncharted threads? It's just like this comment section, but the other way around. Haha. Disagrees everywhere.

BigShotSmoov0071349d ago

I have to bubbly you up for that. People always want to live in the moment and forget the past. Sony needed to show off more games for 2015 and they definitely show some great games. Street Fighter is a big deal for them for sure just because of Evo and now I'm more excitied for the Playstation next year for sure. But let's not forget the game MS announced at E3 and Gamescom already coming to Xbox in 2015. All the games Smooth announced will be big games for Microsoft next year. Hell, even Nintendo is going in strong for 2015 with Starfox and Zelda so next year will be great for gamers for sure.

Sm00thNinja1349d ago

And to Sony fans dismay remember Microsoft invented the 3rd party pay off bet money a another big name exclusive heads only to Xbox One next year !!

BigShotSmoov0071349d ago

I don't know if they "invented" the 3rd party pay off, lets remember Sony's been in gaming for 20 years while MS have been in it for about 12 or 13 years? I'm sure Sony was doing this long before MS, it just wasn't put on blast as much as MS is doing it now.

beerzombie1349d ago

Ms is been in gaming long before there was a ps1.

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