Secret Ponchos Review (Video Chums)

Review for Secret Ponchos on PlayStation 4. We're going straight to the Wild Wild West. It's not every day that you get to see a Wild West themed competitive online multiplayer twin stick shooter. Secret Ponchos fits this description and delivers a ton of fun to be had for up to 8 players. So, grab your controller (and maybe a stick of dynamite) and be prepared to be the baddest bandito in all the West.

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1nsomniac1351d ago

The game is terrible, very lucky to get 6.4/10 in my opinion. Especially as you simply couldn't play it for a week after launch until they released the patch.

I'd heard a lot of people bigging up this game before launch saying how awesome it was definitely going to be. Ouch they must really be biting their tongues now.

grailly1351d ago

I didn't have the time to play it until yesterday, so I could get in a game relatively easily. Even then, I just played one match where I went on a killing spree and it wasn't fun. If a "shooter" isn't fun while you're winning there's something really wrong.