Pre-order Godzilla The Game for PS3 or PS4 and Receive an Exclusive Poster

The King of Monsters is set to debut on the the PS3 and PS4 next summer. Godzilla The Game is now available for pre-order at GameStop and those who choose to put money down, will be treated to an exclusive poster.

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ajeezy091317d ago

I was hoping they put this out in the US and now they are

miyamoto1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

This Godzilla game and Persona 5, yeah.

It was like PS4 can wish Japanese games localized here at will. Incredible!

I am just glad PS4 is easy for developers to make games at. The waiting game is over. Thanks Mark Cerny for designing the PS4 so developer friendly.

Playing the demo on my PS3 right now.

WeirdShroom1316d ago

When mobile games are sold as console games. WHATHAVE WE BECOME?

TheJacksonRGN1316d ago

This isn't a mobile game, genius.

WeirdShroom1313d ago

Oh, sorry. It looked like one. My bad. Screw this, I want a new Destroy All Monsters.

Angeljuice1316d ago

Looks really cool. I'm glad to see Mothra make an appearance (possibly the least scary monster in history, seriously, just build a giant table lamp and neutralise him someone).

Next-gen Rampage? Yes please.

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