'Neon Shadow' Updated with New Multiplayer Modes, New Maps and Offline Bot Battles

TouchArcade: Just over a year ago, Crescent Moon and Tasty Poison Games released Neon Shadow [$0.99], a mobile first-person shooter that was meant as a throwback to the old-school frag fests of the '90s, and they totally nailed it. Neon Shadow had awesome visuals and a really cool sci-fi single-player campaign, but it also featured an online multiplayer mode that was breezy, fast-paced and fun. I love the more complex FPS games with weapon upgrading tiers, different playable classes, and tons of bells and whistles, but on mobile some of the funnest fragging I've had is with classics like Doom and Wolfenstein. Neon Shadow feels like a modern game that somehow captured the soul of those old classics.

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Majin-vegeta1290d ago

Would love if this came to PS4 with updated visuals,better controls and higher player count.