NZGamer: Too Human Hands-On

NZGamer writes: "Dennis Dyack's studio Silicon Knights, the people behind Gamecube-exclusive (and super awesome) Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, have been steadily (I was going to say quietly but whilst there are many things Dennis Dyack can be described as, quiet isn't one of them) beavering away at the 360 exclusive Too Human for more than nine years. Read that again. NINE years. Originally announced (and shown in 1999) for the PlayStation, Silicon Knights went Nintendo exclusive and switched to the Gamecube the next year. That ultimately never happened as Silicon Knights ended their relationship with Nintendo before the title was finished.

Jump ahead to 2005. Silicon Knights announced that they'd partnered with Microsoft to develop a trilogy exclusively for the 360 platform - based on the Unreal engine. Long story short, Silicon Knights ripped out the Unreal engine, sued the crap out of Epic (the Unreal guys) and made a big song and dance of it in the gaming media. Skip ahead to now... in just eight short weeks, Too Human will be in stores. Microsoft have furnished us with a copy of the near-finished game to get a handle on and it is this which we will be discussing today."

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Superfragilistic3819d ago

Anyways nice hands on that basically says Diablo fans mark this down for must have in August 08.

The summary was on the ball to with The Ugly particularly apt:

"The Good:
Killer gameplay, gorgeous loot.

The Bad:
You can't customise your appearance.

The Ugly:
Fanboy haters."