New screenshots show off impressive character models in Until Dawn on PS4

Check out the latest screenshots released for Until Dawn on the PlayStation 4.

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Rick_Ross_Boss1201d ago

I thought the towel was gonna fall off, but it was a little bit of wishful thinking on my part

the_dark_one1201d ago

the game looks interesting, but i dont know why, but i just think this game is going to be, eventually attacked by feminists, like gta5 in Australia.

camel_toad1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Ha maybe thatll be an alternate situation if you do something differently. It IS Heavy Rain meets slasher flick - and anyone that grew up watching 80s slasher flicks knows that nudity comes with the territory ;)

IWentBrokeForGaming1201d ago

Dude I got so stoked over the new gameplay trailer... It's a playable 80's Horror B-Movie... & for me... That is heaven!

Rimeskeem1201d ago

Well thats only one way the part could have gone. Who knows, maybe the towel falls after in a different scenario.

snookiegamer1201d ago

Totally loved Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls so this is right up my street!

Those visuals look super luscious. Demo @PSX was exciting with the crowd hyped for the gameplay mechanic ;)

Sony PlayStation 4 has so much momentum right now...I see bigger things for 2015 E3/Gamescom/The Game Awards/PS Exp.

Until Dawn...Day1 ;)

HeavenlySnipes1201d ago

The girl looks like Hayden Panettiere

HeavenlySnipes1201d ago

Well then I guess they did a great job modeling her

SuperBlur1201d ago

indeed the models are quite gorgeous , i worry about the frame rates tho . Worry is a big word because it is still alpha footage but the game seem to drop fps every now and then throughout the presentation. Still day one for me

MasterCornholio1201d ago

A couple months ago I played it at a gaming expo and I noticed the same thing. However the recent footage looks smoother though.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1201d ago

Really looking forward to this game next year.

Father__Merrin1201d ago

Ps4 is simply the best, cant wait for this

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