Rumor: Animal Crossing Wii U coming in 2015?

Recent comments by Nintendo indicate that something may be happening for the Animal Crossing franchise in 2015.

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ritsuka6661319d ago

#2015yearofWIIU . Confirmed.

Reeze1319d ago

Did not mean to disagree... Sorry!

Reeze1319d ago

I'm actually very confident that AC Wii U will be announced next year in a Direct or at E3. The first hint that gave it away was the recurrence of the Tom Nook Amiibo in promotional art, who isn't in Smash Bros. That means they'd have to make another set for him- an Animal Crossing Amiibo set.

AJBACK2FRAG1319d ago

I hpe you're right in City Folk me and my friends would do fishing tournaments for cash!!!! Sometimes a million bells!!!!!

AJBACK2FRAG1319d ago

Oh yeah! Happy birthday Mr. Iwata!!!!!

Moonman1319d ago

Don't forget the Animal Crossing DLC Pack 2 for Mario Kart 8 in May hints at this...

jholden32491319d ago

Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Metroid and Mario Strikers are all due for a Wii U announcement soon...

mcstorm1319d ago

The wiiu line up for next year is looking great again. I said this at the beginning of the year but my money and excitement is now going to exclusives on the wiiu, Xbox one and PS4 I'm lost any excitement for the 3rd party yoy games. One thing is for sure if Animal crossing comes out for the wiiu next year I will have to buy a 2nd wiiu system as I had to get a 2nd 3ds to get my 3ds back off my gf and it will be the same with the Wiiu.

mydyingparadiselost1319d ago

Really? I would be surprised consider the Villager Amiibo is being discontinued...

TripC501319d ago

I still want a Pokemon game for Wii U. I doesn't even have to be MMO. Hell it doesn't even need new Pokemon. I would even take just all the retro and new Pokemon games in one package for 60 bucks on Wii U. Pokemon is Nintendo's biggest franchise next to mario right? Capitalize on dat stuff and put it on the home console yo!

mcstorm1319d ago

Pokemon battle is the most wanted Pokemon game I want on the wiiu.

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The story is too old to be commented.