Uncharted 4 PSX Demo Looks Even Better In Color-Corrected Comparison, Now In Uncompressed Footage

GearNuke: "If you were noticing washed out colors in the Uncharted 4 demo, it seems to be have been corrected now"

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Majin-vegeta1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Or you could just go to Gamersyde and watch it in great quality.

@Who lOl anything by Sony is disappointing to you.You can;t fool anyone.

whoyouwit041200d ago ShowReplies(12)
UKmilitia1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

things like twitch kill the WOW factor in announcements imo,Companies who use them should really insist on higher quality streams.

on the other hand gamesyde are amazing quality always

killer4fun531200d ago

yea man i had to watch it on mobile quality but watching gamersyde W O W

GameNameFame1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It was idiotic to begin with to use compressed footage as comparison. Seriously? you are using compressed footage as comparison?

You say. oh original trailer dont look back with compression. You do know that each video has different level of compression.

I can make 1080P look crap with high compression.

Either way, it was desperate way of x1 fans. another bubble burst.

Dee_911200d ago

heeyy look at that, its Drake's brother!No one care? oh okay.. Can anyone point me to a site where people talk about games instead of graphics?

Richard Cypher1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Crazy that this game in pre alpha stage look already way much better than almost all finished game i have ever seen ^^

Update : I just downloaded the 3,8G not downgraded version and it is something quite amazing to see !

Richard Cypher1200d ago

Wow, just looked two time the uncompressed version and it can't even be remotly compare to youtube 1080p.

The textures, animations, shadows, colors, physics, details are all incredible.

It's unfortunate that only the people who watched this type of uncompressed 4G video can have a true idea of the craziness of U4.

I watched the streaming yesterday, and i knew it didn't make it justice but seriously it's like looking PS2 versus PS3 game !

freshslicepizza1200d ago

this happens quite often, people see a video all compressed or the colors washed out and get a bad first impression. this game looks amazing and i love how open it is now along with the incredible animations.

bloop1200d ago

Game looks absolutely incredible, but I hope to God you have the option to turn off that dynamic contrast. It seems to be used in all triple A games lately but it's nothing but a pain!! I absolutely hate it.

Crazyglues1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

yeah sadly I accidentally downloaded the version in 1080p and while it looks amazing it said it was downloading a permanent file to my PC from the chrome browser...

I was half asleep so I didn't focus on that until right after I clicked it... now I can't find the stupid file to delete it...WTF! Mega.. (stay away from that one) so now 1.08GB is taking up space on my SSD and I can't delete it.. I'M SO PISSED.

(if someone knows how to find it and delete it please do tell)

Anyway Game looks Amazing Can't wait for this title..

||.........___||............ ||

Crazyglues1200d ago

@ Qrphe

No I'm on Windows 8.1

tekksin1200d ago

search "UC4" on your computer. It should find the video file. I otherwise have no idea what you're talking about.

RedDevils1200d ago

Should of download with download manager that way you can track the file you download, with internet browser sometime you wipe it history it will became headache to track it down.
But try and look into your browser default download location or use a program like advance system care where it can scan all files with large size

Crazyglues1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

@ RedDevils

thanks player, I think I'm going to have to try that advance system care to scan for a large size file...

Because looking for Uncharted 4 does not do it/ it's hidden so looking for the file size might expose it.

thanks again for the help

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miyamoto1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Thanks, brother.
I am a huge Uncharted nerd.
Pretty sure I will watch this U4 video over and over again.

The level design is astonishing, layout is huge, oh the game play is breathtaking, AI is terrific, animation is better,

ZombieKiller1200d ago

Well I wouldn't expect ANY 10 year old to understand.
--whoyouwit04--The 04 in his name is there for a reason ;)

greenlantern28141200d ago

Game looks crazy good, cannot wait. And how about that reveal of Drake' s brother. Overall the entire PSX was sweet.

Muzikguy1200d ago

Wooooooowww, I can't wait!!

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andron6661200d ago

Downloading via bittorent now to watch in best quality. Can't wait...

Kayant1200d ago

Best here(Colour corrected version) Warning!! 3.81GB -!NBcA3B...

Thanks to Canklestank from Gaf -

andron6661200d ago

Thanks. Nearly finished with this version, so I'll watch the next best quality first. lol...

jhoward5851200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I watched the color corrected vid and didn't like it. The video with out the color filter shown at psx looks better imo. The dark n gray color is what killed it for me.

I can see why ND removed it. I think they should just add more color variation (dark n grey) to the environments/textures by coloring it in manually. Or they could use a lighter color tent/filter or something in-between in uncharted.

kingdomtriggers1200d ago

After being so hyped after watching the uncharted footage and then going online to see a bunch of unfounded negative claims about the game, I remembered a quote I really like from Ken Levine, "We can kill the industry with cynicism." It seems gamers care more about low res textures on bush #432 than actual fun gameplay experiences.

LamerTamer1200d ago

Well low res textures kill immersion. Graphics add to the believability of the game. Seeing low res textures just brings it down a notch.

kingdomtriggers1200d ago

Complaining about low res textures on a highly compressed stream of a game still in development that looks fantastic already "kills immersion?" Sure… Also the day Naughty Dog games have graphics that "kill immersion" let me know.

juaburg911200d ago

Visuals made love to my eye-balls

Letthewookiewin1200d ago

Ya same here, this really shows how pathetic other Devs are (Ubisoft for one) that realese games with frame rate issues and aim parity with X1. It's lazy Dev's trying to maximize profits, instead of taking a little extra time to properly code for PS4.

juaburg911200d ago

I agreeee! And its in freaking pre-alpha and stable as a nun's sexual appetite. lol.

Ciporta19801200d ago

Following recent trends of last couple of months:
Ps4 exclusive 6/10

Ciporta19801200d ago

I think the dislikes might have misunderstood my comment. I meant the recent anti sony review trend. Like driveclub which I own and is not 6/10 but is really good and at least 8.5/10.