RPG Reload File 017 - 'Silversword'

TouchArcade: After a couple of fun themed months, December's going to be a little bit weird. You see, friends, my family and I will be taking a two-week trip to the sunny beaches of Canada to spend the holidays in my hometown of Narshe. As it's a vacation, I can't maintain the output you guys might be used to seeing from me. As a result, we're only going to have two more normal RPG Reloads this month, and they don't follow any particular theme. Worry not, however, as I am going to stuff the stocking with a couple of special RPG Reload features to help tide you over until my return in the New Year. It will be like I was never gone, even though I definitely will be gone, working on my tan as the majestic ice waves come crashing into the snow-covered shores.

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